13th International Conference on Orthopedics, Arthroplasty and Rheumatology
July 25-26, 2019 Park inn by Radission Heathrow, London, UK

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Orthopedics 2019
Orthopedics 2019 Report

Conferences Series LLC has successfully concluded its 13th International Conference on Orthopedics, Arthroplasty, and Rheumatology from July 25-26, 2019 in London, UK. More than 50 distinguished scientists, researchers, and academicians participated in sharing research advance, knowledge and expertise related to Orthopedics worldwide. The two days conference, held on July 25th through July 26th provides the leading academic scientists, researchers, and scholars to share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Orthopedics, Arthroplasty, and Rheumatology.

13th International Conference on Orthopedics, Arthroplasty and Rheumatology, 2019 was inaugurated by the keynote session by Dr. Mallinath Gidaganti, Manipal Hospital, India with the title “Percutaneous repair technique of acute closed traumatic tendon-Achilles rupture using suture anchors and fiber wire”. The session was chaired by Olivier E Pardo, Imperial College London, UK and Co-chaired by Qingyong Ma, First Affiliated Hospital-Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

The conference’s first day featured panels on Orthopedics, Arthroplasty, and Rheumatology, effects of Orthopedics disease, new directions in Orthopedics treatment, Arthroplasty, Hip & Knee Reconstruction Orthopedic Trauma.

The second day began with an insightful poster session on the area of Orthopedics, Arthroplasty and Spine Disorders / Spine Injuries and Orthopedics: Diagnostic Techniques with Paediatric orthopedics. The conference concluded with the poster session.

13th International Conference on Orthopedics, Arthroplasty and Rheumatology, 2019 supported by the organizing committee network of renowned scientific and professional expert such as Joseph Lane, Associate Director; Hospital for Special Surgery USA, Robby, Professor; Foro Italico University of Rome, Italy, Michael Vitek Orthopedic surgeon; Center for Foot and Joint Surgery Rome, Italy,  it provided a platform for collaboration among colleagues, vendors, and academia to reveal new innovations, solutions, ideas, and emerging technologies in Orthopedics, Arthroplasty and Rheumatology.

Following the successful conduct of the 25-26 July 2019 "13th International Conference on Orthopedics, Arthroplasty, and Rheumatology" in London, UK. We are delighted to be able to host the next edition of our congress in Rome, Italy during September 21-22, 2020. We planned to organize a better and larger congress this time, which will include various aspects of the research that remained unfocused in our last edition.

Let us meet again @ Orthopedics 2020

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