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2nd International Conference on Nuclear Chemistry
November 15-16, 2017
(10 Plenary Forums - 1Event)
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Nuclear Chemistry 2017
Nuclear Chemistry 2017 Report

Nuclear Chemistry 2017

Nuclear Chemistry 2017 Report:

We gratefully thank all our wonderful Keynote and Plenary Speakers, Conference Attendees, Students, Media Partners and Associations for making Nuclear Chemistry 2017 grand success.

The 2nd International Conference on Nuclear Chemistry, hosted by the Conference series LLC was held during November 15-16, 2017 at Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, USA based on the theme “Innovations and Implications in Nuclear chemistry and Radiation process". Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Organizing Committee Members along with Scientists, Researchers, Students and leaders from the area of Nuclear Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Engineers who made this event a grand success.

Conferenceseries  LLC expresses its gratitude to the conference Moderator, namely Dr. Robert B Hayes and Dr. Carmen Tuca, for taking up the responsibility to coordinate during the sessions. We are indebted to your support.

Conferenceseries LLC would like to convey a warm gratitude to all the Honorable guests Organizing Committee Members and Keynote Speakers of  Nuclear Chemistry 2017:

Ioan Iorga, Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania

Albina I Orlova, University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Catherine L Riddle, Idaho National Laboratory, USA

Robert B Hayes, North Carolina State University, USA

Walter J McNeil, Kansas State University, USA

Conference series offers its heartfelt appreciation to organizations such as our esteemed Media Partners and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by promoting in various modes online and offline which helped the conference reach every nook and corner of the globe. It also took privilege to felicitate the Keynote Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Chairs and Co-chairs who supported this event.

With the grand success of  Nuclear Chemistry 2017, Conference Series LLC is proud to announce the "3rd International Conference on Nuclear Chemistry" to be held during August 31-Sep 1, 2018  Toronto, Canada

Let us meet again @ Nuclear Chemistry 2018


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