3rd Global Summit on Oncology & Cancer
May 06-07, 2019 Tokyo, Japan

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Global Cancer 2019
Global Cancer 2019 Report

Global Cancer 2018

The success of the Global Cancer 2018 conference has given us the prospect to bring the gathering one more time. Conference Series llc LTD hosted the “Global Summit on Oncology & Cancer” during March 12-14, 2018 at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Singapore.

The gathering was centered on finding about Oncology with the subject “Redefining the Frontiers in Oncology Research.  The meeting for the most part coordinates towards tending to fundamental issues like Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment ailments of the Organ-related Cancers and its imaginative systems. Global Cancer 2018 is a champion among the most reviving Cancer Conferences dealt with by Conference Series llc LTD. This Oncology Meeting was discussed on systems and approaches related to organization, quality change of Cancer and to research the new contemplations and thoughts on overall scale and the focuses consolidate lung tumor, bosom tumors, bone malignancy, colon-rectum illness, prostate tumor, thyroid tumor.

The conference was embarked with an opening ceremony followed by Keynote sessions and followed by series of lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The adepts who announced the theme with their flawless talk were:

  • Sudeep Kumar, Unichem Laboratories Ltd, India
  • Lingzhi Wang, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • Ming Liu, Guangzhou Medical University, China
  • Yonghua Yang, Fudan University School of Pharmacy, China
  • Keith Potent, Monash University, Australia
  • Xiaoxiao Jiang, Fudan University School of Pharmacy, China
  • Shahana Pervin, National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Polly Leilei Chen, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • Lu-Hai Wang, China Medical University, Taiwan
  • Kshama Pansare, Tata Memorial Centre Advanced Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer, India
  • Samira B A Sesay, Zhengzhou Medical University, China
  • Danmaigoro Abubakar, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Suganya Sakthivel, Tzu Chi University, Taiwan

Conference Series llc LTD offers its passionate appreciation to Organizing Committee Members, adept of field, distinctive outside masters, association specialists and is obliged to different well known characters who joined with Conference Series llc LTD and reinforced the conference in each edge, without which the meeting would not have been possible.

Your response is our motivation; remembering this proverb and being seen the triumph of Global Cancer 2018, Conference Series llc LTD might want to report the initiation of the           "Global Summit on Oncology & Cancer" to be held in May 13-15, 2019 at Osaka, Japan. We welcome all the eminent researchers, undergraduates, PhD scholars and delegate members to take part in this upcoming meeting to witness important logical examinations and add to the future developments in the field of Oncology and Tumor Research. 

For More details: http://globalcancer.conferenceseries.com/

Let us meet again @ Global Cancer 2019

Expert Presentations
Sudeep Kumar

Unichem Laboratories Ltd

Lingzhi Wang

Cancer Science Institute of Singapore

Ming Liu

Guangzhou Medical University

Yonghua Yang

Fudan University School of Pharmacy

Polly Leilei Chen

Cancer Science Institute of Singapore

Lu-Hai Wang

China Medical University

Keith Potent

Monash University

Kshama Pansare

Tata Memorial Centre Advanced Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer

Samira B A Sesay

Zhengzhou Medical University

Danmaigoro Abubakar

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Suganya Sakthivel

Tzu Chi University

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