EEE & Engineering Conferences

Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation or safety to life and property. Engineering is a broad discipline which is often broken down into several sub-disciplines. These disciplines concern themselves with differing areas of engineering work.

To discuss the issues and accomplishments in the field of engineering Conferenceseries Conferences has taken the initiation to gather the world class experts both from academic and industry in a common platform at its Engineering Conferences.  Conference Series Organizes 1000+ Global Events Conference Series Organizes 1000+ Global Events Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 100000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board and organizing committee members. The conference series website will provide you list and details about the conference organize worldwide. conference series website will provide you list and details about the conference organize worldwide.

Conference Series Engineering conferences focus on core multidisciplinary research of the following conferences:


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Previous EEE & Engineering Conferences

Conference Series LLC LTD Destinations

3D Printing Conferences | 3D Printing Technology Conferences | Engineering Conferences | Asia 3D Printing Conferences | 3D Printing Research Conferences | Nano 3D Printing Conferences

3D Printing 2019: 3rd International Conference & Expo on 3D Printing Technology & Innovations is scheduled to be held during March 25-26, 2019 at Rome, Italy with the theme “Showcasing the future of 3D printing in Engineering and Medicine”. 3D Printing also known as Additive manufacturing. It turns digital 3D models into solid objects by building them up in layers. The technology was first invented in the 1980s, and since that time has been used for rapid prototyping (RP). However, in the last few years, 3D printing has additionally started to evolve into a next-generation manufacturing technology that has the potential to allow the local, on-demand production of final products or parts thereof. This technology is used in the fields of jewellery, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many others. It is estimated that the overall market for 3D printing will have developed to around 15.9 billion dollars before the end of 2016. The 3D printing business sector is relied upon to achieve USD 30.19 Billion by 2022, developing at a CAGR of 28.5% somewhere around 2016 and 2022. As indicated by the IDC experts, worldwide incomes for the 3D printing business sector will detonate to a gigantic $35.4 billion by the year 2020.

Scientific Sessions: Advances in 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Technology, Applications of 3D Printing in healthcare & medicine, 3D Printing Conferences USA, 3D Printing & Beyond: 4D Printing, 3D Printing Conferences Asia, Innovations in 3D Printing, 3D Printing Technology Impact on Manufacturing Industry, 3D Printing Conferences Europe, Benefits of 3D Printing and Technology, Nano 3D Printing, 3D Printing Technology Conferences USA, 3D printing in Biomaterials, 3D Printing Technology Conferences Asia, 3D Printing Materials, Polymers in 3d printing, 3D Printing Technology Conferences Europe, Tissue and Organ printing, 3D Image Processing and Visualization, 3D Printing of Supply Chain Management, Metal 3D Printing, 3D Printing Industries, 3D Bio printing, Design for 3D Printing, Future Technology in 3D Printing, 3D Printing for Liver Tissue Engineering, 3D Printing Technology & Market, Clinical applications of 3D Printing in Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Lasers in 3D Printing in Manufacturing Industry, Challenges in 3D Printing, Challenge of 3D printing in Radiation oncology

Wind Energy Conferences | Renewable Energy Conferences | Green Energy Conferences | Bio Energy Conferences | Engineering Conferences

Wind Energy 2019: 3rd World Congress on Wind & Renewable Energy is going to be held on June 10-11, 2019 Barcelona, Spain. It will bring together world-class professors, scientists, academic scholars, Students and doctors to discuss about the current developments, in the field of Wind& Renewable Energy from all around the world. Wind energy is haul out from air flow using wind turbines to create electrical power. Wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, is abundant, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas creations during operation and uses little land. The effects on the environment are usually less problematic than those from other power sources. Wind Energy 2019 is all about Planning, Operating, Grid integration, Aero dynamic noise cancellation, Urban wind Energy promotion, and upcoming prospects of wind & Renewable energy. Wind Energy 2019 will also include advancing international knowledge transfer in ice observing and early protections, challenges and case studies of wind energy. Wind Energy 2019 gets together experts, researchers, scholars and students from all areas of Wind Engineering, Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Control Engineering and other related areas, wind energy associations, creating Plant professionals, Developers, Wind turbine manufacturers.

