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Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. By controlling information flow through biochemical signaling and the flow of chemical energy through metabolism, biochemical processes give rise to the complexity of life. Over the last 40 years, biochemistry has become so successful at explaining living processes that now almost all areas of the life sciences from botany to medicine are engaged in biochemical research. Today, the main focus of pure biochemistry is in understanding how biological molecules give rise to the processes that occur within living cells, which in turn relates greatly to the study and understanding of whole organisms. Biochemistry is closely related to molecular biology, the study of the molecular mechanisms by which genetic information encoded in DNA is able to result in the processes of life. Depending on the exact definition of the terms used, molecular biology can be thought of as a branch of biochemistry, or biochemistry as a tool with which to investigate and study molecular biology. Conference Series Ltd organizes biochemistry meetings to provide a platform for, Academicians, researchers, scientists, clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies as well as industrial leaders to participate and share their views


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Metabolomics Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: Metabolomics Conferences are scheduled for May 16-18, 2016 in Osaka, Japan and November 28-30, 2016 in Atlanta, USA will be an exploration of new research Innovation of Metabolomics and cover the latest developments and trends in this field of study. Metabolomics allows scientists to measure physiological effects and to monitor for adverse reactions to drugs.

Conference Highlights: Metabolomic Profiling, Metabolomic Database, Metabolomic Analysis, Human Metabolomics, Single Cell Metabolomics, Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics, Urine Metabolomics, Clinical Metabolomics & Lipidomics, Cancer Therapeutic Approaches, Plant & Environmental Metabolomics, Metabolic Syndrome, Metabolomics in Precision Medicine, Food & Nutritional Metabolomics, Frontiers of Metabolomics Research, Metabolomic Devices, Therapeutic Metabolomics, Analytical Platforms in Metabolomics, Transcriptomics & Metabolic Pathways, Data Analysis & Systems Biology, Enhancing Analytical Approaches, Metabolic Modelling, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

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Structural Biology Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: International Conference on Structural Biology concentrates on the recent advances in the fields of deep sequencing and protein structure determination through various techniques. Structural Biology 2016 focuses on the complex areas like intrinsically disordered proteins and network medicine and is scheduled for August 22-23, 2016 in New Orleans, USA.

Conference Highlights: Structural Biology, 3-D Structure Determination, Computational Approaches in Structural Biology, Hybrid Approches for Structure Prediction, Deep Sequencing, Structural Biology Databases, Signalling Biology, Molecular Modeling and Simulation, Drug Designing, Frontiers in Structural Biology, Structural Biology in Cancer Research, Structural Biology Complexity Arenas, Recent Advances in Structural Biology

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Nucleic acids Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: International Conference on Nucleic Acids provides a premier platform to present and discuss fundamental discoveries in nucleic acids biology that have impacted nearly every facet of biology with wide ranging implications for human health. Nucleic acids 2016 aims to deliver a global platform to discuss the knowledge and expertise in New Orleans, USA during August 04-05, 2016.

Conference Highlights:Nucleic Acids, Nucleic Acid Enzymes, Chemical Biology, RNA Interference, RNA Function & Protein Synthesis, Sequencing, Mechanisms of Signal Transduction, Gene Expression and Epigenetics, Protein Regulatory Mechanism, DNA Repair Mechanism

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Transcriptomics Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: Transcriptomics is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with transcriptome analysis and RNA-Seq. It emphasizes on the next generation sequencing method for expression profiling and quantifies gene expressions. Transcriptomics 2016 scheduled for September 12-14, 2016 in Philadelphia, USA will focus on simplifying the complex phenomenon behind transcription & protein expression, the ability to get an overall picture of disease transcriptome & clear understanding of the underlying genome that is converted into the functional proteins, patient classification, diagnosis, and individualized treatment.

Conference Highlights:Transcriptome Analysis & Gene Expression, Human Transcriptomics, Single Cell Transcriptomics, Transcriptomics & Mass Spectrometry, RNA Editing & Interference: Interplay Exploring Transcriptome, NGS Technologies, Transcriptomics & Proteomics in Plants, Diagnosis & Applications of RNA-Seq, Transcriptomics & Proteomics in Microorganisms, Relation with OMICS Sciences, Expression Profiling, Cancer Transcriptomics: Integrative & Computational Approaches, Epigenetics, Transcriptional Regulation & Attenuation, Clinical Applications & Related Disorders, Transcriptome Technologies Market

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Systems Biology Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: Systems biology has embraced computational modeling in response to the quantitative nature and increasing scale of contemporary datasets. The future of systems biology lies not only in improved methods to study sequence information but also in the development of entirely new approaches to the numerical analysis of proteins, cells and organisms. Systems Biology 2016 is scheduled for August 22-23, 2016 in Philadelphia, USA with the theme - Bridging Computational and Systems Biology: A Peek into Future.

Conference Highlights:Systems Biology, Computational Systems Biology, Computational Methods in Systems Biology, Modeling for Systems Biology, Metabolic & Cellular Engineering, Complex Biological Systems, Dynamics in Biological System, Translatomics in Systems Biology, Evolutionary Bioinformatics, Network Biology, Pharmaceutical Trends, Computational Biology Case Reports

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Glycobiology Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: 2nd International Conference on Glycobiology scheduled for August 29-31, 2016 in Atlanta, USA will focus on the broader aspects of role of glycans in disease, therapeutics and management. The conference revolves around the theme - Glycobiology: The Bitter Side of Sweet World.

