4th World Congress on Biotechnology
September 23-25, 2013 Raleigh-North Carolina, USA

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Biotechnology-2013 Report

“4th World Congress on Biotechnology” which was organized by OMICS Group on September 23-25, 2013 at Raleigh-North Carolina, USA, provided a vibrant and challenging rostrum to all Biotechnologists, students, academicians and industries across the globe.

The three days lasted conference of merit, succeeded in magnetizing a good folk yearning for quality and novelty rich updates on modern Biotechnology. Day-1 started with inaugural ceremony, opening the doorway to magnificent and most awaited speeches. The opening speech was backed up by speeches derived by honorable guests & keynote forum and invited lectures by honorable moderator, chair & co-chair of each session. Biotechnology 2013 witnessed the essence of the theme “Unveiling the Current Frontiers in the Field of Biotechnology" all the three days. The meet did unveil the current, novel and most intriguing frontiers in the field of biotechnology. The event marked the right podium promulgating various topics from the enlightening arenas of Microbial and Biochemical Technology, Bioremediation and Biodegradation, Petroleum and Environmental Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology, Clinical and Cellular Immunology, Medical Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, and many more.

The three day conference received immense response and every session was thought provoking and cerebrating. It brought together blend of experts across the globe under a common roof which helped boost discussions and which we hope shall pave a new future to the field of Biotechnology. The focus points of the symposium were the cogitating speeches delivered by Dr. AraKanekanian, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, titled “The role of bioactive peptides and probiotics in human health”and by Dr. Jimmy T. Efird, on “Targeted analytic methods for deep sequencing”. Other eminent speeches provided a great opportunity for the participants to share knowledge on their individual research areas, research problems and the advanced methods.

We are thankful for your invaluable contribution to Biotechnology-2013 congregation that came out with flying colors in response to the inestimable inputs of experts and adepts with their enormous, eminent and invaluable research works and presentations. Our special thanks to the moderator, session chair and co-chair of the conference. Also, our heartfelt gratitude to our editorial board members, organizing committee members and media partners for their enormous support.

Your rejoinder is our inspiration. We shall endeavor to maintain this continuum of success an evergreen one. With the forthcoming and eventual advancements in the arena of biotechnology, see you again in Biotechnology-2014!!!

Expert Presentations
Abel Navarro

Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Ara Kanekanian

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Jimmy T.Efird

Brody School of Medicine.

Ronald A. Barnes

The University of Texas

Tiina Leiviska

University of Oulu

Sharad Khandelwal

Institute of Life Science,H.P.T Arts and R.Y.K Science College

Sreenivas Rao Ravella

Aberystwyth University

Joe Gallagher

Aberystwyth University

Stephen o Amoo

University of KwaZulu-Natal

South Africa
Songhee Lee

Dongguk University

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