International Conference on Aquaculture & Fisheries
July 20-22, 2015 Brisbane, Australia

Theme: Advancing & Expanding Aquaculture Sector Focused on Developmental, Toxicological and Transgenic Scientific Research

Aquaculture, also known as aqua farming, is the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic plants. It is a subject for the professionals who looks beyond the efforts. Aquaculture -2015 gathers all the assertive persons under one roof of current advancements. 

The International Conference Aquaculture and Fisheries  to be held at Brisbane, Australia during July 20-22, 2015 hosted by OMICS Group Conferences through the theme " Advancing & Expanding Aquaculture Sector Focused on Developmental, Toxicological and Transgenic Scientific Research ", conference will explore the advances in field of Aquaculture technology and Fisheries science etc.. This conference could be an exceptional event that brings along a novel and International mixture of giant and medium aquaculture practioners , leading universities and industries establishments creating the conference an ideal platform to share expertise, foster collaborations across trade and world, and assess rising technologies across the world. OMICS International Publishes 400+ Open access journals which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members and Organizes 300+ Conferences every year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies.


Importance & Scope:

Aquaculture is a Major Field in modern food supply according to the FAO, aquaculture "is understood to mean the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants. Farming implies some form of intervention in the rearing process to enhance production, such as regular stocking, feeding, protection from predators, etc.

Aquaculture-2015 conference will cover the new research Techniques and concentrates on Exhibition of new feeds, antibiotics, instruments introduced by the Aquaculture Laboratories. Also covers the increase in need for demanding sea food. Aquaculture brings basic and advanced research of Developmental, Toxicological and Transgenic aspects.

Why Brisbane?

Australia The Virgin Land of Aquaculture. Hence Aquaculture is the fastest growing primary industry in Australia; in fact it is the fastest growing food production sector in the world. With limited room for expansion in wild catch fisheries together with an ever-increasing world population, there is a heavy reliance on aquaculture as the means for fish production to meet world demand. So the Aquaculture-2015 in going to be held in Australia

Metropolitan Brisbane is a major region named after the Brisbane River on which it is located and it is the hub for natural pearl oyster industry and freshwater fishes, globally food production sector. Brisbane stands in leading position in supply of Barramundi species to global aquaculture markets by latest Aqua sense Remote Monitoring technology. Brisbane is a center for higher learning, major universities & organizations providing valuable research contributing for development of world aquaculture to meet the demand for fish by 2050.

Conference Highlights:

·         Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Methods

·         Fish Habitat Ecology and Conservation

·         Comparative Biology of Aquatic Species

·         Aquaculture and Biosystem Research

·         Aquatic Organism’s Byproducts and Their Applications

·         Aquaculture Related Diseases and Health Management

·         Zebra Fish : A Biological Model Organism

·         Diversification in Aquaculture

·         Aquatic Immunology

·         Aquatic Physiology

·         Aquaculture Law & Policy.

Why to attend???

Aquaculture-2015 could be an exceptional event which will lay a platform for the interaction between experts around the world and aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and major milestones in the field of Aquaculture technology and Fisheries science, creating the conference an ideal platform to share expertise, foster collaborations across trade and world, and assess rising technologies across the world. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques and the updates in Aquaculture fields are exceptional features of this conference. 

A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors at this International event:

Major Aquaculture Associations in Brisbane

·         CSIRO

·         Australian Barramundi Farmers Association

·         Australian Abalone Growers Association

Major Aquaculture Associations in Australia

·         Aquaculture Association of Queensland Inc

·         Aquaculture Council of West Australia

·          Australian Marine Finfish Farmers Association

·         NSW Aquaculture Association Inc

·         Queensland Aquaculture Industries Federation Inc

·         South Australian Aquaculture Council

·         Australian Mussel Industry Association

·          Australian Freshwater Crayfish Grower’s Association

·         Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association

·         Victorian Eel Fisherman’s Association

·         Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association

·         South Australian Aquaculture Council

·         Queensland Crayfish Farmer’s Association

·         Australian Trout & Salmon Farmer’s Association

Target Audience:

Practicing Aquaculture farmers, Aquaculture professionals in training and other interested in the latest advances and techniques in the field. Another segment of target audience is fishery science researchers, sea food organizations, Educational institutes. Industries etc.

Total Aquaculture practitioners

·         Brisbane- 1579

·         Queensland- 8562

·         Australia -82,764

·         World Wide- 969580

Knowledge sharing:                                                         

·         Community Practice (80%)

·         Academic Practice & Medical School Administration (15%)

·         Industry (3%)

·         Government, Public Health & Regulatory Positions (1%)

Aquaculture Associated Universities

In and Nearby Brisbane

·         James Cook University   

·         University of Queensland

·         University of Southern Queensland

·          Central Queensland University

Top Universities Australia

·         University of Sydney

·         University of Western Australia

·         University of Tasmania

·         University of Melbourne

·         University of Adelaide

·         University of South Australia

·         University of New South Wales

·         Deakin University

·         Victoria University

·         Findlers University

·         Monash University

Companies Associated with Aquaculture

·         B.S.T. Oyster Supplies

·         Global Aquaculture Fisheries

·         Freeze Control

·         AquaGenie Aust Pty Ltd  

·         Australian Aquaculture Products

·         Ausyfish Pty. Ltd.

·         Coral Sea Farms Australia Pty Ltd

·         Cell Aquaculture Ltd

·         Bundaberg Aquaculture and Aquariums

Market Analysis of Aquaculture

Fish has been playing a vital role in providing much needed animal protein to vast global population contributing some 20% of animal protein intake for over 3 billion people. In fact, dependence on fish as a source of cheap animal protein is much higher in developing world. With increasing population estimated to cross 9 billion by 2050, various agencies have estimated demand for fish leading to mind boggling figures. With global catch of wild fish supply stagnant as most of the stocks have either reached their maximum sustainable yields or over-exploited, the bonus of meeting the demand is on or through aquaculture. One study indicates that to meet the demand for fish BY 2050, aquaculture production need to increase by 133% as compared to 2010 levels of production.

With pressure on land and water increasing and in short supply, it would not be possible for extensive or semi-intensive aquaculture being practised presently in most of the developing countries. As green revolution technologies and hybrid/transgenic crops have contributed to increased cereal and commercial crop production, aquaculture research needs to come up with technological advances that leads not only to increased productions, but should also ensure that intensification of aquaculture will not lead to additional impact on the already stressed environment.






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