3rd Global Microbiologists Annual Meeting
August 15-17, 2016 Portland, Oregon, USA
(5 Plenary Forums - 1 Event)

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Microbiologists 2016
Microbiologists 2016 Report

Microbiologists-2016 Past Conference Report

The 3rd Global Microbiologists Annual Meeting hosted by Conference Series LLC was successfully held during August 15-17, 2016, at Portland, Oregon, USA. The conference was marked with the presence of Editorial Board Members of supported Conference Series LLC Journals, Scientists, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 25 countries, who made this conference successful and productive.

This conference highlighted the theme “A Journey to the Diverse Microbial Environs” with the following scientific tracks:

·         Infectious Diseases

·         Plant, Soil and Microbial sciences

·         The Science of food

·         Aqua Microbiology

·         Industrial Applications of Microbes

·         Genetics and immunology of Microbes

·         Biofilms

·         Applied Microbiology

·         Environmental Microbiology

·         Clinical microbiology and infection

·         Geomicrobiology and Predictive Microbiology

·         Diagnostic microbiology: Recent Advances

·         Oral Microbiology and Dental Research

·         Medical Microbiology

·         Microbiology Research and Market

·         Animal Science: Veterinary Microbiology

·         Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

We are thankful to our below Honourable guests: Ananda M Chakrabarty from University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA and Francis J Castellino from University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, for their generous support and suggestions.

The conference proceedings were carried out through various Scientific Sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following were highlighted as Keynote presentations:

  • Title: Microorganisms and their products in cancer therapy and prevention

Ananda M Chakrabarty, University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA

  • Title: Interactions between Streptococcus pyogenes and the host innate immune system that promote bacterial virulence

Francis J Castellino, University of Notre Dame, USA

  • Title: The antibiotic resistance and its importance in the hospital acquired infections

Lia Monica Junie, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

  • Title: Are public campaigns effective to reduce antibiotic overconsumption: Did we fail to provide what is needed by the general practitioner?

Paul M Tulkens, University Catholique de Lovain, Belgium

Various sessions were chaired and co-chaired by: 

·         Paul M Tulkens, University Catholique de Lovain, Belgium

  • Tatiana Tatusova, NCBI, USA

·         Lia Monica Junie, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

·         Jun Zhu, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Conference Series LLC has taken the privilege of felicitating Microbiologists 2016 Organizing Committee, Editorial Board Members and Keynote Speakers who supported for the success of this event.

The esteemed guests, Keynote speakers, well-known researchers and delegates shared their innovative research and vast experience through their fabulous presentations at the podium of grand Microbiologists 2016 Conference. We are glad to inform that all accepted abstracts for the conference have been published in Conference Series LLC “Clinical Microbiology: Open Access” as a special issue.

We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support and assistance. With the unique feedback from the conference, Conference Series LLC would like to announce the commencement of the “4th World Microbiologists Annual Meeting” to be held during June 22-June 23, 2017 at Philadelphia, USA.


Let us meet again @ Microbiologists-2017 Conference


Expert Presentations
Ananda M Chakrabarty

University of Illinois College of Medicine

Francis J Castellino

University of Notre Dame

Paul M Tulkens

Universite Catholique de Lovain

Lia Monica Junie

University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Julia Goncalves Dias

Federal University of Sergipe

Nikolai Provorov


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