Scientific Sessions: Wind Power Technology and Instrumentation, Wind Energy Conferences USA, Wind Farms Construction, Challenges In Wind and Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Conferences USA, Next Generation Wind Power, Wind Energy Conferences Asia, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy Conferences Asia, Solar Power Technology, Hydro and Ocean Power Technology, Green Energy Conferences USA, Bio Energy and Green Energy, Wind Energy Conferences Europe, Graphene Technology in Power Generation, Nano Technology for Renewable Energy, Modern and Alternate Energy, Conversion of Waste to Energy, Renewable Conferences Europe, Global Energy Conservation and Management, Global Trends in Renewable Energy Commercialization & Investment, Environmental and Ecological Effects of Energy Production and Consumption, Future Perspective of Power Generation/Supply

Multimedia Conferences Artificial Intelligence Conferences Engineering Conferences | Blockchain Conferences | AI Conferences

Multimedia 2019: 5th Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia, Block Chain & Artificial Intelligence Technology” which will be held during June 17-18, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.  With the theme “Shaping the next generation with latest advancements in Multimedia, Block chain & AI technology” Multimedia Conferences is a leading conference for international community of academic experts, scholars and business people in the field of Multimedia Block chain technology & Artificial Intelligence Technologies. The market intelligence firm forecasts that world revenue from AI software implementations will increase from $8.1 billion in 2018 to $105.8 billion by 2025. The market forecasts the period from 2017 through 2025 and include segmentation by the six fundamental AI technologies: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, machine reasoning, and strong AI.  Revenue forecasts are further segmented by software, hardware, and services in additionally to segmentation by world region. It will be a unique opportunity for networking, get pleasure from a prime quality scientific program in the form of oral & poster presentation, workshops, symposiums, tutorial & panel discussion.

Conference Highlights: Imaging and Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Multimedia Applications, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in Block Chain Technology, Block Chain Technology Applications, Multimedia Systems & Services, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, and Block Chain Technology for 3D printing, Crypt currency, Block chain for Financial Services, Multimedia Cloud and Big Data. Natural language processing & Tensor flow, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Neural Networks, Human Computer Interaction and Visualization.


Wireless Conferences | Wireless Communications Conferences | Telecommunication Conferences | Wireless Research Conferences | Europe Wireless Conferences

Wireless 2019:  5th International Conference on Wireless, Telecommunication & IoT is scheduled during June 20-21, 2019 at Rome, Italy. Wireless 2019 will join world-class Professors, Business Professionals, Scientists, Directors of Companies, Delegates, Industrialists, Researchers and Students in the field of Wireless, Telecommunication and IoT to exchange information on their latest research advancements and with the theme of “Connect and Communicate the Trendz of Technology”. Wireless Conference offers an opportunity for exchange of thoughts and authoritative views by chief scientists as well as business tycoons and investors in this stimulating field. We undertaking to bring individuals from numerous fields and to make a setting in which they can collaborate synergistically, and ideally make new logical outcomes. Our aim is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and on advancements, achievements, implementations & indigenous research by eminent personalities.

Scientific Sessions: 5G and Beyond, Wireless Conferences USA, Telecommunication, Wireless Communication, Telecommunication Conferences USA, Internet of Things (IoT), Ad Hoc and Sensors Networks, Wireless Communication Conferences Asia, Wireless Conferences, Telecommunications Conferences Asia, Technology for Wireless, Wireless Conferences Europe, Mobile and Wireless Network, Telecommunication Conferences Europe, Satellite Communication, Optical Communications, Microwave Communication, Telecommunications Conferences, Remote Sensing, Radar Technology, Radio Broadcasting, Antennas, IOT Conferences, Digital Signal Processing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Real Time Embedded Systems, Green Communication

Automobile conferences | Automobile Engineering Conferences | Automotive Conferences | Automotive Industry Conferences | Mechanical Engineering Conferences

