5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sustainability
August 13-14, 2018 Bali, Indonesia
Geology Congress 2018
Geology Congress 2018 Report

ME Conferences successfully hosted its premier 5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sustainability during August 13-14, 2018 at Bali, Indonesia

The conference brought together an extensive range of the geology education community, educators from research universities as well as representatives from industry and professional geological societies. Conference Series LLC wishes to acknowledge with its deep sincere gratitude to all the supporters from the Editorial Board Members of our Open Access Journals, Keynote speakers, valuable speakers, delegates and for their support to make this event a huge success.

This 5th International Conference on International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sustainability was based on the theme “An Insight into Solid Earth & Soil materials for futuristic advancements” which covered the scientific sessions like Environmental Geology, Petroleum Geology, Geology and Mineral Resources, Engineering Geology, Structural Geology, Geology and Civil Engineering, Exploration Geophysics, Mining Geology, Economic Geology, Marine Geology, Physical Geology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Geological Consulting.

The conference was greeted by the moderator ProfAhmed A Melegy, National Research Centre, Egypt.  The support was extended by the Keynote Speakers S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Professor at Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Francesco Vegliò, Professor at University of L’Aquila, Italy, Dr. Rahul Verma,  Professor at the Botswana International University, Botswana, and Prof. Ahmed A Melegy, National Research Centre, Egypt energized by Keynote presentations:

  • Grain-scale modelling of highly swelling granular materials by S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Exploitation of mining wastes by physical technologies coupled with hydrometallurgical operations to develop sustainable processes by Prof. Francesco Vegliò, University of L’Aquila, Italy
  • Current and future trends in environmental geochemistry and health by Prof. Ahmed A Melegy, National Research Centre, Egypt
  • Micro-zonation of landslide hazards: A case study of Aizawl city and Lengpui airport road section, Mizoram, India, using geo-informatics by Dr. Rahul Verma, Botswana International University, Botswana.

Conference Series LLC acknowledges the support of below Chairs and Co-chairs with whom we were able to run the scientific sessions smoothly. The Day-1 sessions are Chaired with Prof. S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Utrecht University, The Netherlands and Co-chaired with Prof. Francesco Vegliò, University of L’Aquila, Italy. Day-2 sessions are chaired with Prof. Manoj Mukhopadhyay, University of Technology, Papua New Guinea.

This 5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sustainability uplifted with more than 27 oral presentations by researchers, scientists, professors, young researchers around the globe. Conference Series LLC has taken the privilege of felicitating Geological and Environmental Sustainability Organizing Committee Members and Keynote Speakers who supported for the success of this event.

With the enormous feedback from the participants and supporters of Geology Conference Series, Conference Series LLC is glad to announce its 6th International Conference on Geology , Geophysics & Environmental Science is going to held during November 11-12, 2019, Helsinki, Finland.



Expert Presentations
S Majid Hassanizadeh

Utrecht University

The Netherlands
Francesco Vegliò

University of L’Aquila

Garry Kolafa

University of Miami

United States
Ahmed A Melegy

National Research Centre

G R Senthil Kumar

Annamalai University

Rahul Verma

Botswana International University

Manoj Mukhopadhyay

University of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
T Benarji Patrudu

GITAM University

Milton Obote Kataka

University of Venda

South Africa
Pedram Rafiee

Dana Energy Company

Igan S. Sutawidjaja

University of Padjadjaran

Deepak Kambale

Vivekanand College

Luofu LIU

China University of Petroleum

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