Euro Health Care and Fitness Summit
September 01-03, 2015 Valencia, Spain

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Euro Health Care 2015
Euro Health Care 2015 Report

Euro Healthcare 2015 Past Conference Report

We would like to thank all of our wonderful speakers, conference attendees, students, associations and guests for making Euro Healthcare 2015 a successful event.

OMICS Group hosted the Euro Healthcare & Fitness Summit during September 01-03, 2015 at Valencia, Spain with the theme Fitness is a Healthy Habit for a Wealthy Living”.  Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group Journals as well as from the leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, students and leaders from the fields of Healthcare & Fitness, who made this event successful.

The conference was embarked with an opening ceremony followed by a series of lectures delivered by members of the Keynote forum. The adepts who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talk from Dr. Josep Picas, Adaptive HS, Spain, Santiago Hors-Fraile,                 Salumedia Tecnologías, Spain, Dr. Susan Halimeh,   Gerinnungszentrum Rhein-Ruhr and Coagulation Research Centre GmbH, Germany, Dr. Mélanie Levasseur, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, Dr. Célia Landmann Szwarcwald, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil, Dr. Dinkar Sahal, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), India, Dr. Jingqin Wu, University of Newcastle, Australia, Dr. M Fayez Al Homssi,             University of Sharjah College of Medicine, UAE, Dr. Chiaki Watanabe,                Takeda General hospital, Japan with Key Note address.

The conference sub themed with various vital research topics like Access, Utilization, and Quality of Health Care, Public Health, Women’s Health Issues and care, Nutrition & Health, Perinatal and Reproductive Health, Chronic Conditions, Mental Health, Beauty and Skin Care, Importance of Physical Activities were carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held.

In the closing remarks OMICS Group International offers its heartfelt appreciation to Organizing Committee Members, adepts of field, various outside subject matter experts, industry representatives and other eminent personalities who interlaced with OMICS group in supporting and making the conference as never before one.

Your rejoinder is our inspiration; keeping this motto in mind and being witnessed the triumph of Euro Healthcare 2015, OMICS Group is delighted to announce the next event.  Mark your calendars for the upcoming extravaganza,"7th Healthcare and Fitness Summit" to be held during September 26- 28, 2016 at London, UK.

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