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Nice (pronounced like the English word "niece") is the fifth most populous city in France & limits with a population of about 1 million. It is well known for the beautiful view on the Promenade des Anglais, its famous waterfront. It is located on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea. Nice has a hot summer Mediterranean climate enjoying gentle temperatures entire year, rainfall is very moderate and mostly limited to winter. Nice is a territory to most of the very important libraries, universities, colleges and leading research institutes in the world. Nice is the seat of the computing, electronics, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. Nice houses companies in the fields of pharmaceutics & medicine. This is the base for us to conduct the scientific meetings, conferences and symposia, to blend all the world wide scientists under a single roof.


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Conference proceedings published in books are known to be a popular vehicle for scholarly communication in the physical sciences conferences, particularly engineering conferences. However, in fast-moving areas of the biomedical sciences, conference proceedings are more typically published in journals. In the life sciences, for example, a rapid dissemination of critical information is essential and journals provide the best medium for this. Every year, thousands of professionals in the sciences gather to network, to refresh their skills, and collaborate with their colleagues, and learn about the latest developments on medical conferencespharma conferences, engineering & clinical conferences field at Conferenceseries Ltd gatherings.

Conferenceseries Ltd unites the various open access publishers and journals worldwide and is known for methodical and orderly organization of a variety of conferences ranging from life sciences to management. Conferenceseries Ltd has effectively executed its task of managing conferences, workshops and symposiums globally for more than half a decade and has mastered its potentiality with every single happening. The main objective is to take the “Science and Technology” to every one’s door step and to create an awareness of the global technologies among people all over the globe. The Conferenceseries Ltd is supported by over 700 open access journals and has achieved a mission of organizing about 3000 conferences in a year. It comprises of about 25, 000 editorial members serving as scientific advisors. In simple terms the Conferenceseries Ltd serves as a vital platform that promotes the relocation scientific knowledge through various modes of revelations that includes conferences, workshops, symposiums, round table debates and scientific exhibitions.

Not only NICE conferences, there are others like Uppsala conferences, Porto conferences , Riga conferences, Prague conferencesBarcelona conferencesDubai meetingsLondon conferences & Istambul conferences are taking place.

Rome conferences have Cancer Diagnostics Conferences & Expo , European Nutrition and dietetics ConferencesEuro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & Vaccination, 9th Euro Nursing & Medicare Summit,  Interventional Cardiology Congress, etc.

7th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics, 7th International Conference on Bioinformatics, 2nd International Conference on Epilepsy & Treatment and  6th Euro-Global Summit on Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology  will also be held at Rome conferences. 6th European Pathology Congress , Rheumatology 2016 conferences , 11th Euro Biotechnology Congress5th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery will be organized at Alicante, Spain. Euro Biosensors Conferences  will be held at Valencia-Spain.  Barcelona conferences  is hosting 2nd Annual Experts Meeting on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management ConferencesHuman Genetics conferencesGeneric Pharma conferences & Mesothelioma conferences , other Spain meetings are7th European Dermatology Congress , Euro Biosensors Conferences.



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