13th International Conference on Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics
May 18-19, 2020 Osaka, Japan

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Proteomics 2018

10th International Conference on Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics was hosted by the Conference Series llc LTD in Singapore during May 16-17, 2018 with the theme “Recent innovations and solutions adopted in the fields of Proteomics”.

The Conference marked its start by an opening ceremony which included introduction by the Honourable Guests and the Members of Keynote Forum. All the speakers have extended their contribution in the form of highly informative presentations to lead the conference to the ladder of success.

Conference Series llc LTD extends its warm gratitude towards all the Participants, Eminent Speakers, Young Researchers, Delegates and Students.

We would like to specially thank the following people who laid the foundation for the event’s success

Keynote Speakers:

  • Jong Shin Yoo, Korea Basic Science Institute, Republic of Korea


  • Sook Za Kim, Korea Genetics Research Center, Republic of Korea

The highlights of the meeting were the peerless lectures from:

  • Franz-Josef Meyer-Almes, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Sook Za Kim, Korea Genetics Research Center, Republic of Korea
  • Mihir Y Parmar, Parul University, India
  • Sadia Tabassum, Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan
  • Bolormaa Vandanmagsar, Louisiana State University, USA
  • Tan Ti Myen, Sengenics, Singapore
  • Pattaya Seeree, Mahidol University, Thailand

Conference Series llc LTD expresses gratitude to the Organizing Committee Members for their generous nearness, support and help towards Proteomics 2018.

With the grand success of Proteomics 2018, we are pleased to announce the 13th International Conference on Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics to be held during May 10-11, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

For More details visit: https://www.proteomicsconference.com/asia-pacific/


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