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Meet the Famous Physicists and Nobel Laureates at our International Physics Conferences.

Physics deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe. Physics is concerned with all aspects of nature, covering the behavior of objects under the action of given forces and the nature and origin of gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear force fields. The goal of physics is to formulate comprehensive principles that bring together and explain all discernible phenomena. Physics is a broad discipline which is often broken down into several sub-disciplines. These disciplines concern themselves with differing areas of physics work.

Conference Series Organizes 1000+ Global Events Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 100000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board and organizing committee members. The conference series website will provide you list and details about the conference organize worldwide.

Physics Meetings at Conference Series offers an international forum for the exchange of knowledge on current advances in the field of physics.


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Physics is one of the fields of knowledge that underlies the physical universe and applies constantly to people's everyday lives. One of the major sciences, it seeks to explain the reasons matter acts the way it does and to describe the way matter interacts with other matter -from subatomic particles to galaxies in the heavens. The Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) is a scientific advisory panel tasked with recommending plans for U.S. investment in particle physics research over the next ten years, on the basis of various funding scenarios.

According to P5 report, five intertwined scientific drivers were distilled from the results of a yearlong communitywide study:

  • Use the Higgs boson as a new tool for discovery
  • Pursue the physics associated with neutrino mass
  • Acceleration: dark energy and inflation
  • Explore Identify the new physics of dark matter
  • Understand cosmic the unknown: new particles, interactions, and physical principles

To discuss the issues and accomplishments in the field of physics Conference Series Conferences has taken the initiation to gather the world class experts both from academic and industry in a common platform at its Physics Conferences. Conference Series is one of the world’s leading open access publishers and scientific event organizer supports the scientific society by organizing the international conference, symposiums and workshops where eminent experts around the globe from both academia and industries join together to discuss the recent advancements in the specific fields leads to a global scientific community supported by its Open Access peer reviewed Journals. To discuss the recent issues and advancements in the arena of physics Conference Series Conferences initiated conferences: Astrophysics, Photonics, Quantum Physics and Fluid & Aerodynamics, Condensed Matter Physics, Photonics, Laser Tech, Nuclear Engineering and many other topics.

Conference Series is an amalgamation of Open Access Journals and worldwide international conferences. Conference Series has been instrumental in taking the knowledge on Science & technology to the doorsteps of researchers. Research Scholars, Students, Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research centers and the industry are main stakeholders that benefitted greatly from this knowledge dissemination. Conference Series organizes 1000+ Global Events annually across the globe, where knowledge transfer takes place through debates, panel discussions, poster presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitions. Conference Series Conferences have the special features like: Well organized workshops, events and symposia, Poster presentations and world class exhibits, renowned speakers and scientists across the globe, Panel discussions & interactive sessions. Conference Series conferences are the Perfect platform for global networking, B2B meetings, Alliances and associations, Collaborative Research opportunities. Conference Series International conferences are supported by reputed 1000+ associations and societies.

Physics conferences are going to be organized in USA, Europe nations on Optics, Laser tech and Condensed Matter Physics etc., covering all the major issues in the field of Physics. These Physics conferences are receiving wide round of applause from the distinguished scientists, researchers, delegates and student participants who attended from various parts of the globe. With the support, encouragement and patronage from Conference Series Editorial Board team and Physics Conferences organizing committee, Conference Series proudly announces the commencement of more Physics conferences in 2018 and 2019 across the globe in more than 30 destinations in the proposed topics like High Energy Physics, Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Optics, Quantum Physics, Fluid & Aerodynamics, Materials Physics and Plasma Physics.

Conference Series’s physics conferences are the special designed cluster of conferences composed of Keynote lecture, plenary speeches, special scientific sessions, international symposiums, workshops, Exhibition, B2B Meetings etc which are supported by our eminent editorial board members and reviewer of the supported Peer reviewed Open Access Journals. Conference Series’s scientific conventions and workshops provides world’s best platform where industry meet academia leads to the commercialization of research, special interaction sessions conducted by experts helps the Young Researchers to evaluate their research outputs. To promote the Young scientists in the field of physics Conference Series International comes up with best poster award competition where the young researchers from universities across the globe can present their research and evaluate them. In commercialization point of view Conference Series’s Europe conferences are the best platform for the established as well as growing industries to exhibit their products and services in our international platform so that easily they are accessible by the researchers worldwide in a short span of time which is a great advantage in marketing point of view. Conference Series provides the chance to the instrument vendors to exhibit at its physics conferences where they can explore and showcase their products to the international attendees. Hence, Conference Series physics conferences is the best platform for academia and industry that leads to global networking in terms of collaborative research as well as expanding the business.

