Toxicology Summit & Expo
November 26-28, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA
Toxicology-2012 Report
The International Toxicology Summit & Expo, hosted by the OMICS Group was held on November 26-28, 2012 in Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA. Generous response and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group Journals as well as from scientists, researchers and leaders from clinical, government organizations, students who made this conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2012 from OMICS Group.

The conference was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following scientific tracks:
  • Emerging Concepts in Toxicology
  • Medical and Clinical Toxicology
  • Systems Toxicology
  • In vitro Toxicology
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Analytical Toxicology
  • Metallic Toxicology & Substance Abuse
  • Blood Disorders
  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology
  • Hormones, Vaccines and Steroids in Toxicology
  • Veterinary Toxicology
  • Toxicity: Treatment and Management

The conference was initiated with a series of invited lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The list included Yongmin Liu, National CancerInstitute, USA; Rajat Sethi, Texas A&M Health USA; Narayan C. Rath, United States Department of Agriculture/ARS, USA; Margarita C. Curras-Collazo, Universityof California, USA; Michael Swindle, Medical University of South Carolina USA; Noreen Khan Mayberry, Science and Aeronautics Research Directorate NASA, USA; Michael Segal, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel.

All the above mentioned Honorable Guests and Keynote Speakers gave their energetic and fruitful contributions at Toxicology-2012.

All accepted abstracts have been indexed in OMICS Journal of Clinical Toxicology as a special issue. The theme of this Conference was on "To Share Recent Scientific Developments in the Field of Toxicology". Based on this, speaker's discussions included many recommendations.

With the huge optimistic response from scientific fraternity, industries, renowned personalities and editorial board members of OMICS Group across the world, we would like to announce 2nd International Summit on Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology during October 7-9, 2013 at Las Vegas, USA.

Expert Presentations
Michael Swindle

Medical University of South Carolina

Michael Segal

Technion Institute of Technology
Noreen Khan Mayberry

Science and Aeronautics Research Directorate NASA
Rajat Sethi

Assistant Dean at the Texas A&M Health

Margarita C. Curras-Collazo

University of California

Narayan C. Rath

United States Department of Agriculture/ARS

Yongmin Liu

National Cancer Institute

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