3rd International Conference on Hematology & Blood Disorders
November 02-04, 2015 Atlanta, USA

Theme: Therapeutic intrusions in hematology research and treatment strategies

Hematology is a branch of biology that includes various research areas such as pathology, internal medicine, clinical laboratory, physiology, immunology and pediatrics. This conference will witness a conglomeration of various arenas in Hematology and as it involves a vast range of medical streams within it, this conference will be an excellent platform for interdisciplinary interactions, to exchange and share knowledge under a single roof.

The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at the Hematology-2015, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world. All members of the Hematology-2015 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Atlanta, USA.

For more details please visit: http://hematology.conferenceseries.com/

Importance & Scope:

Hematology-2015 is expected to offer the best platform for the expertise, researchers, students and business delegates with its well organized scientific program covering every minute detail about hematology and blood diseases, from the basic causes behind blood diseases to the latest trends in diagnostic and treatment of blood diseases. This international event is an effort to find a weapon against chronic disorders like blood cancer, Sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, lymphoma and myeloma and to discuss the role of Immunoglobulin in blood, antibody and antigen reactions, the red blood cell and the immunological properties of blood which gives a better insight about the associated causes and disease portfolio.

OMICS Group welcomes all the hematologists, immunologists, pathologists, oncologists, research scholars, industrial professionals and student delegates from biomedical and healthcare sectors to be a part of the esteemed Hematology-2015. Advanced Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment  along with the novel drugs for  the  blood diseases are an integral part of the Hematology research, hence Hematology-2015 will be an excellent amalgamation of academia and industry as it involves  every aspects of empirical and conceptual thinking  in exploring new dimensions in this field.  It is open to all types of research methodologies both from academia and industry.


Why Atlanta?

Hematology-2015 is going to be held in Atlanta, the fastest growing city in the United States (total population) with an excellent economic growth. A glorious shinny city with some of the most interesting history in the United States in a historical sense, Atlanta is known as the birth place of the civil rights movement. Atlanta is considered an "alpha-" or "world city", ranking 15th among world cities and sixth in the nation with a gross domestic product of $270 billion. Although Atlanta's economy is considered diverse, dominant sectors include logistics, professional and business services, media operations, and information technology. Encompassing $304 billion, the Atlanta metropolitan area is the eighth-largest economy in the country and 17th-largest in the world, in August 2013, Atlanta appeared on Forbes magazine's list of the Best Places for Business and Careers.

Atlanta is the "Greenest" city in the United States with many tourist attractions. The most popular attraction among visitors to Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium, the world's largest indoor aquarium, Atlanta’s tourism industry mostly driven by the city's history museums and outdoor attractions, which includes Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, Atlanta Botanical Garden and many more.Hematology-2015 Conference at Atlanta will certainly give a wonderful experience to attendees to explore the beautiful city with gaining knowledge.

Conference Highlights:

Blood- Components and functions

Transfusion Medicine

Hemato-immunology & stem cell research

Thrombosis & Hemostasis

Hematologic Malignancies- Drug research

Bleeding Disorders- Research & Treatment

Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Blood Disorders

Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Blood Transplantation

Novel Drugs in Hematology

Scope of Animal Hematology and its Importance

Application of Stem Cell in Blood Diseases

Effect of advanced technologies on Blood Based Products

Why to attend???

In today's economic climate your business decisions are as crucial as ever. 3rd International Conference on Hematology & Blood Disorders allows you to maximize your time and marketing dollars while receiving immediate feedback on your new products and services. 3rd International Conference on Hematology & Blood Disorders is organizing an outstanding Scientific Exhibition/Program and anticipates the world's leading specialists involved in Hematology and Blood disorders.Your organization will benefit with excellent exposure to the leaders in Hematology and Blood disorders. Hematology-2015 is an exciting opportunity to showcase the new technology, the new products of your company, and/or the service your industry may offer to a broad international audience.

A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors at this International event:


Target Audience:

Hematologists, immunologists, pathologists, oncologists, research scholars, industrial professionals and student delegates from Academia and Research along with the industrial professionals from biomedical companies and healthcare sectors.




Figure 1: Target Audience


Source: Reference1

Statistics of Researchers, Academicians and Industrial Professionals working on Hematology:



Figure 2: People associated with Hematology Research


Source: Reference2

Statistical Analysis of Associations




Figure 3: Statistical Analysis of Associations

Source: Reference3

 Major Associations of Hematology Worldwide


United Kingdom Thalassemia Society

British Society for Haematology

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers

Shepeard Community Blood Center

Southeastern Community Blood Center

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Major Associations of Hematology in USA

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta 

American Diabetes Association

American Society of Hematology

American Association of Blood Banks

American Cancer Society

Statistical Analysis of Universities



Figure 4: Universities working on Hematology research

Source: Reference4




Figure 5: Universities Grants allotted for Hematology Research

Source: Reference5

Top Universities of Hematology in USA:

Emory University School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine

Mercer University School of Medicine

Georgia Regents University Medical College of Georgia

Harvard University

University of Michigan

Yale University

Top Universities of Hematology Worldwide:

University of Oxford

The University of Melbourne

University of Glasgow

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

European School of Hematology

The University of Tokyo

Osaka University

Glance at Market of Hematology:

According to market study, market value of Hematology at present is $15.13 billion. A major part of research is going on at the top Universities across the globe, the grants allotted for this research field is around $10.54 billion. Many companies are associated with the blood testing equipment along with various diagnostic instruments, hematologic drugs and other therapeutics, the revenue generated is around $21.1 billion on average by this companies. Besides this various societies and research labs are also associated in this research field. More than 40% research work on Hematology is going on in USA, as around 176 Universities in USA are working in this field, along with 24 Societies, besides that  there are almost 40 companies in USA which deals with diagnostic and testing equipment. Market value of Hematology at present in USA is $3.13 billion at present, university grants allotted by government is about $2.10 billion and average revenue generated by the industries in USA is $8.1billion. The global hematology market is divided into hematology products& hematology services. The hematology products segment holds the largest share of the hematology market in 2014. It is also expected to grow at the highest growth rate by next five years, owing to the increasing development of new hematology reagents. In addition, based on the end-users, the global hematology market has been segmented into commercial organizations, stand-alone hospitals, research institutes, and clinical testing labs. The clinical testing labs hold the largest share of the hematology market in 2014.



Figure 6: People Affected with Blood Diseases

Source: Reference6




Figure 7: Market Value of Hematology

Source: Reference7


Figure 8: Companies Associated with Hematology

Source: Reference8


Figure 9: Revenue Generated by Industries

Source: Reference9




Figure 10: Investment on Blood Diseases

Source: Reference10



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