Automobile Europe 2019: 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile and Mechanical Engineering is going to be held during July 08-09, 2019 at Zurich, Switzerland with theme “Advanced Technologies in Automobile & Mechanical Engineering”. Automobile Europe 2019 will help you to learn, share and understand about the new technologies in automotive industry. Automobile & Mechanical engineering expo 2019 is one of the few global automobile conferences, which covers all the fields of automobile engineering and automotive industry. Automobile will make the perfect platform for global networking as it brings together renowned speakers, researchers, business persons across the globe to a most exciting and memorable scientific event filled with much enlightening interactive sessions, world class exhibition and poster presentations. The global automotive pie is growing in 2018. Our analysis shows that the Q2 annualized sales rate for the global light vehicle market was up 3.8% on last year's pace at just over 97m units. The market is closing in on 100m. By the year-end, we'll be talking about another record year, with China posting over 30m units, the US close to 17m and Western Europe over 14m again. Emerging markets such as Indonesia and India are also making a growing contribution to the annual tally.

Scientific Sessions: Automotive Vehicles and design Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engine, Mechanical Engineering Conferences USAAutomotive Industry, Mechatronics and Robotics, Automobile Conferences USA, Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in Automobiles, Automobile Engineering Conferences Asia, Braking System, Drive less technology, Mechanical Engineering Conferences Asia, Global Positioning System, Mechanical Engineering Conferences Europe, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Automobile Europe 2019, Aerodynamics, Automotive Electronics, Robotics and Automation, Automobile Engineering Conferences Europe, Emerging Trends in Automotive Engineering, Automobile Conferences USA, Automotive Ergonomics, Automotive Testing, Automotive Safety, Automobile Conferences Asia, Automobile Engineering Conferences, Automotive Cyber Security, Tire Science and Technology, Vehicular Automation and Automatic Driving, Automobile Pollution and control Management, Fuel Economy, Material Science, Simulation and Simulators, Computer-aided design& manufacturing CAD&CAM

Design Engineering Conferences | Production Engineering Conferences | Europe Design Engineering Meetings

4th International Conference on Design and Production Engineering which is going to be held in Berlin, Germany during July 11-12, 2019. Design and Production 2019 is focused on the theme “New research aimed to identify the innovative solutions”, where it creates a perfect platform for the researchers, students and others related to business who can discuss their recent innovations and research in the field of Design and Production Engineering.

Scientific SessionsDesign EngineeringAutomation DevelopmentMaterials ScienceIndustrial DesignDesign InsightsProduction EngineeringAdvanced Technology, Interactive AerospaceInter Disciplinary AspectsProduct and Process EngineeringManufacturing ProcessMachine Tool OperationProduction ManagementMetrology and InspectionHeat Transfer and Thermal EngineeringMedical design and Engineering

Robotics Conferences | Mechanical Engineering Conferences | Mechatronics Conferences | Artificial Intelligence Conferences | Mechatronics and Robotics Conferences

3rd International Conference on Advanced Robotics, Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence is going to be held on July 11-12, 2019 at Berlin Germany. Advanced Robotics 2019 conference aims to bring together the prominent researchers’ academic scientists, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences in every allied concept of Robotics and Mechatronics. Advanced Robotics 2019 is a unique opportunity to discuss and share experimental and theoretical knowledge on Robotics and those in other related concepts of Robotics and Mechatronics. There will be many seminars, workshops and technical sessions that are going to take place which will catch the attention of the professionals to attend the conference and it would enormously enrich your knowledge in understanding the current innovations and trends in Robotics.

