Preconference Workshop on

Perspective nanomaterial’s in tribology

June 09, 2014, Research Institute for Machine Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Welcome to Preconference Workshop on Perspective nanomaterial's in tribology
OMICS Group 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science & Engineering during October 06-08, 2014 San Antonio, USA is excited to announce the Preconference Workshop, which will be held at Federal Budget-Funded Research Institute for Machine Science named after A.A.Blagonravov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia during June 09, 2014.
The Preconference symposium provides a concentrated focus on timely and important research areas, as do the OMICS Group Materials Science conference. They allow attendees to focus their full attention to a designated topic over 5-6 hours period; offer much more interaction and discussion between speakers and the audience; limit audience size; and offer attendees a more in-depth review of important topics than is typically allowed in a “snapshot” Workshop. This Workshop will give a great possibility to bring together Scientists, Foundations and Industries to discuss ideas on how to continue research after this great accomplishment.
Abstracts will be published as a special issue in the Journal of Materials Science& Engineering
Organizing Committee Members and Invited Speakers
Vladimir Levchenko
Honorary Professor EU,
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Title: "Success in synthesis of green triboengineering

Ilia Buyanovskii
Bauman State University, Moscow
Title:"Synthesis and application of perspective
nanomaterials in tribology"
Irina Goryacheva
Academician RAS, Head of the Department
Tribology of Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of RAS, Russia
Title: "Surface texture effect in sliding contact of deformable bodies"
Yuri Drozdov
Professor, academician of RSA
Head of the Tribology Department
Blagonravov Research Institute for Machine Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Vladimir Matveenko
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Dr. Vladimir Levchenko
Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Email: materialsscience2014@omicsonline.us, materialsscience2014@omicsonline.net