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Worldwide Medical Conferences 2014-2015

OMICS Group International is prominent open access publisher and ingenious scientific event organizer on diverse domains includes medical, clinical, life sciences and engineering. The main objective of OMICS Group is to take the “Science and Technology” to every one’s door step and to create a consciousness and understanding of the global technologies among people all over the world. The OMICS Group is supported by over 400 open access journals and has achieved a mission of organizing about 300 conferences in a year. All these are being rationalized by 30, 000 editorial members, 35,000 reviewers and Authors. In simple terms the OMICS Group International serves as an important plinth that upholds the relocation of scientific knowledge through various modes of revelations that includes conferences, International workshops, National symposiums, round table debates and business-to-business meetings, and scientific exhibitions.


Obesity-2014 hosts a podium for rich and crisp research and technological spring up in the broad expanse of Obesity, a major concern of the present. This worldwide Medical Conference brings together leading Dieticians, Beauticians, Clinicians, internal medicine Physicians, Surgeons, Scientists, public health Advocates, Students, epidemiologists, integrated health Professionals, and all with a vested interest in obesity to address the crisis and curb the same. Obesity-2014 will cover a vast arena including but not lone Childhood Obesity and its Lifelong Effects, Steroids and Hormones in Obesity, Nutrition and Obesity Prevention and Clinical Research and Interventions.

Surgery and Anesthesia-2014 is the venue to connect and confer for all the neoteric minds cutting edge research and development in the field of Surgery and Anaesthesia. Surgery and Anesthesia-2014 encompasses intricate and subtle motifs like Transplantation Surgery, Bariatric & Breast Surgery, Perioperative Care & Anaesthesiology, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Neuroanesthesia, Paediatric & Plastic Surgery etc. to mention a few. This worldwide Medical Conference will witness a unique blend of leading Clinicians, Surgeons, Physicians, Researchers and Business personnel to cogitate and conflate thoughts and ideas.

Traditional Medicine-2014 seeks to exhibit a scientific platform to conflate tradition and nature on the present treatment and medicinal methods. The Medical Conference 2014-2015 aspires to bring forth novel ideas and research to apply and aid the sprouting research of tomorrow by bringing together various Adepts, Therapists, Medical Practitioners, Clinicians, Researchers, Professors and everyone with a keen interest on the same. Traditional Medicine-2014 will cover vast expanse of topics like Traditional Chinese medicine, Yoga as an Alternative Medicine, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicines, Unani Medicine, Arabic Medicine and Hijama Cupping Therapy etc.

Cell Therapy-2014, a worldwide Medical Conference brimming with zest and zeal filled participants and audience like Scientists with eminence in their field of study, Research Academicians from the universities and research institutions, Industrial Research Professionals and Business Associates along with PhD Students is sure to delineate the thrust needing areas of Cell Therapy. This Medical Conference 2014-2015 will unveil all the novel and cutting edge topics of the arena like Plant Stem Cell Rejuvenation, Nano-Therapy, Cancer Therapy, Stem Cell Therapies, Ethical issues of therapies and many more to nudge out any snag dithering research and technological uprisal.

Cancer Science-2014 is a worldwide Medical Conference, rightly organized to ponder and confer over crux of today’s Medical puzzle- Cancer. This intricate, diverse and partially understood disease has and is continuing to invade on human lives since yore. Hence, Cancer Science-2014 is organized with some core motifs like Tumour Science, Advances in Cancer Detection, Imaging, Management and Prevention, Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Development, Stem Cell Therapy etc., to mention a few, thus providing new tools to tackle the so called Medical puzzle. The event will witness a congregation of Renowned Scientists, Medical Practitioners, Researchers, Professors, Clinicians and everyone interested to be a part of the pragmatic forum.