Scientific Sessions: Robotics, MechatronicsArtificial IntelligenceAutomationMechatronics ConferencesControl SystemsIntelligent SystemsRobotics ConferencesMechanical Engineering ConferencesIntelligent RobotsHuman Robot InteractionMachine Learning ConferencesAutomation ConferencesMechanical Design ConferencesRobotics Conferences 2019Machine Learning ConferencesMechatronics Conferences 2019Robotics and Mechatronics Conferences

Data Mining Conferences | Data Science Conferences | Big Data Conferences | Data Analysis Conferences | Big Data Meetings | Cloud Computing Conferences

Data Mining 2019: 6th International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining is scheduled to be held during July 25-26, 2019 at London, UK which moves around the theme “Future Technologies for Knowledge Discoveries in Data”. Data Mining 2019 will help you to better understand how to develop the right statement and delivery strategy with a strong scientific, technical and commercial mind set and how innovative scientific techniques, emerging technologies and innovative devices can transform data mining and big data analytics concepts. Data Mining Conferences provides the perfect platform for data mining, cloud computing, machine learning, AI research technology, big data professionals, researchers, professors, engineers, data scientists, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals and executives to discuss and learn about recent and future technologies in Data Sciences. The Global Big Data market is estimated at $23.56 billion in 2015 and is expecting to reach $118.52 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 26.0% from 2015 to 2022. Hasty growth in consumer data, superior information security, enhanced business efficiencies are some of the key factors fueling market growth. The data mining tools market is expected to grow from USD 591.2 Million in 2018 to USD 1,039.1 Million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.9% during the forecast period, owing to the remarkable increase in data volume and increased awareness among enterprises to support the benefits of available data assets. Worldwide Big Data market revenues for software and services are projected to increase from $42B in 2018 to $103B in 2027, reaching a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.48%. As the world is becoming more digital and connected, big data and business analytics are creating new possibilities for data collection, storage and intelligence process and analysis.

Scientific Sessions: Data Mining Applications in Science, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine; Data Mining Conferences USA, Big Data in Nursing Research; Data Analysis Conferences USA, Big Data Technologies; Data Mining Conferences Asia; Big Data Analytics; Big Data Algorithm; Big Data Optimization; Data Analysis Conferences Asia; Forecasting from Big Data; Big Data Applications, Challenges and Opportunities; Data Mining Conferences Europe; Data Mining and Machine Learning; Data Mining Methods and Algorithms; Data Analysis Conferences Europe; Data Mining Tools and Software; Data Mining Tasks, Processes and Analysis; Data Privacy and Ethics; Data Science Conferences USA; Big Data Conferences USA; Data Warehousing; Artificial Intelligence; Cloud Computing; Social Network Analysis; Business Analytics; Internet of Things (IOT); Open Data; New Visualization Techniques; Search and Data Mining; Frequent Pattern Mining; Clustering; Complexity and Algorithms; Nano informatics; Renewable Energy Forecasting with Big Data

Satellite Conferences | Space Mission Conferences | Satellite Meetings | Space Events | Satellite 2019 Conferences | Aerospace Events | Space Mission Conferences | Remote Sensing Conferences | GIS Events

5th International Conference and Exhibition on Satellite and Space Missions to be held on August 01-02, 2019 at Dublin, Ireland provides a platform to discuss the latest advancements in the fields of Satellite and Space Missions. The conference is an amalgamation of research professionals from universities, space centres, research labs, spacecraft industries and other space research organizations creating an atmosphere conducive for information exchange between academia and industries. Participating at Satellite 2019 will provide an exceptional opportunity to interact with scientists and research scholars in these fields creating a channel for collaborations and partnerships.

Satellite communication plays a vital role in the global telecommunications system. The satellites are launched into the space to monitor the cloud patterns for the weather prediction, and to send television signals, communication signals. The satellites are used for many applications such as communication, oceanography, astronomy and army surveillance. The communication satellites have the ability to rapidly communicate between a number of widely dispersed locations. The astronomy satellites are mounted on earth orbiting satellites or on the space probes and they can give us an unobstructed view without the interference of earth’s atmosphere. The importance of satellite research is increasing with innovative techniques and advancements, perhaps more approaches need to be developed.

Scientific Sessions: Space Missions, Satellite Communication Systems, Remote Sensing Satellites and GIS, Space Explorations, Earth Observation Satellites, Weather Satellites, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Satellite Navigation and Communication, Mobile Satellite Communication Networks, Earthquake and Structural Dynamics, Military Satellites, Space Weather, Earth Science, Satellite Radiance, Geology and Soil Science, Satellite Networks, Material Science and Applications in Space, Satellite Dish, Geoscience and Geophysics.

