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International Conference on

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December 6-8, 2011 | Philadelphia Airport Marriott, USA
Pediatrics-2011 Report
The International Conference on Pediatrics and Gynecology, hosted by the OMICS Group was held on December 6-8, 2011 in Philadelphia, USA. The theme for the conference Research and Advances in Pediatrics and Gynecology was aptly conveyed.

The Researchers, Professors and OMICS Group Editorial Board Member’s alacrity sustained the conference making it inspiringly successful event. Keynote presentations of Dr. Gary Ventolini, Dr. Long Zheng , Dr. Jelena Roganovic were very prolific to the scientific community and inspiringly acquainted us about the current research trends.

The two journals Pediatrics and Therapeutics, Gynecology and Obstetrics were the cornerstone for the Conference success.

Enthusiastic contribution from scientists, researchers and principal investigators was espied in presentations during the scientific sessions such as Pediatric Diseases, Gynecology and Urogynecology establishing a new prospect and hopes on ongoing projects in Pediatrics and Gynecology.

With the huge optimistic response from Scientific fraternity, Renowned personalities and Editorial board members of OMICS Group across the world, we would like to announce on 2nd International Conference on Pediatrics and Gynecology September 24-26, 2012 Hyderabad, India. With your overwhelming support for Pediatrics-2012 we wish to pioneer a way to an outstanding event.

Expert Presentations
image Dr. Gary Ventolini

Boonshoft School of Medicine,

image Dr. Long Zheng

University of Pennsylvania,

image Dr. Jelena Roganovic

University Children's Hospital Rijeka,

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