36th International Conference on Dentistry & Dental Marketing
October 24-25, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts

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Dental Marketing 2018
Dental Marketing 2018 Report

Conferenceseries LLC LTD organized the 35th International Conference on Dentistry & Dental Marketing in Las Vegas, USA, during October 05-06, 2017. The summit was organized under the theme Dentistry meets marketing”. It was a grand success where eminent keynote speakers from various reputed universities and organizations made their resplendent presence and addressed the gathering.

Dental Marketing-2017 Organizing Committee would like to thank the Moderator of the conference, Mrs. Alessandra Ugoli, Italy who contributed enormously for the smooth functioning of this event.

Conferenceseries LLC LTD would like to convey a warm gratitude to all the Honourable guests of Dental Marketing-2017:

Mr. Marc Mereyde, Tiktoplus, USA

Dr. Mayoor Patel, Cranofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Center of Georgia, USA

Dr. Vilas Sastry, Drillingforyes.com, USA

Mr. T Andre Shirdan, The CREW process, USA

Dental Marketing-2017 witnessed an amalgamation of pioneers from the fields of dentistry & marketing who enlightened the attendees with their knowledge and confabulated on various new-fangled topics related to the field of Dentistry and Dental Marketing

Marc Mereyde, CEO, Tiktoplus, USA delivered his presentation on “Getting Personal With Big Data in Dental Digital Marketing” ;Mayoor Patel, Cranofacial Pain Center of Georgia, USA, gave a presentation on “Why is dentistry in a unique position to screen and treat patients with a Sleep breathing Disorder?, Diana Batoon, Bonita Dental, USA, presented on “Sleep Disordered Breathing in the Pediatric Population; Jason Post, MBS Serure, USA enlightened the audience with his presentation “Understanding Private and Public Cloud Use in the Dental Practice”; T Andre Shirdan, The CREW process, USA, elucidated on “Patient Retention is one of the Most Overlooked Marketing Tool”;  Vilas Sastry, Drillingforyes.com, USA described about “Increasing treatment plan acceptance with in-house insurance plans”;  Johnathan Dane, KlientBoost, USA explained about the “The Best-Kept PPC and CRO Secrets in the Dental Industry, and How to Move the Needle for Your Practice”, Alessandra Ugoli, Dental Marketing Expert, Italy gave the presentation on the “Evolution of marketing & communication in Dentistry”; Rupali Agnihotri, Manipal University, India presented on “Influence of non-surgical periodontal therapy on glutathione peroxidase levels and insulin resistance in chronic periodontitis subjects with prediabetes.”; Sumit Gaur, Manipal University, India concluded the day with his presentation entitled “Patient's /parents perception on esthetic restoration of primary anteriour teeth”.

Day 2 started with Evgeny Roshchin’s presentation on “The use of new generation equipment in functional diagnosis, treatment planning for individual parameters” ; Angus Pryor, Dental Marketing Expert, Australia,enthralled the audience with his speech entitled “5 tips from a marketing expert on how to boost your business for free”; Mr Pryor was followed Justin Morgan, “The Dental Marketing Guy”, USA who presented his work titled “Dental SEO that works”; Saturnino Marco Lupi, University Of Pavia, Italy presented his paper on “Survival and marginal boneloss of dental implants covered by hyluronic acid: an RCT ” ; Neha Bhaveshbhai Kaswala, K.M Shah Dental College and hospital, India elucidated on “Mass Disaster Victim Identification”.; The event was concluded with an enthralling presentation from Dunia Sabea, Al Iraqia University, IraqThis conference was a path breaking opportunity for students too, were given a chance to exhibit their paramount research work through Poster Presentations and discuss the same with the exalted scientists Influence of blue light autofluorescence in the early detection of oral premalignant and malignant lesions.

All the papers presented at Dental Marketing-2017 have been published in the proceedings of the Journal of Oral Health & Dental Management

With the enormous feedback from the participants and supporters of Dental Marketing-2017, Conferenceseries LLC LTD is glad to announce 36th International Conference on Dentistry & Dental Marketing, to be held on October 22-23, 2017 in Boston, USA.


Expert Presentations
Marc Mereyde

CEO, Tiktoplus

Andre Shirdan

Founder, The Crew Process

Jason Post

CEO, MBS Secure

Justin Morgan

The Dental Marketing Guy

Mayoor Patel

Cranofacial Pain & Sleep Centre of Georgia

Saturnino Marco Lupi

University of Pavia

Angus Pryor

Dental Profit System

Alessandra Ugoli

Dental Marketing Expert

Sumit Gaur

Manipal University

Rupali Agnihotri

Manipal University

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