15th International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

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NANOPHARMA 2019 Report

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We gratefully to thank all our wonderful Speakers, Conference Attendees, Students, Media Partners, and Associations for making NanoPharma 2019 Conference the best ever!

The 15th International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology was held during March 18-19, 2019 at Paris, France based on the theme “Transpire Importance of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology to Drive in Pharma Industry". Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Organizing Committee Members along with Professors, Researchers, Students and leaders from various fields of Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, who made this event a grand success.

NanoPharma expresses its gratitude to the conference Moderator, namely Daniela Placha for taking up the responsibility to coordinate during the sessions. We are indebted to your support.

The conference was initiated with the Honourable presence of the Keynote forum. The list includes:

  • Luis Pio Cruz Lopez Avant Santé Research Center SA de CV, Mexico
  • Magnus S. Magnusson, University of Iceland, Iceland
  • Shunataro Hara, Showa University, Japan
  • Ina Buchholz, University of Greifswald, Germany
  • Payal Ghosh, University of South Florida, USA
  • Ana Merino, Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands
  • Perry Habib Saifullah, University of Baghdad Baghdad, Iraq
  • Eman A. Bseiso, October 6 University, Egypt
  • Nitin Tyagi, Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, India
  • Tannaz Dehpouri, Iran Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

The meeting reflected various sessions, in which discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

  • Nanomedicine and Biomedical Applications
  • Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology
  • Design & Characterization of Nanosystems
  • Structural Bioinformatics
  • Clinical Research on Different Diseases 
  • Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Structural Biology in Cancer Research
  • NMR & Mass Spectrophotometry
  • 3D Structure Determination
  • Structural Enzymology
  • Personalized Nanomedicine

NanoPharma 2019 Conference offers its heartfelt appreciation to Organizing Committee Members, Honourable Guests, Chair & Co-chair, various outside experts, company representatives; eminent personalities who interlaced with Conference and supported the conference in every aspect, without your support the conference would not be possible.

Your rejoinder is our inspiration; keeping this motto in mind and being witnessed the triumph of NanoPharma 2020.

NanoPharma 2019 Conference would like to announce the commencement of the NanoPharma 2020 to be held during April 14-15, 2020 at Amsterdam, Netherlands we welcome all the eminent researchers, students and delegate participants to take part in this upcoming conference to witness invaluable scientific discussions and contribute to the future innovations in the field of Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology.

For More details: https://nanotechnology.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/

Let us meet again @ NanoPharma 2020

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