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Berkeley is the famous city of USA for its business, education and employment, situated on east shore of San Francisco bay in the Northern California named after Bishop George Berkeley with the population of 1, 12,580. The city lies from the sedimentary plain to the base of Berkeley Hills. Berkeley has Mediterranean climate with wet winters and dry summers which is due to the upwelling ocean currents of the California coast.  The interesting part of the city climate is the foggy morning and nights. The average temperature of January is 13.6 °C to 6.4 °C and in September it is in a range of 22.1 °C to 13.3 °C. The transport system of Berkeley depends on Amtrak, Downtown Berkeley Station, North Berkeley, AC Transit and Bus shuttles operated by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley and Local cabs. Berkeley is the home of the world famous University of California, Berkeley the main hub of education and research, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

OMICS Group in its Berkeley conferences, symposiums and workshops will put the outstanding effort for making the perfect platform for global scientific networking as it brings together renowned speakers and scientists across the globe to a most exciting and memorable scientific event filled with much enlightening interactive sessions, world class exhibitions, poster presentations etc.


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