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August 20-22, 2012 Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA
Virology -2012

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    “OMICS Group context of scientific networks to partnerships”

    OMICS Group continuously seek partnerships with scientific and research organizations, development agencies, universities, private sector, non-government organizations, private foundation and other entities interested in joining us to further our scientific efforts, promote development-oriented research, extend our reach and foster synergy.

    OMICS Group has an enhanced and highlighted feature of Scientific Partnerships. It provides an electronic communication between the scientists/researchers, academicians and OMICS Group Journal’s Editorial Board Members.

    In order to ensure, we seek to establish partnerships with keen Organizations to explore solutions to the world's Earth & Environmental challenges.

    Partnering Prospects:

    OMICS scientific network is a unique source of talent, research and innovation. Partnership opportunities are therefore wide-ranging. Supporting Scientific Conferences, developing new privileged partnerships, launching joint Call for Proposals and other collaborative arrangements with private and public sector can be explored. This enables in arranging private One-to-One meetings with other elite business/academic representatives and increases your chances of networking into the world of Marketing.

    Why should I become a member of OMICS Scientific Partnering?

    If you're looking for detailed, up-to-date and in-depth communication on latest scientific research then Scientific partneringis a perfect platform.

    Join our community of professional Scientific partners and gain:

    • The latest industry news and best practice advice.
    • Network with your peers and join in the debates in person and online.
    • Access to specialist training and education focused on your area of interest.
    Spring up your personal Scientific-network!

    OMICS Scientific Partnering offers you an exclusive range of business development and promotional services with International Professional bodies.

    Scientific-partnering services comprehend:
    Access to the global business community

    Offers high profiled searches, Promotion of corporate resources and factual networking opportunities, including licensing opportunities, cooperative R&D and other forms of combined venture.

    Identification of research prospects and networking aspirants:

    Communication within the Scientific Partnering community, and short listing of preferred Scientific-partnering candidates.

    Personalized online assistance:

    Offered by a trained partnering team, including dynamic management of partnering agenda, automated email/SMS notifications by meeting updates and more…..

    Why with us:
    • We arrange private One-to-One meetings with high profile business representatives, at associated business conventions and international conferences across the globe.
    • Online partnering offering the appropriate environment to conduct your private One-to-One meetings in a functional meeting room.
      Scientific-partnering services are offered free to all registered participants at any OMICS Group Conferences. Scientific-partnering at is offered to all participants without specific fees. Regarding to your personal interests and overall conference agenda, the online partnering system enables you to manage your individual schedule including conferences activities, networking activities and private One-to-One meetings.

    Be a part of inspiring and influencing technologies that has an effect on your business leadership and Scientific partnering marketing.

    Our enthusiasm is fascinating..!!!.
    Please contact for more information.

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