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Bali the smallest island of Indonesia and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With a population of around 4.2 million Bali is the smallest island. However, the uniqueness of the island is Balinese culture and life there is mostly related to Tri hita Karana or a tripartite concept which explains spiritual relationship between God and human. This civilization makes the island different from other destination. The island is also known for its traditional arts and dance, sculpture, painting, music and others. Having an area of 5,632 sq. km which is mostly mountainous and volcanic. Being located near the equator the weather is tropical and has only two seasons a year i.e. wet and the dry season. Even though majority of the economy is produced by tourism agriculture is still the major employer in the island. The island is also famous for their artisans who produce a vast array of handicrafts, wood items, stone carvings etc. The island of Bali is famous for its attractive surroundings like mountains and lush greenery, international and local restaurants, and the charmness of the local people. Bali is known as one of the World\\\'s Best Islands, which is ranked after Greece. The most widely spoken languages in Bali are Balinese and Indonesian. Coming to higher education the island has one institute Cameroon Christian University.

With an aim of passing knowledge to every nook and corner of the world OMICS Group Endeavors for sharing knowledge on science and Technological achievements through its Conferences in Bangalore. Bangalore conferences involve gathering of individuals or members of several organizations for debating on matters of common interest. OMICS organization is of science researchers from academia, industry and government which promote communication for the advancement of research and in improving the quality of life. OMICS group is organizing more than 100 International conferences a year and now ready to organize exclusive exhibitions and workshops in all their future conferences. Workshops at OMICS bring you face to face with the latest research updates and provide you priceless experience under the guidance of renowned professionals. Workshops promise to be an enjoyable and enrich the participants to learn more with significant interaction among peers who have similar interests.


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