Conference Series is organizing the conferences in different cities including Florida, San Francisco and Baltimore.

The Physics conferences serve as good platforms for the scientific community to meet experts with each other and to exchange thoughts. All our International meetings affirmed more than Fifteen thousand members from in excess of 100 nations from past 5 years, and our Conference committee members have been formed with in excess of thousand advisory International parts who are fundamentally research focus heads, staff dignitaries, division heads, and research scientists from in excess of 50 nations.

All accepted abstracts for the conference will be provided with DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and released as a special issue in the Conference Series Physics related journals .

Conference Title: International Conference on Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrobiology

Astronomy Congress 2018 | Astronomy and Astrobiology Conference | Astrobiology Meetings 

Dates: May 30-31| 2018
Venue: Osaka, Japan
Short Name: Astronomy Congress 2018
Theme: Futures cannot be predicted but can be invented
Conference Manager: Sam Christopher
Contact E: [email protected]
Contact T: +1-702-5085200

Conference Highlights Includes:

Astronomy | Astrophysics | Computational Astrophysics |Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Black Holes | Gravitational Physics | Neutrino Astronomy | Optical AstronomyCosmology | Particle Physics – Higgs Boson | Astrobiology  | BiophysicsAstrochemistryAstromicrobiology | Astronomy Congress 2018 | Astronomy Meetings 2018

Target Audience:

We welcome Astronauts | Physicist | Professors | Students | Researchers | CEOs | Business Delegates.


Conference Title: 3rd International Conference on Nuclear and Plasma Physics

Plasma Physics Conferences Nuclear Physics Conferences Nuclear Fusion Conferences

Dates: June 07-08 | 2018
Venue: London | UK
Short Name: Plasma Physics 2018
Theme: Convergence of Nuclear, Plasma & Space Sciences
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Plasma Physics | Nuclear Physics | Plasma in Laser | Plasma in Astrophysical and Astronomy | High Energy Physics | Physics Conferences USA | Magnetic Confinement Fusion | Plasma Modeling | Physics Meetings USA | Kinetic and Fluid Theory | Plasma Thermodynamics | USA Physics Meetings | Nuclear and Plasma Chemistry | Cosmic Plasma

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Plasma Physics Experts | Nuclear Physics Scientists | Physics Researchers | Plasma Physics Scientists | Nobel Laureates | Industrialists | Professors | Principle Scientists | Cosmologists | Astrophysicists | Nuclear Engineers | Plasma Physicists | Space Scientists

Conference Title: 5th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics

Applied Physics Conferences Theoretical Physics Conferences Physics Conferences

Dates: July 02-03 | 2018
Venue: Vienna | Austria
Short Name: Applied Physics 2018
Theme: Spanning the Gap between Theoretical and Applied Physics
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Theoretical Physics | Experimental Physics | Quantum Field Theory | Particle Physics | Physics Conferences USA | Astrophysics | Plasma Physics | Superconductivity | Spintronics | Semiconductor Devices | Physics Meetings USA | Lasers and Optics | Solid State Physics | Graphene | Nanophotonics and Nano Devices | Biophotonics | Computational Physics | USA Physics Meetings | Medical Physics and Biophysics | Many Body Physics

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Plasma Physics Experts | Nuclear Physics Scientists | Physics Researchers | Plasma Physics Scientists | Nobel Laureates | Industrialists | Professors | Principle Scientists | Cosmologists | Astrophysicists | Nuclear Engineers | Plasma Physicists | Gravity Researchers | Satellite Engineers | Material Scientists | Particle Physicists | Space Scientists

Conference Title: 9th International Conference on Optics, Photonics & Lasers

Optics Conferences Photonics Conferences Laser Conferences

Dates: July 02-04 | 2018
Venue: Berlin | Germany
Short Name: Euro Optics 2018
Theme: Revving up the advances in the science of Optics, Photonics and Lasers
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Optical Imaging and Sensing | Lasers and Nonlinear Optics | Optoelectronics | Applied Industrial Optics | Fiber Laser Technology | Physics Conferences USA | Photonics | Nano and Quantum Sciences | Optical Technologies | Lasers in Medicine | Physics Meetings USA | Optics in Astronomy and Astrophysics | Optical Communications and Networking | Quantum Optics | Laser Systems | USA Physics Meetings | Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy | Optical Fiber | Latest Technologies in Photonics and Lasers | Industrial Applications of Laser and Photonics

