International Conference on Epilepsy & Treatment
September 21-22, 2015 Baltimore, USA

Theme: New Insights of Advanced Research and Treatment strategies in Epilepsy

About the Conference:

Epilepsy-2015 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Baltimore, USA. We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “International Conference on Epilepsy and Treatment (Epilepsy -2015)” which is going to be held during September 21-22, 2015 at Baltimore, USA.

The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at the Epilepsy -2015, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world. All members of the Epilepsy-2015 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Baltimore, USA.

For more details please visit-

Importance & Scope:

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder of the brain that affects people of all ages. According to WHO (World Health Organization) statistics; Around 50 million people in the world have epilepsy. The estimated proportion of the general population with active epilepsy (i.e. continuing seizures or the need for treatment) at a given time is between 4 to 10 per 1000 people. Nearly 80% of the people with epilepsy are found in developing regions. However, some studies in developing countries suggest that the proportion is between 6 to 10 per 1000. In developed countries, annual new cases are between 40 to 70 per 100 000 people in the general population. In developing countries, this figure is often close to twice as high due to the higher risk of experiencing conditions which leads to permanent brain damage. Close to 80% of epilepsy cases worldwide are found in developing regions. The risk of premature death in people with epilepsy is two to three times higher than it is for the general population. 1

Why Baltimore?

Baltimore - the colorful, diverse city that is Maryland's largest city and economic hub is known for its beautiful harbor, distinct neighborhoods; unique museums and the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital to the east and the University of Maryland Medical Center to the west. The Baltimore area is known for health and science, which is in part, attributed to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, with its extensive undergraduate and graduate schools, the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University, now serving as the city's top two employers. 2

Conference Highlights:


  • Epilepsy : A Brain Disorder
  • Polymorphic Effects of Epilepsy
  • Underlying Causes of Epilepsy
  • Pathophysiology and Mechanisms
  • Semiology of Epilepsy
  • Advanced Approaches to Diagnostic Studies
  • Preventive Measures of Epilepsy
  • Diseases Associated with Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy in Children
  • Epilepsy in Women
  • Novel Therapeutic Strategies

Why to attend???

With members from around the world focused on learning about Epilepsy and Antiepileptic drugs, this is your single best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the scientific community. Conduct demonstrations, distribute information, meet with eminent personalities, and make a splash with novel antiepileptic line and latest diagnostic methods at this outstanding event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent Diagnostic techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in the field of Epilepsy are hallmarks of this conference.


A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors at this International event:

Major Epilepsy Associations in Baltimore

  Epilepsy association of Maryland

Major Epilepsy Associations in USA

 International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)

 International Bureau for Epilepsy

 The Anita Kaufman Foundation

 American Epilepsy Society

 Epilepsy Foundation of America

Major Epilepsy Associations around the Globe

Epilepsy Therapy Project (ETP)

European Academy of Neurology

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Neurological Association (ANA)

American Academy of Neurology

Figure 1: Statistical Analysis of Associations 3

Target Audience:

 Neurologists, Epileptologists, Pharmacists, Research scientists, Epilepsy organizations

Biopharmaceutical (drug design and discovery) companies, Anti- Epileptic drug

Industries, Epilepsy associations & foundations, Professors and Students from

Academia in the study of Epilepsy field.

Target Audience:

Industry        30%

Academia     60%

Others          10%

Figure 2: Target Audience

Top Universities in Baltimore:

University of Maryland

Johns Hopkins University

Towson University

Salisbury University

Notre Dame Maryland University

Top Universities in USA:

Harvard University

University of Virginia

Stanford University

Cornell University

University of Washington


Top Universities around the globe:

University of Florida

Yale University

Duke University

University of Arizona

Columbia University


Figure 3: Statistical Analysis of Top Universities 4, 5, 6

Major Hospitals in Baltimore

John Hopkins university Hospital

Maryland Epilepsy centre

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Major Hospitals in USA

Mayo Clinic Arizona Epilepsy center

University of Cincinnati Epilepsy centre

Columbia comprehensive Epilepsy centre


Major Hospitals around the Globe

Children`s Hospital of Colorado

UCSF Epilepsy Centre  

UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

UC San Diego Epilepsy Centre


        Figure 4: Statistical Analysis of Hospitals 7


Top companies in Baltimore:


Lupin pharmaceuticals

Top companies in USA:

Abbott Laboratories


Johnson & Johnson



UCB Pharma

Sanofi Aventis



Top companies around the globe:

Sage therapeutics

Upsher smith


Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Valeant Pharmaceuticals


Figure 5:  Companies Associated with Antiepileptic drugs 8,9,10,11,12

Glance at Market share of Antiepileptic drugs:

The major players in the antiepileptic market include Abbott Laboratories, Cephalon, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis AG, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis SA, Shire, and UCB Pharma. Pfizer maintains the largest market share in the antiepileptics market with 26.1% for its two products, Lyrica and Neurontin. Johnson & Johnson market share is estimated as 23.8% where as UCB Pharma is around 15.3%.

  The market share of Abbott and GSK is more or less same 11.5 %( Abbott) and 11.2 %( GSK). Other antiepileptic drugs companies’ market share includes Novartis (6.9%), Sanofi Aventis (4%), Shire (0.7%) and Cephalon (0.5%).          


Figure 6: Market share of Antiepileptic drugs13

NIH statistics of Funding for Epilepsy research (20013-15), total Millions $

Figure 7: Funds for epilepsy research14

Statistics of Students, Researchers, Academicians and Physicians

Figure 8: Students, researchers, Academicians and physicians working on epilepsy 15



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