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OMICS Group Journals provide scientific association with its highly honored 350 Open Access Journals, around 30,000 editorial and reviewers team ensures the quality and quick editorial, review processing with time of publishing in just 21 days from the day of submission of manuscript. OMICS Group is committed to provide advanced features as digital article to share and explore with social networking facilitate, audio version of in print paper. OMICS Group is committed to upholding the highest standards of journal publication and conference presentation ethics. OMICS Group team and its editors are committed to objective and fair double-blind peer-review of submitted manuscripts for journal publication and conference presentation and will evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard. Authors should submit their manuscripts submission and review tracking system that must attest that it is their original work and has not been derivative. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently is unethical and unacceptable.


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OMICS Group International is a strategic and the scientific association of dedicated professionals, who willingly dedicate their capabilities in an ethical way for the betterment of our local communities and the society in general. OMICS Group invites scholars from universities, research institutions, colleges and as well as practitioners with intellectual interests from companies, government, and non-profit organizations to present their sessions at our OMICS Group Conferences. OMICS Group deals with Open Access Journals and Scientific Events. Open Access Journals progress their research outcome and improve activities in internet and multimedia to make acquaintance available internationally with a snap all over the world.

OMICS Group event is wider showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. The format is fast paced: 50+ talks over the course of three days. This immersive environment allows attendees and speakers from vastly different fields to enrich and draw inspiration. OMICS Group conducts conferences, World congress, Workshops and Symposia which helps you to modify your business by bringing you one-to-one with the practitioners and investors. OMICS Group Conferences is one of the most reliable conferences which provide opportunities for our members to connect with one another in a one-to-one context, to learn from industry experts in thought leadership sessions and to stay informed about member products through event sponsorships and exhibits. 

OMICS Group International conferences facilitate to improve the science of our research methodology and the interpretation and focus into a new era of improving the quality of author’s abstracts, which meet the selection criteria of the conference review committee. Authors will be given the chance to complete their papers and present their work at the OMICS Group International Conference of the author’s choice. If the authors decide to complete their papers after the OMICS Group International Conference, authors could also submit their manuscripts at a later instance, in order to be considered for publication in a future issue.

Benefits for Professors and Assistant Professors
OMICS Group conferences always privileged the high affiliated and renowned speakers as Organizing Committee Members position, Professors and Assistant professors will have precedence to chair a session of their interest, keynote speakers will be facilitated with the special mementos during the event. Renowned speakers get waivers during the OMICS Group International conference and OMICS Group introduces professors, delegates and hosts academic research in science and technology.

Advantages for Student Participation
OMICS Group International is committed to bringing young scientists together to discuss their current research and build informal networks with their peers that may lead to a lifetime of collaboration and scientific achievement to participate in young research forum and best poster competition. The best presentation will be privileged with the cash reward on the venue.

OMICS Group International Conferences have a unique opportunity to share your products and services with individuals who are committed to learning more about and practicing person-directed care. We expect more than 200 people to attend the conference from across the country and around the globe. Attendees are encouraged to visit with all exhibitors during a generous time built into the conference agenda. We assist the support of the exhibitors and the attendees. OMICS Group exhibitions bring together and stand out  in creating high profile and  targeted industrial exhibitions to establish and maintain business relations and generate new business experts, customers and academicians from all over the world which offers unprecedented access to national and international markets.

Benefits of Exhibiting at our conferences
OMICS Group will provide a Link to Exhibitor’s webpage on conference website. One complimentary conference registration. Special Logo recognition in the conference website.

OMICS Group B2B meetings are pre-arranged, dedicated to show exhibitors and visitors using an interactive platform. Individual meeting schedules will be designed according to participant\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s choices. OMICS Group International B2B meetings are a simple, well-organized and pro-active way of working.


Scientific Partnering
OMICS Group International has given the breadth of scientific and educational interests encompassed by the science education to expect that any individual or group can fully meet the wide spectrum of opportunities and expectations that arise. OMICS Group partnerships are essential, interesting in advances, occur at the interfaces of traditionally disparate disciplines, and the synergistic benefits are enthusiastically evident to all.

Global Networking
OMICS Group International has a wide global network is a type of communication network that covers the whole world. Driven by a commitment to innovation, constantly developing new technologies to improve your network experience. OMICS Group global business presentation and originate it easily to connect, communicate and collaborate in a competitive world.

OMICS Group International provides a proposal for the young researchers to publish their abstract in our academic conferences proceedings. All the abstracts will obtain DOI number which will afford a great opportunity for the young researchers. All accepted abstracts for the academic conferences will be published in our supporting journal of respective conference.

OMICS Group International incorporating the decentralized profit orientated management philosophy which has consistently produced the best and the highest levels of guest satisfaction. Most successful Tuttofood (food and beverage) and Hospitality thus combining international and local expertise and creating the biggest professional in food, drink and hospitality sectors.