Toxicology-2014 focuses on promulgating paramount issues and vital aspects on Toxicology, Cosmetic, Regulatory and Analytical Toxicology, Nanomaterials, Industrial and Metallic Toxicology, In-vitro Models for Toxicity Studies, Computational Toxicology, Countersteps against toxicity and many more. This Medical Conference 2014-2015 will host a gathering subsuming Medical experts, Forensic experts, Researchers, Scientists, Professors and Students to witness streaming knowledge and steaming discussions on toxicology and related aspects, thus aiding nascent research.

Endocrinology-2014 aspires to unveil latest technological advances as well as therapeutic aspects in Endocrinology. The event will gather renowned Scientists, Professors and Research Professionals, world-class Endocrinologists, young Researchers, Business Delegates and talented Student communities across the globe under a single roof. This Medical Conference 2014-2015 encompasses within, the pith of Endocrinological issues like Diabetic Disorders and Treatment, Energy Balance and Obesity, Challenges of Endocrinology, Current Advances in Endocrinology & Metabolism and more to keep updated on the avant-garde of the same.

Virology-2014 is a pragmatic forum to discuss and disseminate about the so called ‘organisms at the edge of life’-Viruses. Virology-2014 carries within, the minute to intricate details and discourses on topics like but not alone Viral Science, Viral Immunology, HIV and Other Retroviral Diseases, Organ Specific Cancers and Tumour Virology, Viral Hepatitis and Current Focus in Virology Research. The congregation for this Medical Conference 2014-2015will comprise of Scientists, Medical practitioners, Clinicians, Researchers, Academicians, Business delegates and all keen to engross within the arena.

Hematology-2014 fixated to blazon cutting edge research and technological upshot in the arena of Hematology and related motifs. This worldwide Medical Conference will parade all the concerned topics emanating from Hematology, like but not alone Red Blood cells, Hematologic Malignancies, Stem Cell Research in Hematology, Blood Transplantation, and Drug Discovery in Hematology and Recent Advancements in Hematology. The meeting will witness a union of Hematologist, Immunologists, Pathologists, Oncologists, Industrial Professionals, Researchers, Professors and Students, to cogitate and conflate ideas and realities

Medical science is an immense and an epochal era of scientific study, intricately intertwined with the lives of every individual. It serves to ensure the overall wellbeing of each and every person, young and old, men and women, by developing improved diagnostic tools, providing better treatment and ultimately improving the quality of life.

Worldwide Medical conferences 2014 and Medical Conferences 2015 conducted by the OMICS Group serve as a common platform for exhibiting latest advances of adepts in the field of medicine, surgery and healthcare. OMICS Group encompasses the burning contents of medical domain including but not alone addiction, diabetes, heart diseases, gene disorders and Alzheimer’s. Diabetes, the global burden being at the top is now in more than 300 million people according to the latest statistics and it is estimated to attain a hike to approximately 600 million in the coming two decades. OMICS Group International conferences along with OMICS Group scientific journals working hand in hand have through the various conferences, enlightened the knowledge about Diabetes and other attention seeking areas of medical science. With the aim of channeling knowledge in a multidirectional flow regularly prompting valuable discussions, these conferences aid in a tranquil union of scientists, researchers, doctors, and medical practitioners brought together under one common roof.

The conference puts forth the latest developments in medical practices, evolution of medicine, novel innovations in research and current advancements in technology. Apart from the updates from within the core of medical science, our conferences stand testament to propitious broadening of professional and interpersonal networks. Being a global icon in pioneering works of scientific importance, we mould the future by understanding the present and learning from the past.

Medical Conferences 2014-2015 have been orchestrated targeting the major knowledge hubs like USA, Europe, Dubai and China. The Academic conferences 2014-2015 is assured to put forth up-to-the-minute developments in medical practices, evolution of medicine, novel innovations in research and current advancements in technology.

OMICS Group Medical Conferences2014-2015 creates a perfect blend of Medical experts, Adepts of various fields, Researchers, Scholars, Professors, and exuberant Students. OMICS Group meetings strive to extract challenging and efficacious research from the uncertainties of yesterday and today to build a tomorrow packed of certainties.

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