14th World Congress on Personalized Medicine and Novel Therapy
December 03-04, 2021 Singapore City, Singapore

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Personalised Medicine 2021
Personalised Medicine 2021 Report

Personalized Medicine Congress 2020

We had successfully hosted the “13th World Congress on Personalized medicine and Novel Therapy” during May 18-19, 2020 at Berlin, Germany.
The conference focused on the theme “Personalized Medicine and Novel Therapy in the time of Covid-19”. The conference was successful in bringing together renowned speakers from various reputed organizations and their paramount talks enlightened the gathering.

The idealistic meet organized by our management received generous response from the academia & young student community. Researchers and students who attended from different parts of the world made their valuable contribution to make it a successful event. The conference was marked with the presence of eminent Speakers, Young Researchers, Students & Delegates driving the event into the path of success with thought provoking keynote& plenary presentations.

The Conference focused on recent developments in the diabetes sector and the meeting engrossed in knowledgeable discussions on novel subjects like:

  • Precision Medicine
  • Precision Medicine and Novel Technology
  • Future of personalized medicine
  • Individualized Treatment Through Personalized Medicine
  • Precision Pathology
  • Predictive Biomarkers
  • Precision Medicine: Oncology
  • Data science to advance precision medicine
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Cardiovascular medicine
  • Precision Immunotherapy
  • Pharmacogenomics & Personalized Medicine
  • Approaches to Stem Cells and Cell therapy
  • Biospecimens as building blocks for Precision Medicine
  • Personalized Health Care Delivery
  • Treatment of Genetic Disorders
  • Personalized Vaccinology
  • Market Strategies & Challenges in Personalized Medicine
  • Metabolomics in precision medicine
  • Precision Medicine: Genomics, Data analysis and Big Data Management
  • Precision Medicine and Diagnostics Development
  • Drug Discovery and Development


Special Session:

Title: Combinatorial Biologics for Skin Rejuvenation activating the tissue Regeneration

Dr. Lejla R. Stojanovic, Medical Doctor at Medi Group Serbia, Serbia

Title: IV Infusion and/or intramuscular ? It’s the great difference for our patient? Healing fast and

Dr. Alexandre De Luca, MD&Ph.d, Argentina.

Title : Immunotherapy Drugs Work Like Vaccines: The Genetics Scope of Antibodies and Each Individual is Opportunistic in Finding and Destroying Tumors

Winston Vo, Nashville General Hospital, The Johns Hopkins University

Title : How we can management cancer patient ( WorkShop )

Dr. Alexandre De Luca, MD&Ph.d, Argentina.

The proceedings of the conference were embarked with an opening ceremony followed by Special sessions and a series of Lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The adepts who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talks were:

Title : Influence of Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery with semitendinous and gracilis graft on static postural balance at 3 months postoperatively:Randomized controlled study                       
Dr. Florian FORELLI, Ortho sport Rehab Center, France

Title : Analysis of the static postural balance at 3 months after Hallux Valgus surgery: Controlled Study

Dr. Maude TRAULLE, Ortho sport Rehab Center, France

Title : Analysis of the muscular activity of anticipation of the deltoid in a fall reception movement: Pilot Study

Jean MAZEAS, Ortho sport Rehab Center, France

Title : “Nutritional Pharmacology Aspects and Potential Clinical Uses of Clove Essential Oil in the Treatment of Coronavirus infection and Possibility Protect from Coronavirus (COID-19) induced Sudden Death due the Embolism”

Prof. Dr Abdulrahim Abu Jayyab, Dean Of Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Title : Functions and Management for Personalized Medicine

Vania Assaly, Endocrinologist,lifestyle medicine,personalized and functional medicine , Brazil

We extend our heartiest thanks to all the Organizing Committee Members for their kind support rendered towards the success of Personalized Medicine Congress 2020. At the same time we take the opportunity to thank all the speakers, delegates and participants for providing their valuable contribution and time for Personalized Medicine Congress 2020.

Personalized Medicine 2020 Organizing Committee would like to thank the Moderator of the conference, Jessica Williams who contributed a lot for the smooth functioning of this event.

With the encouragement from the excellent feedback from the participants and supporters of Personalized Medicine 2020, Conference Series LLC is glad to announce “14th World Congress on Personalized Medicine and Novel Therapy” in 2021.

Let us meet again @ Personalized Medicine Congress 2021

Expert Presentations
Dr. Alexandre De Luca,


Dr. Lejla R. Stojanovic

Medical Doctor at Medi Group Serbia,

Winston Vo

Nashville General Hospital, The Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Florian FORELLI

Ortho sport Rehab Center


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