7th Obesity & Endocrinology Specialists Congress
October 10- 12, 2016 Manchester, UK

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Euro Obesity 2016
Euro Obesity 2016 Report

Euro Obesity  2016 Report

The 7th Obesity & Endocrinology Specialists Congress Conference (Euro Obesity 2016) hosted by Conference Series took place at Radisson Blue Hotel Manchester, UK during October 10-12, 2016. It was organized by Conference Series and good response received from the Editorial Board Members of Conference Series Ltd Journals as well as from eminent speakers, talented researchers, and young student community. Researchers and students who have attended from different places of the world made the conference to be one of the most successful & productive events in 2016 from Conference Series LLC. The three-day program witnessed thought in giving keynote lectures & plenary presentations from experts in the field of Obesity & Endocrinology, highlighting the theme, Fastidious Investigation of causes and consequences of obesity and Endocrine Disorders: Treatment & Economics".

The meeting had taken place through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

  • Obesity: Causes
  • Genetics of Obesity
  • Obesity: Associated Health Problems
  • Obesity and Weight Management
  • Advances in BMI Test
  • Childhood Obesity and Effects
  • Diabetes and Obesity
  • Obesity treatment
  • Medical Weight loss 
  • Endocrinology

The highlights of the meeting were the firstly keynote lectures from

  • Maria Fernanda Cury-Boaventura, University of Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil
  • Thais Cesar, Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil
  • Don S Schalch, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, USA

Workshop on weight bias in health care: Optimizing care through personal assessment of obesity and weight biases

·         Deborah A Christel ,Washington State University, USA

To increase public awareness about weight bias, she proposed a workshop that provides conference attendees the opportunity to examine their own biases towards obese people. The workshop will include an introduction, self- assessment survey, personal reflection, a 17-minute video discussing weight bias, a second opportunity for reflection and concrete strategies to help combat the significant societal problem of weight bias. Especially the workshop session bring more interest for all attendees in the conference  

Conference series LLC, on behalf of the conference, congratulates the Best Poster awardeeMoaz Zulali, New castle University, UK for the exceptional performance presented by him and all the participants who put their efforts in poster presentations and wishes them sincerely, success in upcoming future activities. We would like to thank the Poster Competition Judge Don S Schalch, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, United states for his valuable time

Euro Obesity 2016 played an important role in promoting multidisciplinary interactions between Obesity and Endocrinology to enhance research in Obesity and Endocrinology. The program covered current & emerging research innovations in the field of Obesity and Endocrinology.

We would specially thank the Moderator at Euro Obesity 2016 conference Don S Schalch, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, United states for his tremendous contribution towards the Congress.

We are obliged to the various delegates from companies and institutes who actively participate in the discussions. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members and Editorial board of Euro Obesity 2016 for their gracious presence and continuous support throughout the proceedings of this event. With the valuable feedback and good response received from the participants of the event, Conference Series would like to announce the commencement of "13th Euro Obesity and Endocrinology Congress" during September 21-22, 2017 at Zurich, Switzerland.

Let us meet again @ Euro Obesity 2017

Expert Presentations
Don S Schalch

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Deborah A Christel

Washington State University

Maarten Bak

Maastricht University

Susan Hazels Mitmesser

Stony Brook University

Thais Cesar

Sao Paulo State University (UNESP)

Maria Fernanda Cury-Boaventura

University of Cruzeiro do Sul

Munira Alghafaily

King Saud University

Saudi Arabia
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