3rd International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining
September 26-27,2016 London,UK

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Data Mining 2016
Data Mining 2016 Report

We gratefully thank all our wonderful Speakers, Conference Attendees, Students, Media Partners, Associations and Sponsors for making Data Mining 2016 Conference the best ever!

The 3rd International conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining, hosted by the Conferenceseries LLC was held during September 26-27, 2016 at London, UK based on the theme Future Technologies for Knowledge Discoveries in Data ". Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Organizing Committee Members along with Scientists, Researchers, Students and leaders from various fields of Big Data, Data Mining, who made this event a grand success.

Conferenceseries LLC expresses its gratitude to the conference Moderator, namely Burcin Ozturk Demirhanoz and Dr. Robert S Laramee for taking up the responsibility to coordinate during the sessions. We are indebted to your support.

Similarly we also extend our appreciation towards our Poster judges namely, Dr. Thomas  Sterling.

The conference was initiated with the Honorable presence of the Keynote forum. The list includes:

The meeting reflected various sessions, in which discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

  • Data Mining Methods and Algorithms
  • Data Mining Tasks and Processes
  • Data Mining Applications in Science, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine
  • Big Data Applications
  • Data Mining Tools and Software
  • Data Warehousing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Forecasting from Big Data
  • Complexity and algorithms
  • Open data
  • OLAP technologies
  • Big Data algorithm
  • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)
  • New visualization techniques
  • Optimization and Big Data
  • Social network analysis
  • Search and data mining
  • Data Mining analysis
  • kernel methods
  • Frequent pattern mining
  • Clustering
  • Data privacy and ethics
  • Big data technologies
  • Business analytics

 Conference Series LLC offers its heartfelt appreciation to organizations such as Allied Academies, Andrew John Publishing Inc., New York private Equity Forum, Crowd Reviews and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by promoting in various modes online and offline which helped the conference reach every nook and corner of the globe. Conference Series LLC also took privilege to felicitate the Keynote Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Chairs and sponsors who supported this event

With the grand success of Data Mining 2016Conference Series LLC is proud to announce the "4th International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data mining" to be held during September 07-08, 2017 at Paris, France.

For More details visit: http://datamining.conferenceseries.com/2016





Expert Presentations
Thomas Sterling

Indiana University

Fionn Murtagh

University of Derby

Carlo A Trugenberger

InfoCodex AG-Semantic Technologies

Iftikhar U Sikder

Cleveland State University

Jacopo Biancat

Systems & Advanced Technologies Engineering

Burcin Ozturk Demirhanoz

WesTrac CAT

Hongfei Li

IBM Analytics

Hongqin Fan

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong
Sophia Tsoka

King College London

Mikhail Moshkov

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Saudi Arabia
Robert S Laramee

Swansea University

Jiping Liu

Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping

Peter L├â┬Âwe

Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology

Wangjun He

Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping

Aliyu Usman Ahmad

University of Aberdeen

Rub├â┬®n Jerves cobo

Ghent University

Daniele Menezes Nascimento

McGill University

Khawar Shakeel

University of Gujrat

Han-joon Kim

University of Seoul

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