9th World Drug Delivery Summit
June 30-July 02, 2016 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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Drug Delivery 2016
Drug Delivery 2016 Report

Conference Series LLC successfully hosted its premier 9th World Drug Delivery Summit during June-30 July 02, 2016 Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

This World Drug Delivery 2016 was accomplished by the support of American Nano Society (ANS), and Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), Drug Delivery-2016 marked with the attendance of Editorial Board Members of supported Journals, Scientists, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 25 countries, who made this conference fruitful and productive.

This 9th World Drug Delivery Summit was based on the theme “Next generation advancements in Drug Delivery Systems” which has covered the below scientific sessions:

  • Drug Delivery Technology
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Routes of Drug Administration
  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • Nucleic Acid Based Drug Delivery
  • Smart Drug Delivery Systems
  • Vaccine Design and Delivery Technology
  • Drug Delivery Companies and Markets
  • Novel Bio therapeutics and Drug Delivery Systems
  • Drug Delivery and Device Development
  • Recent Advances in Drug Delivery
  • Major Challenges in Drug Delivery
  • Peptide and Protein Drug Delivery
  • Drug Delivery Equipment’s and Machinery
  • Business Opportunities in Drug Delivery
  • Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

The conference was greeted by the welcome message of Dr. Gjumrakch Aliev President "GALLY" International Biomedical Research Consulting, USA and moderated by Prof. L. Adriana Avila, Auburn University, USA.  The support was extended by the below honourable guest Dr. Lisbeth Illum, (University of Nottingham, UK, Dr. Irach B Taraporewala, Sitara Pharmaceutical Consulting Group, USA, and below keynote lectures:

The Drug Delivery 2016 also being highlighted for the below International Symposiums by industry experts

  • Dr. Rajiv Nayar, HTD Biosystems, USA
  • Dr. Charles O Noble, ZoneOne Pharma, USA
  • Dr. Alessandro Parodi, Houston Methodist Research Institute, USA
  • Dr. Andrea L Armstead, Precision Nanosystems,  Inc., Canada
  • Dr. Mitra Mosharraf, HTD Biosystems, USA

Very special Thanks to our Exhibitors and Sponsors to have bestowed and their faith and invested in us to make this event a fruitful one. We hope you continue your support in our future endeavours. 

Last but not the least Conference Series LLC wishes to acknowledge with its deep sincere gratitude to all the supporters from the Editorial Board Members of our Open Access Journals, Keynote speakers, Honourable guests, Valuable speakers, Poster presenters, students, delegates and special thanks to the Media Partners(drug target review, SIRE Life sciences, BREC, Bentham Science and Pharmaceutical Technoogy.com) for their promotion to make this event a huge success.

With the enormous feedback from the participants and supporters of 9th World Drug Delivery Summit, Conference Series LLC is glad to announce its 11th World Drug Delivery Summit October 16-18, 2017 New York, USA

For more please visit: http://drugdelivery.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/

Expert Presentations
Christophe A Serra

CNRS Institut Charles Sadron

Yan He

Sanofi Aventis Group

Reinhard Gabathuler

biOasis Technologies Inc.,

Mariusz Skwarczynski

University of Queensland

Amanda E Brooks

North Dakota State University

Omathanu Perumal

South Dakota State University

Stefaan De Koker

Ghent University

Matthew N Bahr


Blessing Aderibigbe

University of Fort Hare

South Africa
Irach B Taraporewala

Sitara Pharmaceutical Group

Joe Jensen


Subhash C Chauhan

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Kristen K Comfort

University of Dayton

Kazuya kikuchi

Osaka University

Noha Nafee

Alexandria University

Ulo Langel

Stockholm University

Tatiana Samoylova

Auburn University


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