3rd International Conference on Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Diseases
June 18-19, 2018 Rome, Italy

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Pancreatic Cancer 2018 Report

Pancreas 2017 Report

2nd International conference on Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Diseases (Pancreas-2017) organised by Pulsus was held on August 10-11, 2017 at Park Inn by Radisson London Heathrow, London, UK. The conference highlighted the theme, “Novel treatment strategies for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment and Liver Diseases”. It is an annual meeting for the study of recent advancements and management of Pancreatic cancer and Liver diseases.

The conference was initiated with a warm welcome note from Honorable guests and our special thanks to Dr. Ming Luo, Georgia State University, USA and Dr. Ruchika Sharma, Decision Resources Group, India, the Honorable Moderators of the conference who contributed a major part for the success of this event. The conference was marked with the presence of renowned scientists, young researchers, students and business delegates driving the three days event into the path of success with thought provoking keynote and plenary presentations. Active participation and generous response were received from the Organizing Committee Members. Professors, Researchers, and Students from diverse groups made this conference as one of the most successful and productive event in 2017 from Pulsus.

The highlights of the meeting were the enlightening keynote lectures from:

Maxwell Chait, Columbia University, USA on the topic, “Lower GI bleeding in patients with cirrhosis”.

Vincenzo Neri, University of Foggia, Italy, on the topic, “Acute Pancreatitis Treatment”.

Ann D Kwong, Trek Therapeutics, USA on the topic, “Why Highly Effective Drugs Are Not Enough: An Affordable Solution to Eradicating HCV”.

Ming Luo, Georgia State University, USA on the topic, “A Virus-like Particle of HBV preS Elicits Robust Immune Responses”. The conference proceedings were carried out through various scientific sessions and plenary lectures:

Title: The Epidemiology of HCV and PWIDs in the United States by Seth Kuranz, Decision Resources Group, USA.

Title: Towards the first antibody-free serum biomarker assay for NAFLD presented by Bevin Gangadharan, University of Oxford, UK.

Title: Immune persistence after hepatitis B vaccination in infancy: Fact or fancy? presented by Terence T Lao, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Title: Hepatitis C and Sustainable Development Goals 2030 lectured by Ruchika Sharma, Decision Resources Group, India.

Title: Advances in Hepatology delivered by Maxwell Chait, Columbia University, USA.

Title: Novel Combination of Natural Compounds GZ17-6.02 Inhibits Tumorigenesis in Pancreatic Cancer by Suppressing SHH Signaling presented by Animesh Dhar, Kansas University Medical Center, USA.

Title: Effect of different therapy on Survival in Pancreatic Cancer: A Propensity Score for Different Treatment Analysis of the SEER Data, presented by Suzhen Wang, Weifang Medical University, China.

Title: The Cost of Managing Severe Acute Pancreatitis in Critical Care presented by Michael Jones, Imperial College, London, UK.

Title: Use of differential temperature evaluation as feedback for insulin delivery monitoring in acute severe (life threatening) glucose metabolism disorders shared by Vary Coulic, Translational Medicine Laboratory, Belgium.

Title: Metformin suppresses cancer initiation and progression in genetic mouse models of pancreatic cancer, shared by Qingyong Ma, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China.

Pulsus has taken the privilege of felicitating Pancreas 2017 Organizing Committee and Keynote Speakers who supported and contributed for the success of this event. Pulsus, congratulate the Best Poster awardee Ruchika Sharma, Decision Resources Group, India.

We are glad to inform that all accepted abstracts for the conference have been indexed in Pulsus journals, Journal of Pancreas as a special issue.

We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members, Participants and Media Partners for their gracious presence and generous support, without which the conference would not have reached the pinnacle of success. With the unique feedback from the conference, Pulsus would like to announce the commencement of the “3rd International conference on Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Diseases” during June 11-13, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Let us meet again @ Pancreas 2018

Expert Presentations
Maxwell Chait

Columbia University

Vincenzo Neri

University of Foggia

Paul Desmond

Hepatitis B Positive Trust

Seth Kuranz

Decision Resources Group

André-Jean REMY

Perpignan Hospital

Bevin Gangadharan

University of Oxford

Abdulrahman A Aljumah

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Saudi Arabia
Terence T Lao

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Ruchika Sharma

Decision Resources Group

Julio Cesar Aguilar Rubido

Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Arun Kumar Sharma

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research

Ann D Kwong

Trek Therapeutics

Ming Luo

Georgia State University

Animesh Dhar

Kansas University Medical Center

Suzhen Wang

Weifang Medical University

Michael Jones

Imperial College

Juan Yin

Xi’an Jiaotong University

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