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As per available reports about 79 Conferences, 16 Workshops and 3 relevant Journals are presently dedicated exclusively to Nickel and about 43 articles are being published on Nickel.

Nickel is classified as a transition metal. Transition metals are elements between Groups 2 (metals) and 13 (non-metals) in the periodic table. The periodic table is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to one another. Nickel is closely related to iron, cobalt, copper and zinc. These metals are close to nickel in the periodic table.

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Scope and Importance:

Nickel is an emerging essential trace element. The essentiality of nickel is now generally accepted, based on the various symptoms caused by nickel deficiency in different animals. It is found in highest concentrations in lung, kidney and some hormone-producing tissues. Alteration in nickel concentration affects the production and action of some hormones like prolactin, adrenaline, noradrenaline and aldosterone. Within cells, nickel changes membrane properties and influences oxidation/reduction systems. It has great affinity for cellular structures like chromosomes and ion channels. This element is also important for proper functioning of the immune system. In animals, nickel deficiency has been associated with depressed growth, reduced reproductive rates and alterations in glucose and lipid metabolism whereas nickel toxicity induces embryo-toxic, teratogenic and cancerogenic effects.

Nickel is a concoction component with the substance image Ni and atomic or nuclear number 28. It is a gleaming white glossy metal with a slight brilliant tinge and is hard and bendable. Immaculate nickel demonstrates a noteworthy substance action that could be watched when nickel is powdered to boost the uncovered surface territory on which responses can happen, yet bigger bits of the metal are moderate to respond with air at encompassing conditions because of the development of a defensive oxide surface. Occurring in five stable isotopes, Ni 58 being the most abundant. On Earth, such local nickel is constantly found in blending with iron, an impression of those components' birthplace as significant finished results of supernova nucleo-synthesis. An iron–nickel mixture is thought to form Earth's internal centre, the core. The most common oxidation state of nickel is +2, forming compounds with all common anions, but other known oxidation states includes 0, +1, +3, as well as exotic oxidation states of -2, -1 and +4. Nickel is gleaming white, hard, pliable and flexible metal belonging to the iron family. It is a decent conduit of temperature and electricity. In its well-known mixes, nickel is bivalent, in spite of the fact that it accepts different and multiple valences and forming various complex structural mixes. Most nickel mixes are blue or green. Nickel breaks up gradually in weak acids in the same way as iron and gets to be inactive when treated with nitric corrosive. Finely separated nickel adsorbs hydrogen. Nickel is an aggravate that happens in nature's turf just at low levels. The most widely recognized application of nickel is the utilization as a part of manufacturing process with other metal items for example, adornments. Foodstuffs commonly hold little measures of nickel. Chocolate and fats are known to hold extremely high amounts. Biomagnifications of Nickel occurs when individuals consume vast amounts of vegetables from contaminated soils. Nickel exhaust is respiratory aggravations and may cause pneumonitis. Presentation to nickel and its mixes may bring about the advancement of a dermatitis known as "nickel tingle" in dermo-sensitive subjects. Nickel and certain nickel mixes have been recorded as being sensibly expected to be cancer-causing agents. Nickel is discharged into the air by manufacturing plants, and then settles to the ground or tumble down after coming in contact with raindrops. The bigger piece of all nickel aggravates that are discharged to nature will adsorb to residue or soil particles and thus get to be stable. Due to nickel's moderate rate of oxidation at room temperature, it is considered erosion safe. 

Nickel is one of four components that are ferromagnetic around room temperature. Alnico lasting magnets built somewhat with respect to nickel are of average quality between iron-based magnets and uncommon earth magnets. Nickel has been a segment of coins since the mid-nineteenth century. In the United States, the expression "nickel" or "scratch" initially connected to the copper-nickel. The Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Canada and Australia are the world's biggest producer of nickel. The biggest deposits of nickel in non-Russian Europe are found in Finland and Greece. Broad remote ocean assets of nickel are in manganese outside layers and knobs coating huge territories of the sea floor, especially in the Pacific Ocean. Nickel is recouped through extractive metallurgy: it is concentrated from its metals by accepted cooking and decrease forms that yield a metal of more noteworthy than 75% virtue. In numerous stainless steel applications, 75% immaculate nickel might be utilized without further decontamination, contingent upon the sythesis of the debasements. A second basic type of further refining includes the filtering of the metal matte into a nickel salt result, took after by the electro-winning of the nickel from result by plating it onto a cathode as electrolytic nickel. Nickel is utilized as a part of numerous particular and unmistakable modern and buyer items, including stainless steel, alnico magnets, coinage, rechargeable batteries, electric guitar strings, receiver containers, and exceptional composites. It is likewise utilized for plating and as a green tint in glass. Nickel is prevalently a combination metal, and its boss use is in the nickel steels and nickel cast irons. It is likewise broadly utilized as a part of numerous different compounds, nickel brasses and bronzes, and composites with copper, chromium, aluminum, lead, cobalt, silver, and gold.

Market Analysis:

According to our latest research report "Global Nickel Market Outlook 2016", nickel consumption is dominated by the stainless steel sector. This growing demand from stainless steel producers, a trend that is likely to continue in the near future as well, will drive the buoyant global nickel market. Our report reveals that global refined nickel consumption is continuously increasing as it is used in more industrialized products. Various industries that have high application of refined nickel, for instance, developed automotive and aerospace industries are raising the demand for the metal. It is anticipated that the global refined nickel consumption will grow at a CAGR of around 6% during 2014-2016.

List of Best International Conferences:

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