5th International Conference on Family Nursing
June 13-15, 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Theme: Explore Opportunities, Best Practices & Recent Developments in Family Nursing

The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at the Family Nursing 2016, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world. All members of the Family Nursing-2016 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia, USA.


For more details please visit- http://familynursing.conferenceseries.com/






Scope Importance:

5th International Conference on Family Nursing is unique forum to bring to gether worldwide distinguished academics in the field of nursing and healthcare, public health professionals, nurse educators, researchers, nurse managers, physicians, pediatricians and healthcare professionals provides the ideal environment to disseminate and gain current knowledge in the area of family nursing. Nurses and other healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to network with colleagues and exhibitors; discuss best practice research, safety-related outcomes, competencies, and challenges.

            This is an excellent opportunity to share your best practice initiative, research project, or provide continuing education as it relates current issues. The conference offers participants breakout sessions highlighting clinical projects, education, and research studies. Nursing is among the fastest-growing fields, and it has a robust job market, which makes it very attractive to people in search of a new or first career. In the U.S., there is an abundance of exceptional nursing programs available, both online and traditional.

Why Philadelphia?

Once the original capital of America, widely known as Philly, but formerly known as the City of Philadelphia , it is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania . It is also called the City of Brotherly Love '. Philadelphia is at the centre of it all. It is easy and affordable to get here. Conveniently located in the Northeast United States, the second-most populous city in the East is just 90 minutes from New York City and two hours from Washington, D.C., by train. It holds the following statistics, it is the sixth most populous city in the US, the fifth largest city area by population in the US, the US 's fourth largest consumer media market and ranks 49 th as the most populous city in the world. There are nearly 1.5 million people in the city alone.

Conference Highlights:

  • Nursing Education & Research
  • Nursing Management & Leadership
  • Family Medicine
  • Health Care
  • Cancer Nursing
  • Cardiac Nursing
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Women Health Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Midwifery
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Clinical Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing

Why to attend???

  • Improving the patient and family experience through best practice implementation.
  • Understanding perspectives of the patient and family and applying that knowledge to daily practice.
  • Sharing innovative advances in Family nursing care.
  • Improving patient safety and health care quality to enhance outcomes for patients through education.
  • To promote advanced skills of nursing leaders in the use of evidence-based practice models.
  • To develop leadership skills for facilitating completion of clinically relevant evidence-based practice            projects.
  • To foster creative thinking networks and issue resolution in the evidence-based practice process.
  • To demonstrate nursing’s contribution to patient safety and health care services.
  • To improve health care and safety practices for better outcomes for patients.
  • To provide Global collaboration for health care advancement through the science of nursing and education.

Target Audience:

Leading world doctors, Registered nurses, Professors, Research fellows Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Physicians, and Professionals who are seeking updated information for providers caring for patient in primary, ambulatory and urgent care settings. Staff Nurses, Nurse Manager, Educator/Instructor Societies, Universities, companies and medical research institutions, hospitals sharing their novel researches in the arena of Nursing, Healthcare & Medicine.

Top Societies and Associations around the World:

  • American Nurses Association
  • National League for Nursing
  • National Student Nurse Association
  • American Organization of Nurse Executives
  • International Association of Nurses
  • International Council of Nurses
  • Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada
  • An Bord Altranais
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Indian Nursing Council
  • Japanese Nursing Association
  • Nursing Association of Nepal
  • Nursing Council of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Nurses Organisation
  • Philippine Nurses Association
  • Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom

Top Societies and Associations in USA:

  • American Nurses Association
  • Society of Pediatric Nurses
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  • American Nursing Informatics Association
  • National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • National Association of Independent Nurses
  • The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners
  • National Association of School Nurses
  • Emergency Nursing Association
  • The American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • American Forensic Nurses 

Nursing Associations in Philadelphia

  • Visiting Nurses Association of Greater Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners
  • Moorestown visiting Nurse Association

Worldwide Nursing Unions:

  • Australian Nursing Federation
  • Canadian Federation of Nurses' Union
  • California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
  • Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa
  • Finnish Union of Practical Nurses
  • Manitoba Nurses' Union
  • National Nurses United
  • New South Wales Nurses' Associations
  • New Zealand Nurses Organisation
  • Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals
  • Queensland Nurses' Union
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • South African Democratic Nurses' Union
  • Tennessee Nurses Association
  • United American Nurses
  • United Nurses of Alberta
  • Washington State Nurses Association
  • New York State Nurses Association

Nursing Universities in Pennsylvania:

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Drexel University
  • La Salle University
  • Temple University
  • University of pittsburgh
  • Pennsylvania State University

Number of Registered Nurses State wise in USA:

Fig 1: Registered Nurses 

Worldwide Nursing Organizations:

Fig2: Nursing Organizations

Major Universities in USA and Pennsylvania:

Fig 3: Universities in USA and Pennsylvania

Market analysis on Nursing: 

Figure 4: Market analysis on Nursing


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           5.      http://www.bplans.com/nursing_home_business_plan/market_analysis_summary_fc.php


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