Pre Conference Workshop on

NT4W Nanotechnology for Water Generation Contamination Detection and Purification

December 01-03, 2014, San Francisco, USA
Theme: NT4W Nanotechnology for Water Generation Contamination Detection and Purification
NT4W – Challenges and Solutions

Justification: Water is fundamental to sustaining life. Safe, secure, and functional supply of water is quintessential for safe living. The demand for clean water extends beyond residential and municipal needs that include -drinking, cleaning, irrigation and agriculture, aquatic systems, recreation, industrial processing, thermal management, etc. High purity water is also critical for most industries and laboratories, e.g., hydrocarbon processing, catalysis and chemical processing, food and beverage, mining and hydrometallurgy, pharmaceuticals, power generation and semi-conductors. To meet the soaring demand of clean water, it is critical that we must find smarter ways to purify, use and manage water resources. Recent advances in nanotechnology have provided the means to produce materials, devices and systems with remarkable properties. As a result, nanotechnology has demonstrated potential for providing efficient, cost effective, and environmentally acceptable solutions for monitoring and improving water quality. This session is intended to promote novel ideas in the use of nanomaterials in;

Sensors for monitoring various contaminants in water.

Remediation strategies for contaminants in water, including emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products and household cleaning products.

Stand-alone water purification, filtration, and generation systems.
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