3rd International Conference on Coastal Zones and Oceanography
May 18-19, 2018 Singapore

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Coastal Zones Congress 2018
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Coastal Zones Congress-2018

Conference Series LLC Ltd successfully hosted its premier 1st Internal Conference on Coastal Zones at Osaka, Japan during May 16-18, 2016, 2nd International conference on Coastal zones in July 17-18, 2017 at Melbourne, Australia, 3rd  International Conference on Coastal Zones and Oceanography in May 18-19, 2018 at Singapore.

The conference has brought together a comprehensive range of the Coastal zone researchers, educators from research universities as well as representatives from industry and professional Coastal zone societies.

This International conference on Coastal zones deals with the thing that coastal zone makes up only 10% of the ocean environment, but is home to over 90% of all marine species. For example, of the 13,200 known species of marine fish, almost 80% are Coastal. According to the UN, around 3.6 billion people, or 60% of the world’s population, live within 60km of the coast. And 80% of all tourism takes place in coastal areas. Most of the goods we extract from the ocean - from fish to oil and gas - come from coastal regions. Coastal ecosystems also provide a range of services that benefit people around the world.

Coastal zones include the entire continental shelf and occupy about 18% of the surface of the globe, supplying about 90% of global fish catch and accounts for some 25% of global primary productivity while at the same time being some of the most endangered regions on the planet. This growth, which has reached its peak in recent decades, exerts pressures on the environmental and cultural resources of coastal areas, and negatively affects the social, economic and cultural patterns.

Which indeed an important industry as the world fleet carries over 90% of the world trade by tonnage and shipbuilding is a business worth over U.S. $32 billion per annum. Offshore oil & gas is the world's biggest marine industry where production alone can have a value of more than $300 billion per annum. Oceans Natural Resources are worth $21 trillion a year, creating jobs for 350 million people and industry worth $1.2 trillion.

Expert Presentations
Ezatollah Ghanavati,

Faculty of geographical sciences, Kharazmi University,

Tehran, Iran
Ramesh Madipally

National Centre for Earth Science Studies,

Quang Nguyen

The University of Mississippi,

Glenn Bryan A Creencia

Cavite State University

Vanniarachchy Suraj

Worldview International Foundation,

Yonglong Lu

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Robert Hewat

Independent Environmental & Social Impact management consultant, Papindo / Clear Intercultural

Marietta B. Albina

Samar State University,

Renato C. Diocton

Samar State University,

Nasarullah. MB

Kannur University,

Ho-Shong Hou

I-Shou University

Dr. Oleg Makarynskyy

Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia

Mohamed El-Said FARGHALY

Suez Canal University

Dr. Synudeen Sahib

SN. College


Korea Institute of Industrial Technology,

Seoul, Korea
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