International Conference and Exhibition on
Metabolomics & Systems Biology
February 20-22, 2012 San Francisco, USA
Report @ Metabolomics-2012
The International Conference & Exhibition on Metabolomics & Systems Biology, hosted by the OMICS Group was held on February 20-22, 2012 in San Francisco, USA. Generous response and active participation received from the Researchers, Leaders from Pharma, Government Organizations, Principal Investigators from NCI & NIH and Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group helped in making this meeting an ostentatious success.

Keynote presentations of Prof. Michael Snyder, Dr. Russel J. Reiter, Dr. Mukesh Verma, Dr. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu, Dr. Zhongming Zhao and Dr. Babu Guda was very prolific to the scientific community and they lifted up solutions and illustrated a way on the theme "Accelerating the Study of Metabolite Profiles in Biological Systems"

Especially on the scientific sessions like Transcriptomics & Metabolomics, Proteomics & Genomics Glycomics & Lipidomics, Computational Systems Biology: Tools and Technologies, Systems Biology in Medicine, we found more energetic contribution from scientists, researchers and principal investigators. Presentations during these sessions was excellent, it was established a new prospect and hopes on ongoing projects in Metabolomics and Systems Biology

Our Sincere appreciation to Agilent technologies, Montague Health Care, Biocrates and Waters Corporation for their tireless efforts toward the designing of new tools and techniques in the sea of Metabolomics. We understood your seriousness towards finding solutions for the problems encountered in the vast field of Metabolomics. Thank you for introducing your new tools in OMICS Group Metabolomics-2012

With the huge optimistic response from Scientific fraternity, Industries, Renowned personalities and Editorial board members of OMICS Group across the world, we would like to announce 2nd International Conference on Metabolomics & Systems Biology April 8-10, 2013 Chicago, USA, wish that with your overwhelming support Metabolomics 2013 will become an outstanding event.

Expert Presentations
Aiko Barsch

Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen,
Mukesh Verma

National Cancer Institute,

Russel J. Reiter

University of Texas Health Science Center,
Vincent Murray

University of New South Wales,
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