Robotics Conferences | Autonomous Vehicles Conferences | Computer Science Meetings | Robot and Autonomous Vehicles Conferences    

Smart Robotic Congress 20197th World congress on Robots, Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Computer Applications’ is scheduled during August 16-17, 2019 Tokyo, Japan with the theme A Review on Innovations and Advancements in Technology. It provides global platform to share thoughts on recent advances and technological breakthroughs in the Robots and Autonomous Vehicles. Smart Robotic Congress 2019 facilitates networking, B2B Meetings and opportunities for collaborations in the related field. Target audience are Roboticists, Laboratory Professionals, Delegates from various industries, Academic Professionals, Professors, Students, Researchers.

Robotics | Industrial Robot Automation | Medical Robotics | Role of robotics in Prosthetics and Orthotics | Aerial Robotics and UAV | Deep Learning | Autonomous vehicles | Intelligent Transportation Systems | Artificial Intelligence | Advanced computer applications | Technology Trends | Cyber Security | Internet of Things | Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | Big Data analysis and Data miningHuman-Robot Interaction | Human-Robot Interaction | Computer vision, machine vision and analyticsAdvanced computer applications |

Contact: Jack Kallis | Program Manager | [email protected] | 1-650-889-4686

Battery Conferences | Lithium Battery Conferences | Fuel Cell Conferences | Hydrogen Energy Conferences

4th International Conference on Battery and Fuel Cell Technology which is going to be held in Berlin, Germany during September 05-06, 2019. Battery Tech 2019 is focused on the theme “Growing enthusiasm in finding alternative technologies”, where it creates a perfect platform for the researchers, students and others related to business who can discuss their recent innovations and research in the field of battery, fuel cells, electric vehicles and hydrogen energy.

Scientific Sessions: New Battery Technologies, Lithium Batteries, Battery Management System, Fuel Cell Technologies, Applications of Fuel Cells, Bio-Electrochemistry, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen energy, Super Capacitors, Upcoming Battery Conferences 2019, Battery Conferences Europe 2019, Li-Ion Battery Conferences, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Conferences

Biosensors Conferences | Bioelectronics Conferences | Nanotechnology Conferences | Bionics Conferences | Biomedical Engineering Conferences

Euro Biosensors 2019: 11th Euro Biosensors & Bioelectronics Congress is scheduled to be held during September 16-17, 2019 at Rome, Italy. Biosensors Conferences is the premier conference to gather scholars from all over the world to present advances in the relevant fields and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information. This conference will also provide an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and meet experts on the fundamentals, applications, and products of the bio sensor technologies. Euro Biosensor 2019 warmly welcomes Professors, Industrialists, Research scholars, CEO’s, and other experts related to the field of Bio sensing technologies. The total market was valued at 15.96 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach 27.06 Billion by 2022, at an estimated CAGR of 8.84% during forecast period.

Scientific Sessions: Biosensors, Biosensing Technologies, Biosensors Conferences USA, Enzyme-based biosensors, Biosensor Applications, Biosensors Conferences Asia, Biochips & Nucleic Acid Sensors, Biosensors Conferences Europe, Types of Biosensors, Bioinstrumentation & Equipments, Bioelectronics Conferences USA, Bioelectronics, Nanotechnology in Biosensors, Transducers in Biosensors, Bioelectronics Conferences Asia, Bio-MEMS/NEMS, Biosensors for Imaging, Bioelectronics conferences Europe, Photonic Sensor Technologies, Environmental Biosensors, Biosensors & Global Market.

Membrane Technology Conferences| Membrane Science Conferences| Chemical Engineering Conferences| Separation Science Conferences

3rd International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology which is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain during September 23-24, 2019. Membrane Science 2019 is focused on the theme “Recent advancements and applications in various Membrane Separation Techniques”, where it creates a perfect platform for the researchers, students and others related to business who can discuss their recent innovations and research in the field of Membrane Filtration, Desalination Systems, Reverse Osmosis, Industrial Membrane Technology and Ion Exchange Membrane Materials.

