International Conferences 2013

OMICS Group is a pioneer and leading scientific event organizer, which publishes around 400 Open Access Journals and organizes over 300 Scientific Conferences all over the globe annually with the support of various scientific associations and 30,000 editorial board members. Since its inception, OMICS Group Conferences conducts International Conferences, symposia, workshops, trade shows, exhibitions and world congresses by bringing together people on a single platform thereby achieving its motto of escalating and enlightening the lamp of knowledge across the world. By attending OMICS Group Conferences which are organized across the globe, you can not only gain knowledge but also get a chance of globe-trotting in some of the most beautiful cities of the world (Region-Wise Conferences). We have listed out all the Scientific Events in an alphabetical (A-Z) order which will be held across the Globe. So come and join your peers at OMICS Group's International conferences to globalize and boost your research knowledge in the evolving subjects of Science, Medicine, and Technology.


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