Global Summit on Electronics and Electrical Engineering
November 03-05, 2015 Valencia, Spain

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Electrical Engineering 2015
Electrical Engineering 2015 Report

The Global Summit on Electronics and Electrical Engineering hosted by OMICS International was successfully held during November 03-05, 2015 Valencia, Spain. The conference highlighted the theme “Recent Trends and Future Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering”. The event was successful in gathering eminent speakers from various reputed organizations and their paramount talks enlightened the gathering.

The pragmatic meeting organized by OMICS International has marked with the presence of renowned Speakers, Young Researchers, Business Delegates and talented Student Communities representing more than 25 countries driving this event into the path of success with thought provoking and plenary presentations.

The conference was carried out through various scientific sessions and plenary lectures and the following are the Speakers highlighted on first day of the conference:

  • Manuel Járrega, Schneider Electric, Spain
  • Nikolai Voropai, Energy Systems Institute, Russia
  • Volker Zollmer, Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany

Top Industrial Delegates are from:

  • Schneider Electric, Spain
  • Vodafone, Turkey
  • Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany
  • AF-Mercados EMI, Spain

We are highly obliged to various delegate experts, institutes and other eminent personalities who actively took part in the discussion and meetings and special thanks to our Honorable Moderator Patrick Kobou Ngani, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg for his remarkable contribution towards smooth functioning of the event.

OMICS International offers its heartfelt appreciation to all the Organizing Committee Members, Chairs and Co-chairs, Speakers, Students, Media Partners and Editorial Board Members of Journal of Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technology and Journal of Electrical & Electronic System who supported the conference in every aspect, without which the conference would not have been possible.

With the valuable feedback and generous response received from the participants of the event, OMICS International would like to announce the next event. Mark your calendars for the upcoming extravaganza, “2nd Global Summit on Electronics and Electrical Engineering”, to be held during August 08-09, 2016 in Las Vegas, USA.

Let us meet again @ Electrical Engineering-2016


Expert Presentations
Manuel Járrega

Schneider Electric

Volker Zollmer

Fraunhofer IFAM

Miguel A Hernandez

AF-Mercados EMI

Nikolai Voropai

Energy Systems Institute

Yaser Abdulaziz Hadi

Yanbu Industrial College

Joonhyoung Ryu

Korea Railroad Research Institute

Tareq S El-Hasan

Zarqa University

Ezgi Dizdaroglu

Vodafone Turkey HQ

Jae-won Kim

Korea Railroad Research Institute

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