Scientific Sessions: Fundamentals and Transport Mechanisms of Membranes, Membrane for ENERGY Applications, Membranes for Gas Purification and Separation, Membranes for Foods and domestic/Industrial air purifications, Membrane Technology for Water Treatment, Ion-Exchange Membrane Materials, Dense Metallic Membranes, Zeolite Membranes, Ceramic and Carbon Membranes, Polymeric Membranes and Biological Membranes.

Data Analysis Conferences | Cloud Computing Conferences | Data Analysis Conferences | Big Data Conferences | IoT Conferences

Cloud Computing 2019: 9th International Conference on Data Analysis and Cloud Computing is scheduled to be held during September 26-27, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. Cloud Computing 2019 will help you to better understand how to develop the right statement and delivery strategy with a strong scientific, technical and commercial mind set and how innovative scientific techniques, emerging technologies and innovative devices can transform data analysis and cloud computing concepts. Cloud Computing Conferences provides the perfect platform for data analysis, cloud computing, machine learning, AI research technology, big data professionals, researchers, professors, engineers, data scientists, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals and executives to discuss and learn about recent and future technologies in Cloud Computing. The global cloud computing market share was valued at $209.9 billion in 2014, and is estimated to reach $555 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 17.6% during the forecast period 2014‐2020. Cloud computing is the process of sharing network of remote servers which are hosted on the internet to store, process, share, and manage data rather than on a local server or a personal computer.

Scientific Sessions: Cloud Computing, IoT on Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Conferences USA, Fog Computing, Cognitive Computing, Data Analysis Conferences USA, Mobile Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Conferences Asia, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Data Analysis Conferences Asia, High Performance Computing, Data Analytics in Cloud, Cloud Computing Conferences Europe, Big Data Analysis, Data Analysis Conferences Europe, Cloud - Oriented Business Trends, Big Data Conferences USA, Cloud as a Service, Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data Conferences Asia, Cloud Operations and Management, Trends in Cloud Computing, Future Computing Challenges, Cloud Computing Security, Performance, Scalability, and Reliability, Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Data Privacy and Ethics, Internet of Things,  Cloud Computing Tools and Software, Cloud Computing Applications

Computer Graphics Conferences 2019 | Animation Meetings | Gaming Symposiums| Computer Graphics Canada | Animation Conference

6th International Conference on Computer Graphics & Animation is scheduled to be held during September 25-26, 2019 at Toronto, Canada with theme "Global innovation and research techniques in Computer Graphics, Animation, Game Design & VR". Computer Graphics & Animation 2019 is an academic and business opportunities for next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Computer Graphics, Animation, Game Design & Development, GPU Technology, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Human-computer Interaction and CGI Companies an opportunity to explore and discover the latest trends and research technology implementation of Computer Graphics field in driving forward your knowledge & business in 2019 and beyond. This conference consist of Oral presentations, Poster Presentations, Workshops/Symposiums, Young Researcher Forums, Exhibition to discuss the current trends, challenges, regulatory matters and future opportunities of Computer Graphics, Animation & interactive techniques.

Scientific Sessions: Computer Graphics; Computer Animation; Animation Industry; Modeling; Simulation; GPU Technology; Game Design & Development; Gamification and Social Game Mechanics; Artificial Intelligence in Computer Graphics; Computer Graphics Applications; Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition; Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Imaging and Image Processing; Rendering; Visualization & 3D Printing; Human-Computer Interaction; 3D Web Technology

Biosensor & Bioelectronics Conferences 2019 | Biosensors Conferences | Bioelectronics Meetings | Biosensor Congress | Nanosensor Congress | Wearable Biosensors Conference

12th International Conference and Exhibition on Biosensors & Bioelectronics is scheduled to be held during October 25-26, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada with theme "Driving the Future with Nanosensors, Biosensors & Bioelectronics with their applications". Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2019 conference explores new advances and recent updated technologies. It is your high eminence that you enhance your research work in this field. Biosensors conference deals with recent advances in the field of biosensors like security and sensing, photonic sensor technologies, Biosensors for imaging and many more. Biosensors congress provides a unique platform for people who conduct their research work in this field. The conference captivates individuals both from commercial and academic worlds yet establishes a firm link and binds us together with the recent updated accomplishments. We provide a good opportunity by admiring your updated research knowledge and also by publishing it in our respective Journals. The congress ultimately provides a good gathering of bright personalities to update us the new research on Biosensors.