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Nobel Laureates | Industrialists | Professors | Principle Scientists | Gravity Researchers | Satellite Engineers | Laser Fusion Scientists | Sound Engineers | Structural Engineers | Tunnel Engineers | Optical Engineers | Laser Engineers | Accelerator Operators | Spectroscopists | Nanotechnologists | Professors | Academicians

Conference Title: 5th World congress on Physics

Physics Conferences | Physics Meetings | International Physics Conferences

Euro Physics 2018 provides you with the best world class opportunity to showcase your immense knowledge on Physics and its allied concepts and discuss your research and views with prominent physicists, scholars and researchers all over the world.

Dates: July 17-18| 2018
Venue: Prague| Czech Republic
Short Name: Euro Physics 2018
Theme: Exploring ideas in recent trends, Advancements and Innovations in Physics and allied concepts

Highlights: Atomic and molecular Physics AcousticsCondensed Matter Physics | Quantum Physics and Technology | Optics and Lasers | High Energy Nuclear Physics | Material Science and Engineering | Plasma Physics | Magnetism and Magnetic materials | Mathematical and Computational Physics | Electromagnetism and Electronics | Applied Physics | Nano Technology Medical Physics and Biophysics Spintronics | Graphene | Experimental Physics | Space Physics

Target Audience: We welcome Scientists | Researchers | Astronomers | Instrumentation Industrialists | students and CEOs | Business Delegates

Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Materials Physics Conferences Condensed Matter Physics Conferences Materials Science Conferences

Dates: August 16-17 | 2018
Venue: London | UK
Short Name: Materials Physics 2018
Theme: Reaching out to the World of Matter, Material and its Physics
Accreditation: CPD Credits   

Highlights: Condensed Matter Physics | Materials Physics | Theoretical and Computational Materials Physics | Physics Conferences USA | Experimental Condensed Matter and Materials Physics | Soft Condensed Matter Physics | Magnetic Materials and Optical Materials | Physics Meetings USA | Solid State Physics | Meta Materials and Meta Surfaces | Superconductivity | Semiconductor Materials | Quantum Physics | USA Physics Meetings | Nuclear Physics | Nanoscale Physics | Advanced Ceramics Materials | Bio-Physics

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Materials Scientists | Physics Engineers | Physics Researchers | Materials Researchers | Students | CEOs | Business Delegates | Metallurgists | Nanotechnologists | Nobel Laureates | Meteorologists

Conference Title: 3rd International Conference on Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing

Quantum Optics Conferences | Quantum Computing Conferences | Quantum Physics Conferences

Dates: September 10-11 | 2018
Venue: London | UK
Short Name: Quantum Optics 2018
Theme: Towards Full Stack of Computing and Optical Science in Quantum Era
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Quantum Optics | Quantum Mechanics | Physics Conferences USA | Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics | Quantum States | Quantum Field Theory | Quantum Thermodynamics | Quantum Photonics | Quantum Plasmonics | Quantum Computing | Quantum information science | Physics Meetings USA | Quantum cryptography | Quantum Technology and Measurement | Quantum Metrology and Sensing | Quantum Error Corrections | USA Physics Meetings | Quantum Nanoscience and Nanophysics | Quantum Transport and Dissipation

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Quantum Optics Researchers | Quantum Computing Experts | Scientists | Quantum Physics Experts | Students | CEOs | Business Delegates | Optical Engineers | Spectroscopists | Nobel Laureates | Industrialists | Professors | Principle Scientists | Laser Fusion Scientists | Laser Engineers | Nanotechnologists | Professors | Academicians

Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Physics

Physics Conferences | Plasma Physics Conferences | Cosmology Meetings

Dates: September 17-18 | 2018
Venue: Berlin | Germany
Short Name: Physics 2018
Theme: Innovative Technologies and Outcomes in Physics
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Classical & Modern Physics | Condensed Matter Physics| Physics Conferences USA | Astro-Particle Physics & Cosmology | Physics Meetings USA | Material Physics| High Energy Nuclear Physics | USA Physics Meetings | Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics | Quantum Science & Technology | Nano-Technology | Plasma Science | Electromagnetism and Electronics | Applied Physics

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Scientists | Researchers | Students | Business Delegates | Quantum Physicists | Mathematicians | Quantum Technologists | Theoretical Physicists | Astrophysicists | Plasma Physicists 

Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology

Quantum Physics Conferences | Quantum Technology Conferences | Quantum Mechanics Conferences

Dates: October 18-19 | 2018
Venue: Rome | Italy
Short Name: Quantum Physics 2018
Theme: Co-relating the Physics of Quantum to the Wholeness of the Universe
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Quantum Science | Quantum Field Theories | Physics Conferences USA | Quantum Mechanics | String Theory & Quantum Gravity | Physics Meetings USA | Quantum Chromodynamics | Quantum Condensed Matter Physics | Quantum Transport | USA Physics Meetings | Quantum Optics | Quantum Information & Quantum Computing | Quantum Technology

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Quantum Physicists | Mathematicians | Quantum Technologists | Nanoscience Scholars | Theoretical Physicists | Students | Researchers | Astrophysicists

Conference Title: 3rd International Conference on Astronomy and Space Science

Astronomy Conferences Space Science Conferences Astrophysics Conferences

Dates: October 18-19 | 2018
Venue: Rome | Italy
Short Name: Astronomy 2018
Theme: Exploring the Energetic Universe
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights:  Astronomy | The Universe | Exoplanet | Physics Conferences USA | Astronomical Spectroscopy | Physics Meetings USA | Space Weather | Astro-particle Physics & Cosmology | USA Physics Meetings | High Energy Nuclear Physics | Optical Astronomy | Radio Astronomy | Solar Astronomy | Plasma & Space Physics | Satellite Communication | Infrared Astronomy

Target Audience: We welcome Astrophysicists | Particle Physicists | Physicists | Space Scientists | Researchers | Astronomers | High Energy Physicists | Theoretical Physicists | Observatory Physicists | Plasma Physicists | Students | Business Delegates | Industrialists

Conference Title: 3rd International Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Magnetism Conferences | Magnetic Materials Conferences | Materials Science Conferences

Dates: October 22-23 | 2018
Venue: Rome | Italy
Short Name: Magnetic Materials 2018
Theme: Scientific Milestones in Understanding Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Magnetism | Electromagnetism | Spintronics | Physics Conferences USA | Nanotechnology | Materials Science | Magnetoelectronic Materials | Physics Meetings USA | Magnetization Dynamics | Hard Magnetic Materials | Soft Magnetic Materials | Structured Materials | USA Physics Meetings | Special Magnetic Materials | Superconductivity and Superfluidity | Geomagnetism | Novel Magnetic Materials and Device Applications

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Materials Scientists | Physics Researchers | Materials Researchers | Students | CEOs | Business Delegates | Metallurgists | Nanotechnologists | Nobel Laureates | Meteorologists | Professors | Academicians


Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Atomic Physics Conferences | Nuclear Physics Conferences | Nuclear Engineering Conferences

Dates: October 26-27 | 2018
Venue: Boston | USA
Short Name: Atomic Physics 2018
Theme: Modernization of Nuclear Physics through Interaction of Atoms
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Atomic Physics | Nuclear Physics | Nuclear Quantum Physics | Atomic Periodic table | Atomic Spectroscopy | Nuclear Medicine Physics | Radiation-Atom Interaction | Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics | Nanotechnology | Nuclear Reactor Physics | Nuclear Engineering | Atomic Collisions | Nuclear Fission and Fusion | Laser Atomic Physics | Nuclear Astrophysics | Nuclear Radioactive decay

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Plasma Physics Experts | Nuclear Physics Scientists | Physics Researchers | Plasma Physics Scientists | Nobel Laureates | Industrialists | Professors | Principle Scientists | Cosmologists | Astrophysicists | Nuclear Engineers | Plasma Physicists | Space Scientists

Conference Title: 5th International Conference on Theoretical, Materials and Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter Physics Conferences | Theoretical Physics Conferences | Physics Meetings

Dates: November 26-28 | 2018
Venue: Los Angeles | USA
Short Name: Condensed Matter Physics 2018
Theme: Innovative Encounters in the real-world of Theoretical, Materials & Condensed Matter Physics
: CPD Credits

Highlights: Condensed Matter Physics | Theoretical Physics | Materials physics | Materials Science and Engineering | Meta Materials and Magnetic Materials | Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology | Solid State Physics | Quantum Physics and High Energy Physics | Superconductivity and Superfluidity | Graphene | Organic Electronics | Theoretical and Experimental Study of Soft Matter | Bio-Physics and New Dimension in Technology | Advanced Materials and Functional Devices

