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Buenos Aires which is known as the city of reasonable breezes is the capital and thickly populated city of Argentina. It is considered as an "alpha city" and has a moist subtropical atmosphere with four differing seasons the climate is whimsical because of comparing air masses. It is ranked by the International Congress & Conventions Association (ICCA) as the No. 1 city in all of the South America for international meetings.

Buenos Aires is a best sightseer goal and is perceived for its very much protected Spanish-European style engineering and rich social life. It is a multicultural city, being home to various ethnic and religious gatherings. Most first-time guests are shocked to find this huge city has figured out how to save its old customs.

The city  has more than 250 stops and green spaces, 280 theaters, more than some other city on the planet and because of this it is pronounced as the World's capital of theater. Its engineering is described by its varied nature, with components taking after Paris and Madrid. City has the biggest library in Argentina and a standout amongst the most critical in the Americas. It is well known for its leather and woolen products and has much to offer guests, from fine dining  to sports and cultural activities.


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Buenos Aires