22nd International Conference & Expo on Nutrition, Fitness and Health Management
September 19-20, 2018 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Nutrition America 2018
Nutrition America 2018 Report

Nutrition America 2018 Conference Report.

In the presence of inter professional researchers and practitioners involved in the development of high quality education in all aspects, “22nd International Conference & Expo on Nutrition, Fitness and Health Management (Nutrition America 2018)” hosted by the Conference Series LLC Ltd was held Pacific Gateway Hotel 3500 Cessna Drive Richmond, British Columbia V7B 1C7, Vancouver, Canada. Generous response and active participation received from the Researchers, Scientists of Nutrition research institutes, Principal Investigators from Nutrition, Food Science & Health Management and Editorial Board Members of International Journal helped in making this meeting an ostentatious success.

The conference highlights were Nutrition and Food Science, Nutrition Epidemiology, Plant Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, Food Safety and Management, Pediatric Nutrition, Nutrient related chronic diseases, Probiotics& Prebiotics, Animal and Diary Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Food preservation and Food storage, Nutrition and Diabetes, Nutrition and Obesity, Types of Fitness & Benefits, Livestock Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Nutrition Therapy & Treatments, Food &Nutritional supplements, Nutrition and Cancer, Factors affecting body’s fitness, Nutrition in women health and Pregnancy, Nutrition and Health, Role of Nutrition in diseases prevention, Osteoporosis, Sports Nutrition & Fitness, Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy, Nutrition and Food borne illnesses, Malnutrition & Infant Nutrition.

Nutrition America 2018 witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers who enlightened the crowd with their knowledge and confabulated on various new-fangled topics related to the fields of Nutrition, Food Science, and Fitness & Health Management. The conference was initiated by the Honorable moderator Mrs. Gina Ragbir; University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago with his introductory speech followed by a series of Keynote lectures delivered by Eminent Speakers, Dr. Ron Fritz, University of Southern California, USA. Dr. Gilliet Chigunwe, Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe. Conferenceseries acknowledges the support of Chairs with whom we were able to run the scientific sessions smoothly. A series of session talks were delivered by honorable speakers, Dr. Sandra Gordilho, Clinica Elementhare Medicina em prol do bem estar, Brazil. Dr. Kyle D Flack, Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center, USA. Dr. Praveena Thiruvasagar, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Srilanka; Dr. Virginia A Lynch, University of Texas, USA. Dr. Noha Ahmed, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar; Dr. Rafia Rahman, Institute of Health Economics- University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then followed by Young Researcher Ms. Azuka Onyeme, Loughborough University, United Kingdom.

The 2nd day of the conference was uplifted with more than 4 oral presentations by researchers, scientists, professors, young students and more than 7 poster participants around the globe. The Day 2 was started with Keynote lectures delivered by 

Dr. Cristina Mocanu, Titu Maiorescu University, Romania, and Eminent Speakers like Dr. Mohammad Shawaheen, Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia; Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Baba Farid College Bathinda, India; Dr. Sarbjit Singh Kular, Guru Gobind Singh College, India; The Poster Presentations delivered by Young Researchers and Eminent Speakers like Mr. Yin Yin Chen, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan; Mr. Ian Horng Chen, Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan; Mr. Chii Shya Chen, Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan; Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Guru Nanak Dev University, IndiaMr. Amandeep Singh, Guru Nanak Dev University, India; Ms. Priyanka Pal, Guru Nanak Dev University, India; Mr. Enea Shehu, Univesity of the Cumberlands, Kentucky, USA; Dr. Elez Calleku, University Alexander Xhuvani, Albania.

Conferenceseries LLC Ltd has taken the privilege of felicitating 22nd International Conference & Expo on Nutrition, Fitness and Health Management Organizing Committee Members, Editorial Board Members of the supported Journals and Keynote Speakers who supported for the success of this event.

With the enormous encouraging feedback from the participants and supporters of International Conference on 22nd International Conference & Expo on Nutrition, Fitness and Health Management, Conference Series is glad to announce its International Conference on Food Safety & Regulatory to be held during  December 03-04, 2018 | Chicago, USA.

For More Details Please Visithttps://foodregulatory.conferenceseries.com/

 Mark your calendars; we are hoping to see you soon!

Let us meet again @ Food Regulatory 2018

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