Scientific Sessions: Biosensors; Biosensors Applications; Transducers in Biosensors; Biosensors in Healthcare; Biosensors for Imaging; Bioinstrumentation; Environmental Biosensors; Wearable Biosensors Technologies; BioMEMS/NEMS; Bioelectronics; Bioelectronics & NeuroprostheticsNanoelectronics; Lab-on-Chips and Nucleic Acid Sensors; Photonic Sensor Technologies; Gas Sensors; Advancement in Nanotechnology; Nanobiosensors & Nanosensors; Biosensing Technologies; Bioengineering Applications

Fluid Dynamics Conferences | Aerodynamics Conferences Fluid Mechanics Conferences | Thermodynamics Conferences | Heat Transfer Conferences

4th International Conference on Fluid Dynamics & Aerodynamics is scheduled to be held during November 14-15, 2019 at Madrid, Spain. Fluid & Aerodynamics 2018 Conference will be a common platform for researchers, scholars and students from all areas of Mechanical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Aeronautics, Computational fluid dynamics and other related areas like Plate tectonics, Ocean currents, oil pipe lines and evolution of stars. Grab the Opportunity to attend the presentations delivered by eminent Scientists, researchers, experts from all over the world. Participation in sessions on specific topics on which the conference is expected to achieve progress, Global networking in transferring and exchanging Ideas, share your excitement in promoting new ideas, developments and innovations in Fluid & Aerodynamics. The Aerospace and Fluid Dynamics industries are fastest growing industries in European union, with the rising concerns of advance defence infrastructure, and steep growth of passenger traffic, air and water naturally becomes the hotspot to address these issues. It is expected that air traffic will grow at the rate of 4.8% annually.

Scientific SessionsMicrofluidics | Fluid Dynamics | Numerical Methods | CFD Methodology | Heat Transfer System | Aerodynamics | Aero-acoustics | Hydrodynamics | Aerodynamics Simulations | Biofluid Mechanics | Thermo-Fluid Dynamics | Turbomachinery | Hydraulics | Fluid Flow | Turbine