Target Audience: We welcome Eminent Scientists | Research Professors in the field of Theoretical, Materials and Condensed Matter Physics | Directors of Physics Companies | Young Researchers | Materials Scientists | Physics Engineers | Physics Researchers | Materials Researchers | Metallurgists | Nanotechnologists | Nobel Laureates | Meteorologists


Conference Title: 10th International Conference and Exhibition on Lasers, Optics & Photonics

Optics 2018 Conference | Photonics Conferences | Laser Technologies | Optoelectronics

Dates: November 26-28| 2018
Venue: Los Angeles| USA
Short Name: Optics 2018
Theme: An insight into the Recent Research and cutting-edge Technologies in Lasers, Optics and Photonics
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Laser Systems | Optics and Lasers in Medicine | Optoelectronics | Optical Communications and Networking | Advancements in Photonics | Nanophotonics and Biophotonics |Quantum Science and Technology | Technologies in Lasers, Optics and Photonics | Applications and Trends in Optics and Photonics | Fiber Laser Technology | Optical Physics | Optical Fiber | Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy (SES) | Optical Metrology

Target Audience: We welcome Scientists | Industrialists | Researcher | Physicists | Academic Professionals | Directors and CEOs | Business Delegates | Physicists | Nobel Laureates

Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Astrophysics and Particle Physics

Astrophysics Conferences Particle Physics Conferences Space Science Conferences

Dates: December 03-05| 2018
Venue: Chicago| USA
Short Name: Particle Physics 2018
Theme: Exploring the Universe with Revolutionary Changes in the Behavior of Particles through Modern Research of Astrophysics
Accreditation: CPD Credits

Highlights: Astrophysics and Space Science | Particle Physics | Dark Matter and Dark Energy | Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics | High Energy Physics | Gravitational Physics | Astronomy | Cosmology | Optical Astronomy | Neutrino Astronomy | Nuclear Astrophysics | Astrochemistry and Astrobiology | Instrumentation | Plasma Physics | Higgs Particle Physics | Space Missions & Satellite | Heavy-ion physics

Target Audience: We welcome Scientists | Researchers | Astronomers | Instrumentation Industrialists | students and CEOs | Business Delegates


Conference Title: International Conference on Quantum Physics, Optics and Laser Technologies

Physics Conferences | Quantum Physics Conferences| Laser and Optics Conferences | World Wide Events

Dates: May 9-10 | 2018

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Short Name: Physicists Congress 2018

Theme: A New Era in Modern Physics and Laser Optics for the Next Generation

Conference Manager: Brian O’conner

Contact E: [email protected],[email protected]

Contact T: 17025085200 Ext: 8061

Conference Highlights: Physics Conferences | Quantum Physics Conferences| Laser and Optics Conferences| World Wide Events | Quantum Mechanics | Quantum Technology | Laser Physics | Laser Optics | Quantum science | Quantum Physics and The Universe | Application of Laser | Optical Networking | Optical Nanomaterials | Optics | Photonics | Lasers | Optics Conferences | Bio-photonics | Optics

Target Audience: We welcome Physicists | Professors | Students | Researchers | CEOs | Business Delegates.

Conference Title: 8th World Physiotherapists and Physicians Summit

Physiotherapy Conferences Physicians Conferences Sports Health and Fitness Conferences Physical Therapy Conferences

Dates: August 15-16, 2018

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Short Name: Physicians 2018

Theme: Partners for the Advancement of Healthy Life

Conference Manager: Gia Aaron

Contact E: [email protected]; [email protected]

Contact T: 1-650-889-4686 EXT: 6095

Conference Highlights: Acupuncture | Cardiology | Community Physiotherapy | Current Trends in Physiotherapy | Diet and Physical Health | Family Physicians and Practice | Fluidotherapy | Geriatric Physical Therapy | Health Care Quality | Medico Legal Issues In Physiotherapy | Neurological Physiotherapy | Neurology and Neurological Disorders | Occupational Therapies | Orthopedic |
Orthopedic  Physical Therapy | Pediatric Physical Therapy | Physio-Yoga Physiotherapy | Psychiatrics |
Rational Drug Use | Spinal Cord Injury | Sports Health and Fitness Physiotherapy | Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment

Target Audience: We welcome Physiotherapists | Physicians | Scientists | Doctors | Policy makers and Health care professionals | Academicians | Professors | Students | Delegates | Researchers | CEO’s | Business/Practice Managers.

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