International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
September 30, 2013 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

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Mech Aero-2013
Mech Aero-2013 Report

The International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, organized by OMICS Group International was successfully held at Hilton San Antonio Airport at USA during September 30 -October 02, 2013. The conference was organized with the theme Harnessing the Advancement and Novel Technologies of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.”

The conference was marked with the presence of renowned scientists, engineers, talented young researchers, students and business delegates from US and around the world driving the event into the path of success. Incredible response was received from the Editorial Board Members of allied OMICS Group Journals and Organizing Committee Members of MechAero-2013.

OMICS Group International would like to convey a warm and heartfelt gratitude to all the honorable guests of Mech Aero-2013, Marshall Gardner, Dii Aerospace Laboratories, USA; Shawn Paul Boike, American Industrial consultants, USA and David Hyland, University of Texas (A&M), USA.

The highlights of the conference were its educative and effectual keynote lectures by:

David Hyland, University of Texas(A&M), USA

Weidong Zhu, University of Maryland, USA.

Yongsheng Ma , University of Alberta, Canada

Yu-Lung-Lo, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

The conference proceedings were carried out with fabulous plenary lectures from the speakers of various universities and organizations such as: Texas Tech University, USA; University of Texas at Arlington, USA; University of Cincinnati, USA; KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada; University of Arizona, USA; University of Alberta, Canada; Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia, Malaysia; King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia.

OMICS Group extends its heartfelt appreciation to Joe Rodriguez from WGU TEXAS for exhibiting at the Conference and media partners who helped for the betterment of this grand event.

After the immense response received for MechAero-2013, OMICS Group is proud to announce the commencement of its "2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering " which is scheduled on September 08- 10, 2014 at Philadelphia, USA.

Expert Presentations
David C. Hyland

Texas A&M University

Weidong Zhu

University of Maryland

Yongsheng Ma

University of Alberta

Yu-Lung Lo

National Cheng Kung University

Shawn Paul Boike

American Industrial Consultants

Marshall Gardner

Dii Aerospace Laboratories

Shaaban Abdallah

University of Cincinnati

Wen S. Chan

Title: A unified analysis for composite laminates to composite beam structures Wen S. Chan University of Texas at Arlington

Guillermo Araya

Texas Tech University

Luc Rolland

Memorial University of Newfoundland

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