Pre-Conference Workshop on

Stem Cell Applications in Regenerative Medicine and Flow Cytometry

May 08-09, 2014 Metropolitan Hotel Athens, Greece
Theme: Stem Cell Applications in Regenerative Medicine and Flow Cytometry
Along with OMICS Group and Dr. Vasiliki E. Kalodimou IASO Maternity Hospital of Athens, Greece the companies e- Biogreek.gr, Pharma Zac, Lervia, Cryo-Save made the Pre conference workshop on Stem Cell Applications in Regenerative Medicine and Flow Cytometry in Athens-Greece possible.

All the companies as sponsors have made the workshop free of charge to all attendees and open a window to science and latest news in the field of stem cells, regenerative medicine and flow cytometry.

The companies involved are high respectable in Greece, are good representatives for big names companies all over the world and always are working in collaboration with the scientist and doctors and find new ways to help the scientific industry. They distribute and market a broad range of health care products and services. With an impressive array of business collaborations and alliances with both established and emerging companies are at the forefront of innovation with novel products and services, they are in numerous health care market segments and product categories.
Renowned Speakers
Vasiliki E. Kalodimou (MSc, PhD)
Director at Flow Cytometry Research & Regenerative Medicine Department, IASO Maternity Hospital, Athens-Greece
Title: Advancing transfusion and cellular therapies worldwide (AABB)
Christos Kosmas(MD, PhD)
Director & Consultant Medical Oncologist & Head Hematopoietic
Cell Transplant Program, "Metaxa" Cancer Hospital, Piraeus, Greece
Title:Autologous peripheral blood cells transplantation from bone marrow in lymphoma
Nikolaos Papoudos (MD)
Plastic Surgeon Mitera Hospital Athens & Private Clinic Athens
Title: Plastic surgery applications
Abraham Ghiatas (MD)
Professor of Radiology, IASO Maternity Hospital of Athens
Title: Cartilage reconstruction after stem cells infusion and images
Kroupis Christos (MSc, PhD)
Asst. Prof. Attikon University General Hospital, University of Athens Medical School, Greece
Title: Practical guidelines for cytometry accreditation of flow cytometry clinical laboratories
Dimitris Kletsas (PhD)
Laboratory of Cell Proliferation & Ageing, Institute of Biosciences & Applications, NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece
Title: Cellular senescence: Mechanisms and role in cell differentiation...
Valerie Angelou (MD)
ENT-Head and neck surgeon, Consultant in “Phoniatric and Applied Laryngology Center”
Title: Adipose mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of chronic scar tissue...
Georgios Paterakis (MD, PhD)
Hematologist, Director of Immunology Department and National Histo Compatibility Center, “Georgios Gennimatas”,
General District Hospital of Athens, Greece
Title: A novel cytometric approach in characterization of precursor stem cells...
Katherina Psarra (PhD)
Department of Immunology - Histocompatibilty,
Evangelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece
Title: NEQAS & leukemia panel QC
Nikolaos G Tsamopoulos (MD, PhD)
Director, Interventional Neuroradiology Department Mediterraneo Hospital, Athens, Greece
Title: Stem cell applications in multiple sclerosis (MS)
Marianna Tzanoudaki (MD, PhD)
Department of Immunology & Histocompatibility Specific
Reference Centre for Primary Immunodeficiencies-Paediatric, Greece
Title: Immune reconstitution following stem cell transplantation
David Stroncek (MD)
Chief, Cell Processing Section Department of Transfusion Medicine Clinical Center, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA
Title: Stem cell applications in multiple sclerosis (MS)
Eftichia Valasiadi (MD, PhD)
Safeblood Bioanalytica S.A.
Title: Stem cell tourism: In Europe

Vuk Devrnja
International Medical Affairs Manager Cryo-Save AG, UK
Title: Stem cell tourism: In the World

Irene Mitrou (M.Sc.)
Quality Assurance Manager of MedStem Services Cord Blood and Tissue Bank of in Athens, Greece
Title: Stem cells stability, sterility tests & flow cytometry
Nicholas-Stefanos Legakis (MD)
Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, Medical School of Athens University & Scientific Director of the Laboratories Group "IASO".
Title: Stem cells stability, sterility tests & Flow cytometry
Ekaterina Foifa (MD)
Director of Hematology Department of IASO Maternity Hospital -Athens, Greece.
Title: Stem cells stability, sterility tests & Flow cytometry
Maria Georgiou (BSc, PhD)
Flow cytometry specialist on Beckman Coulter
Title: Stem cells stability, sterility tests & Flow cytometry

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