   Major Engineering Societies and Associations around the Globe

  1. IAENG Society of Data Mining, USA
  2. Society of Data Miners
  3. International Educational Data Mining Society
  4. SIAM society for industrial and applied mathematics
  6. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  7. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
  8. American Helicopter Society
  9. The Royal Aeronautical Society
  10. Society of Flight Test Engineers.
  11. Aerospace Industries Association
  12. AHS International - The Vertical Flight Society
  13. American Astronautical Society
  14. Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
  15. Experimental Aircraft Association
  16. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society,
  17. Danish Industrial Robot Association,
  18. Automated Imaging Association
  19. The Robotics Society of America
  20. Japan Society of Civil Engineers
  21. American Society of Civil Engineers,
  22. Institution of Civil Engineers.
  23. Institution of Structural Engineers,
  24. Civil Engineering Society
  25. The Institution of Engineering and Technology,
  26. National Society of Professional Engineers,
  27. American Wind Energy Association,
  28. Citizen Partnerships for Offshore Wind (CPOW)
  29. European Wind Energy Association
  30. American Council on Renewable Energy
  31. American Solar Energy Society.
  32. International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE),
  33. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  34. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP),
  35. Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory,
  36. Solar Energy Industries Association,
  37. German Wind Energy Association,
  38. German Energy Agency
  39. German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE)
  40. ,German Association of Renewable Energies,
  41. EUROSOLAR – European Association for Renewable Energy
  42. FISITA Promoting Excellence in Mobility Engineering
  43. Vehicular Technology Society
  44. SAE International Automotive
  45. ACMA Associations
  46. Indian Society of mechanical Engineers
  47. American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  48. IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society
  51. Automotive Research Association of India
  53. The International Society of Automation
  54. Control System Integrators Association
  55. The Automation Association
  56. Association for Advancing Automation
  57. AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology
  58. Automation federation
  59. National Science Foundation
  60. British Automation & Robot Association
  61. Canadian Tooling & Machining Association
  62. European Design and Automation Association
  63. British Automation & Robot Association
  64. American Automatic Control Council
  65. Association for Manufacturing Technology
  66. American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  67. Control System Integrators Association
  68. National Association of Electrical Distributors
  69. The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
  70. Imperial College Robotics Society
  71. The Wireless Infrastructure Association
  72. The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)
  73. Communication Marketing Association
  74. AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers Association
  75. Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
  76. American Bearing Manufacturers Association
  77. International Society for Clinical Biostatistics
  78. Society for Clinical Trials
  79. The Canadian Society for epidemiology and Biostatistics
  80. American Statistical Association
  81. Statistical Society of Australia
  82. Statistical Modelling Society
  83. Royal Statistical Society
  84. International Chinese Statistical Association
  85. The Canadian Society for epidemiology and Biostatistics
  86. SSC Statistical Society of Canada
  87. Società Italiana di Bioinformatica
  88. Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  89. International Society for Computational Biology - ISCB
  90. PSI Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  91. International Biometric Society
  92. IBS-WNAR Western North American Region of the International Biometric Society
  93. International Biometric Society
  94. Biometric Foundation
  95. British Security Industry Association
  96. Centre for Biometrics and Security Research
  97. Canada - Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society,
  98. International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering
  99. Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society
  100. Australia - Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
  101. Ireland - Biomedical / Clinical Engineering Association
  102. Mexican Society of Biomedical Engineering
  103. Puerto Rico Biomedical Association,
  104. Alabama Biomedical Society
  105. Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET)
  106. Florida Biomedical Society,
  107. Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society (GBIS)
  108. Indiana Biomedical Society,
  109. New England Society of Clinical Engineering (NESCE)
  110. Biomedical Society of Western New York
  111. Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin (BAW),
  112. Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association,
  113. Oregon Biomedical Association
  114. North Carolina Biomedical Association
  115. Biomedical Society of Western New York
  116. Institute of Industrial and Systems,
  117. Institute of the Motor Industry
  118. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  119. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.
  120. Danish Industrial Robot Association
  121. Automated Imaging Association
  122. The Robotics Society of America.

   Major Engineering Conferences around the Globe:

  1. International Conference on Robotics, Mechanics and Thermal Control Technologies (RMTCT-16) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Jan. 5-6, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  2. 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control (ISCO 2016) January 7, 2016, Coimbatore, India
  3. First IEEE International Conference on Control, Measurement and Instrumentation (CMI 2016) January 8, 2016Kolkata, India
  4. The 9th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Applications (ROVISP 2016) February 2, 2016 Penang, Malaysia
  5. IPN-International Conference on Aerospace Structure and Control (ICASC 2016) February 26, 2016 Penang, Malaysia
  6. 4th International Building Control Conference 2016 (IBCC 2016) March 7, 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  7. 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Control Engineering (ICMCE 2016) March 11, 2016 Bandung, Indonesia
  8. International Conference on Pollution Control & Sustainable Environment April 25, 2016 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
  9. Urban Water 2016 June 27, 2016, Venice, Italy
  10. 3rd International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering August 23, 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  11. 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Technologies-MIMT February 1, 2016, Cape Town, South Africa
  12. International Conference on Engineering and Technology February 19, 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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  44. Water Resources and Hydropower Development in Asia National Convention Centre, Road 13, March 1, 2016, Vientiane, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
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  51. Waste Management June 7, 2016 Valencia, Spain
  52. Environmental Impact June 8, 2016 Valencia, Spain
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  54. Materials, Methods and Technologies June 18, 2016.
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