2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial Engineering
November 16-18, 2015 Dubai, UAE

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Industrial Engineering 2015
Industrial Engineering 2015 Report

Industrial Engineering 2015 Report

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial Engineering was held in Dubai, UAE during November 16-18, 2015.

Industrial Engineering 2015 was based on the theme of “Contemporary Advances and Innovations in Industrial Engineering”. The highly exalted conference hosted by OMICS International was marked with the attendance of structural engineering experts, business & academic delegates and talented students representing more than 15 countries around the world. The conference covered every aspect and area related to the modern applications of Industrial Engineering.

The primary focus of the conference was on subjects like Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Healthcare Engineering and Management, Ergonomics, Robotics, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Environmental Impact of Industrial Engineering, Engineering Economics, Construction Management. The three days event implanted a firm relation of upcoming strategies in the field of Industrial engineering between the scientific and the industrial community. The conceptual and applicable knowledge shared, will also foster organizational collaborations to nurture scientific accelerations.

We are thankful to all our speakers for encouraging and supporting us to conduct the conference and catapulting the same to pinnacle of success.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank the moderator, Dr. N S V Kameswara Rao of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia for his contribution and support which resulted in smooth functioning of the conference.

A series of invited lectures by Honorable guests and members of the Keynote Forum marked the commencement of the event. Prominent people like Dr. Majid Jaridi of West Virginia University, USA, Dr. Raid Al-Aomar of Abu Dhabi University, UAE, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, of YMCA University of Science & Technology, India,  Dr. Emmanuel S Eneyo of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA, Dr. Chaiporn Vongpisal of King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand, Dr. Volkan Cakir of Istanbul Arel University, Turkey, Dr. Souraj Salah of Juma Al Majid Group, UAE, Dr. Martin Melichar of University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, Dr. Zin Eddine Dadach of Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE; gave their fruitful contributions in the form of highly informative presentations and made the conference an intimate yet extremely productive meeting of professionals. We also want to put on record our appreciation to every single delegate who had been present at this international congress. 

OMICS 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering 2015 would not have been a success if not with the support of International, Multi-Professional Steering Committee and Coordination from Journal of Industrial Engineering & Management. Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation, International journal of Advance Innovation Thoughts & Ideas, to whom we express our deep sense of gratitude.

We are delighted to announce 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering 2016, as a continuum. The event will be held during November 03-05, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Mark your calendars; we are hoping to see you soon!

Let us meet again @ Industrial Engineering 2016

Expert Presentations
Volkan Cakir

Istanbul Arel University

Chaiporn Vongpisal

King Mongkut├óÔé¼Ôäós University of Technology

North Bangkok
Despo Ktoridou

University of Nicosia

Emmanuel S Eneyo

Southern Illinois University

Edwardsville, USA
Martin Melichar

University Of West Bohemia

Czeh Republic
Muzaffar A Shaikh

Florida Institute Of Technology

N V S Kameswara Rao

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Souraj Salah

Juma Al Majid Group

Sanjeev Kumar

YMCA University of Science & Technology

Naser ALI

Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research

Yubao Chen

The University of Michigan Dearborn

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