11th World Congress on Cell & Tissue Science
May 09-10, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

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CellTissueScience 2018
CellTissueScience 2018 Report

Celltissue Science 2018 was hosted by the Conference Series llc Ltd at Tokyo, Japan during May 09-10, 2018 with the theme “Advancement and Challenges Long-Held on Cell and Tissue Science”.

Conference Series llc Ltd extends its warm gratitude towards all the Participants, Eminent Speakers, Young Researchers, Delegates and Students.

We would like to specially thank the following people who laid the foundation for the event’s success

Organizing Committee Members:

  • Hiroshi Kanno, International University of Health and Welfare, Japan
  • Joel I Osorio, RegenerAge International, Mexico
  • Yijia Li, Yunnan Province Stem Cell Bank, China

Keynote Speakers:

  • Hiroshi Kanno, International University of Health and Welfare, Japan
  • Abhijit Bopardikar, ReeLabs Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Joel I Osorio, RegenerAge International, Mexico


  • Ronald A Nelson, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, USA
  • Elizabeth Pavez Loriè, Leibniz Institute of Environmental Medicine, Germany

Best Poster Award:

            Ching-Chieh Weng, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

The conference marked its start by an opening ceremony which included introduction by the Honorable Guests and the Members of Keynote Forum. All the speakers have extended their contribution in the form of highly informative presentations to lead the conference to the ladder of success.

Your response is our motivation; remembering this proverb and being seen the triumph of Celltissue Science 2018, Conference Series llc Ltd might want to report the initiation of the "12th World Congress on Cell and Tissue Science"(Celltissue Science 2019) to be held during March 11-12, 2019 in Singapore. We respect all the famous analysts, understudies and delegate members to partake in this up and coming meeting to witness important logical examinations and add to the future developments in the field of Cell Biology and Tissue Science.

Expert Presentations
Abhijit Bopardikar


Hiroshi Kanno

International University of Health and Welfare

Joel I Osorio

RegenerAge International

Yijia Li

Yunnan Province Stem Cell Bank

Avelina Sotres Vega

National Institute of Respiratory Diseases

Kuang-hung Cheng

National Sun Yat-sen University

Pravin Patel

Dr. Patel’s Anti-Aging Clinic

Mindy Min-Sun Oh

Stem Cell Treatment and Research Institute

Republic of Korea
Elizabeth Pavez Loriè

Leibniz Institute of Environmental Medicine

Lisa M Domke

German Cancer Research Center

Seok Woo Yang

The J Company

Republic of Korea
Ronald A Nelson

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

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