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Birmingham is one of the Metropolitan city in England, It consist of more population after London and it is third most populous in United Kingdom. Birmingham grew to international prominence in the 18th century at the heart of the Midlands Enlightenment and subsequent Industrial Revolution, which saw the town at the forefront of worldwide advances in science, technology and economic development, producing a series of innovations that laid many of the foundations of modern industrial society. The city is a major international commercial centre, ranked as a beta- world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. People from Birmingham are called Brummies.

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Conferenceseries is a leading scientific event organizer which is organizing conferences in Birmingham in 2015 with topics on Food Safety and Regulatory Measures and many more.Birmingham is city where we can find universities and colleges such as University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Aston University, Birmingham Metropolitan College, South & City College Birmingham, Bournville College, Newman University, Birmingham School of Acting, Colmers School and Sports College, Shenley Academy, Queen Alexandra College, Perry Beeches Technology College, Stockland Green Technology College, Abbey College Birmingham, Wheelers Lane Technology College, Calthorpe School and Sports College, Holte Visual and Performing Arts College, St Mary's College, Queen's College, City College, Birmingham Christian College.

Birmingham is city where we can find Institutes such as Maryvale Institute, Digbeth Institute, The Birmingham and Midland Institute, Institute of Molecular biology and Infection, Nanoscale Physic Research Laboratory, Intelligent Robotics

Birmingham is city where we can find Societies such as Advocacy Matters, Autism West Midlands, Birmingham Focus on Blindness, Motor Neurone Disease Association, National Osteoporosis Society - Sutton Coldfield Support Group, Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Birmingham Astronomical Society, Aston and Erdington Photographic Society, Birmingham Young Archaeologists Club, Black Country Geological Society, Ramblers' Association- Sutton Coldfield Group, Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society, Sutton Coldfield Natural History Society

We can see large number of Companies in Birmingham such as Agenta Biotechnologies, Aptalis (Forest Labs), BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Cebert Pharmaceuticals, Evonik Industries, Gem Pharmaceuticals, LabCorp, Big B Drugs, Brookley International Seafood LLCAl, Abama Digestive Diseases , Alabama Vision Center, BioHorizons IPH , DiscoveRx, The Binding Site.