International Conference on Polymerization Catalysis, Flexible Polymer and Nanotechnology
September 06-07, 2018 Dubai, UAE

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Polymer Catalysis 2018
Polymer Catalysis 2018 Report

Thank you for attending Polymer Catalysis 2018!

Another Polymer Catalysis Conference has been viably completed - and we should offer significant thanks to the members, by Radisson Blu Staff, and the Organizing Committee, Ad-Sponsors and Media accessories and others that made this “2nd International Conference on Polymerization Catalysis, Flexible Polymer and Nanotechnology” with the Theme: " Understanding the Dynamics of Polymers and Nanotechnology connecting Fundamentals to Broad applications" a productive social event.

To Attendees,

We assume that you procured the kind of drive particular information in the field of Polymer and Materials Science that you were searching for, and that your part in the field has been enhanced by methods for your advantage. We assume that you could share in each one of the sessions and endeavour the goliath degrees of progress in Polymer and Nanotechnology that specialists are working with.

The meeting secured different sessions, in which the talks incorporated the logical tracks:

·         Nano Biotechnology and Nano Medicine

·         Polymerization in Flexible Plastics 

·         Macro Polymer and Functional Polymer 

·         Metallocene Catalysts 

·         Polymer in Ceramics 

·         Polymers for Catalysis and Energy Devices

·         Polymer Composites

·         Polymerization in Pharmaceutical Industry Advanced Nanomaterials  

·         Nano Sensors and Nanoscale

·         Nano polymer, Nanotubes and Nanoporous Material

·          Quantum Dots and Nano-Magnetism

·         Polymer Nanotechnology (Thin Film Flexible Electronics, Energy Application)

The Keynote presentations were given by:

  • Khalid Al Ani | University of Jadara | Jordan
  • Osman Adiguzel | Firat University | Turkey
  • Ali Abu Odeh | Khawarzimi International College| UAE
  • Venkata Madhuri  | VFSTR | India

Bookmark your dates: We want to see you at our “2nd International Conference on Polymerization Catalysis, Flexible Polymer and Nanotechnology” during October 15-16, 2018 at Helsinki, Finland.

Organizing Committee

Polymer Nanotechnology 2018


Expert Presentations
Osman Adiguzel

Firat University

Khlaid Al Ani

Jadara University

Saud Aldajah

Abu Dhabi Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Ideisan Abu Abdoun

University of Sharjah


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