International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery & Designing
August 11-13, 2015 Frankfurt, Germany

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Drug Discovery 2015
Drug Discovery 2015 Report

Drug Discovery 2015 Report

We would like to thank all of our wonderful speakers, conference attendees, students, associations and guests for making Drug Discovery 2015 a wonderful event!

OMICS International hosted International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery & Designing which was scheduled during August 11-13, 2015 at Fleming’s Conference Hotel Frankfurt, Germany with the theme Exploring the Research Challenges & Advancements in Drug Discovery & Designing"

The conference had several workshops, multiple sessions, Keynote presentations, panel discussions and Poster sessions. We received active participation from academicians, scientists, young researchers, students and leaders from the fields of Drug Discovery & Designing, who made this event successful.

Various sessions were carried out with multiple presentations from speakers all around the world. Major Sessions to be discussed were:

·   Characterization of biologically active compounds

·   Drug development and delivery system

·   Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship

·   Drug Development

·   Methods of Rational Drug Designing

·   Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

·   Computer Aided Drug Designing (CADD)

·   Novel Approaches in Drug Discovery

·   Challenges in Drug Designing

·   Recent advancements in research and developments

·   Regulatory Issues in Drug Development

·   Case Studies


The conference was initiated with a series of lectures delivered by members of the Keynote forum. The list includes:

  • Neal Goodwin, Champions Oncology, USA
  • Nelly Dabbour, Alexandria University, Egypt


A workshop includes expert presentation by Dr. Vladimir Sulimov, Dimonta Ltd and Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia on “Is it possible to improve considerably the accuracy of docking programs?

OMICS International offers its heartfelt appreciation to the Organizing Committee Members, namely Dr. Tetsuro Wakatsuki, Dr. Angelo Pugliese, Dr. Veselina Gadjeva, who supported us throughout the event. Also, it would be incomplete without thanking all our expert presenters from all around the world which includes various outside experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating the discussion forums.

With the grand success of Drug Discovery-2015, OMICS International is proud to announce the “International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery & Designing" to be held during August 11-13, 2015 at Frankfurt, Germany.

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Expert Presentations
Adel Nefzi

Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies

Chia-Hao Lee

National Chung Cheng University

Ionut-Valentin Ledeti

West University of Timisoara

Jessica Holien

St Vincents Institute

Marie Therese Valat


Neal Goodwin

Champions Oncology

Nelly Dabbour

Alexandria University

Seung Eun Choi

Vladimir Sulimov

Dimonta Ltd and Lomonosov Moscow State University

Yung-Chih Kuo

National Chung Cheng University

Republic of China
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