International Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
August 04-06, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Theme: Emerging techniques and advancements in the field of chemotherapy

About Conference

Chemotherapy is that the use of medication to kill cancer cells. However, when most of the people use the word therapy they're referring specifically to drug treatments for cancer that destroy cancer cells by stopping their ability to grow and divide. Your doctor could decision this customary therapy, ancient therapy, or cytotoxic therapy. These powerful medications flow into within the blood and directly injury the cells that are actively growing as a result of cancer cells usually grow and divide quicker than traditional cells, they're additional prone to the action of those medications. However, injury to healthy cells is inescapable, and this injury accounts for the aspect effects connected to those medication.

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Importance & Scope:

      Chemotherapy is used to treat many different types of cancer. The type, location, and stage of the cancer as well as your general health will largely determine if chemotherapy is appropriate and which agents ought to be used. For example, adjuvant chemotherapy is considered standard treatment for breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy has been used effectively in breast, bladder, esophageal, laryngeal, and locally advanced non-small cell lung cancers.

Brain tumors are more difficult to treat with chemotherapy because of the shielding effect of blood-brain barrier (BBB), the tumor's location inside the skull, and the lack of adequate lymphatic drainage.

Chemotherapy-2015 will comprise various leading keynote speakers and session speakers who will be delivering their speech on the current research topics of anti-cancer drug development, clinical research on cancer, immunology and vaccines. The young researchers and the student participants will gain the opportunity to grab the Best Poster Award by presenting their work as a poster presentation and Young Researcher Forum.

Why Valencia?

Valencia enjoyed strong economic growth over the last decade, much of it spurred by tourism and the construction industry. Many local landmarks were restored, including the ancient Towers of the medieval city (Serrano Towers and Quart Towers), and the San Miguel de los Reyes monastery which now holds a conservation library. The city has numerous convention centres and venues for trade events, among them the Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Centre (Institución Ferial de Valencia) and the Palau de congres (Conference Palace), and several 5-star hotels to accommodate business travellers.

The largest numbers of private hospitals are present there with proper treatment. Over one hundred physicians providing tertiary medical services in over thirty medical specialties.The Centers and hospital is equipped to deal with the most complex of conditions, including oncology, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery.

Conference Highlights:

  • Cancer Cells and its Origin
  • Genetics and Cancer
  • Radiation
  • Women’s and Cancer
  • Management of Cancer
  • Clinical Care of Cancer
  • Control and Epidemiology
  • Clinical Research on Initial and Advanced Stage
  • Risk Assessment Tools and Stress
  • Copying with Cancer

Why to attend???

With a dedicated track focusing exclusively on cancer and its origin, diagnosis, Chemotherapy-2015 provides opportunities for oncologist, to network with peers and attends cutting-edge presentations. This year’s potential speakers will present the latest research related to transplantation, antifungal drug resistance, invasive fungal diseases, sequencing and bioinformatics, and more. A Unique Opportunity for Advertisement and Sponsors at this International event:

Major Marketing Associations around the Globe

National Institute of Health(NIH)

Welcome Trust

Cancer Research UK

National Institute for Medical Research

French Cancer Society (SFC)

Institut National du Cancer (INCa)

Major Marketing  Associations in Europe

Association for Teaching and Research in Oncology (AERIO)

French Association of Neuro-Oncologists (ANOCEF)

French Society for Research and Treatment of Pain (SETD)

French Society of Oncologic Radiotherapy (SFRO)

Institut National du Cancer (INCa)

Statistical Analysis of Associations

Figure 1: Statistical Analysis

Source: Reference-1

Target Audience:

Directors, President of the Company, CEO, Head of the Department, Professors, Assistant Professors, Researchers, Students, Physicians.

Target Audience:

Industry        60%

Academia    30%

Others          10%

Figure 2: Target Audience

Top Universities in Spain:

University of Valencia

University of Almeria

University of Jaen

University of Malaga

European University of Madrid

Figure 3: Top Universities in Spain

Source: Reference-2

Companies Associated with Chemotherapy

Figure 4: Companies Associated with Chemotherapy

Source: Reference-3

Glance at Market of Chemotherapy:

According to recent statistics the incidence of new cancers worldwide will double between 2008 and 2030. The current market value of chemotherapy is $314 billion and is expected to reach more than $512 billion by 2017. The length of cancer survival has increased for all cancers combined. The proportion of people surviving five year from diagnosis in 2003 was 66.7%. Improvement in survival must continue to meet the health people 2020 objective for 5 year survival of 72.8 %.


National cancer care expenditures were an estimated $124.6 billion in 2010 according to National Institute of Health.

Market Growth of Chemotherapy in the last and upcoming ten years

Figure 7:Market Growth of Chemotherapy

Source: Reference-4, 5, 6

Statistics of Researchers and Academicians working on Chemotherapy:

Figure 10: People



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