Conference Highlights:Glycans in Diseases & Therapeutics, Glycobiology: Its Role in Human Health, Glycobiology & Biotechnology, Glycomics & Bioinformatics, Classification of Glycan Binding Proteins, Synthesis and Biological Role of Glycans, Evolution of Glycan Diversity, Glycan Catabolism & Systemic Physiology, Glyco Immunology, Glycans in Drug Design

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Lipids Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: 2nd International Conference on Lipids following the theme - Solving the Impetus of Innovations in Lipid World is scheduled for October 03-05, 2016 in Miami, USA. Lipids 2016 encapsulates the modern research on lipids with its implications from plant and human studies.

Conference Highlights:Lipids in Molecular Medicine, Lipids in Signaling and Intracellular Trafficking, Protein-Lipid & Lipid- Lipid Interactions, Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism, Fats - Cardio Metabolic Risks, Obesity and Health, Plant, Microbial Lipids and Essential Oils, Lipids and Bioenergy, Lipidomics - What’s next?

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Biochemistry Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: Biochemistry is an emerging medical discipline that involves using genomic information about an individual as part of their clinical care and the health outcomes and policy implications of that clinical use. Biochemistry 2016 scheduled for October 10-12, 2016 in kuala Lumpur, Malaysia provides a platform to meet top notch experts in the field and molecular biologists to discuss molecular mechanisms by which genetic information is encoded.

Conference Highlights:Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry, Cell Signaling, Analytical Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, RNA Biology, Enzyme Biology, Bioenergetics, Medical Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Medical Genetics, Structural Biochemistry, Nano Biochemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry, Agricultural Biochemistry, Membrane Biology

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Bioinformatics Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: Bioinformatics 2016 is a specially designed cluster conference that covers a wide range of critically important sessions. It would lay a platform for the interaction between experts around the world and aims in accelerating scientific discoveries. Bioinformatics Conference enable researchers to keep abreast of all advances in their field, presenting avant-garde research on interdisciplinary fields and are scheduled for October 24-25, 2016 in Rome, Italy.

Conference Highlights:Evolutionary Bioinformatics, Structural Bioinformatics, Emerging Trends in Proteomics, Emerging Trends in Genomics, Frontiers of Systems Biology in Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics Algorithms and Databases, Immunology and Drug Discovery, Perspectives of Clinical Informatics, Biostatistics - An Approach to Bioinformatics

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Sequencing Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: Next Generation Sequencing conference is designed to focus on analyzing large data sets to distil large amounts of data that is biologically meaningful from the organism under investigation. The conference Sequencing 2016 will gather expertise from both scientific and industry community to focus on latest tools and patterns designed for sequencing during November 17-18, 2016 in Atlanta, USA.

Conference Highlights:Sequencing, Illumina Sequencing, Genome Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, Protein Sequencing, Sequence Alignment, Sequence Database, Next Generation Sequencing, Sequence Human, Sequencing Services, Design Sequencing, DNA-Protein Interactions, Next Generation Sequencing Platform, Sequencing Types & Technology, Clinical & Translational Application of NGS, NGS Data Analysis & Management

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Glycomics Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: The comprehensive study of Glycomes, the study of complete sugar component of an organism, deals with both genomic s and proteomics. Glycomics 2016 Conference is scheduled for December 01-02, 2016 in Atlanta, USA will gather expertise from various studies of Glycomics.

Conference Highlights:Glycomic Diseases, Glycomics: Business Trends, Clinical Glycomics, Glycomic Analysis, Glycomic Immunotherapies, NGS & Data Analysis Technologies, Developmental Biology, Microbial & Human Genetics, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Glycomics Pathway Analysis, Molecular Genetics & Genomics

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Amino Acids Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: The International Conference on Amino Acids and Proteins scheduled for December 08-09, 2016 in Baltimore, USA is based on the theme - The recent advances in Amino acids & Protein Science. It will focus on the process of developing useful proteins through amino acids with much research taking place into the understanding of protein folding and recognition for protein design principles.

Conference Highlights:Aminomics: Study of Amino Acids, Non-human Amino Acids, Amino Acids Analysis and Trends, Industrial Production of Amino Acids & Proteins, Proteomics: Study of Proteins, Protein Purification & Downstream Processing, Recent Advancements in Proteomics, Applications in Pathology

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Proteomics Conference | Biochemistry Conferences: International Conference on Proteomics is glad to announce its events are scheduled for March 20-22, 2017 in Philadelphia, USA and October 24-26, 2016 in Rome, Italy. Proteomics 2016 conferences will focus on exploring the recent advancements and new methodologies that can be applied to the research to take Proteomics, one step further.

Conference Highlights:Protein Expression and Analysis, Proteomics Database, Mass Spectrometry in Proteome Research, Proteomics from Discovery to Function, Proteomics Biomarkers, Cancer Proteomics, Plant Proteomics, Precision Proteomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology, Proteomics in Bioinformatics, Recent Advancements in Proteomics, Molecular Modeling and Drug Design,
Analytical Genomics, Business Trends in Proteomics

The Biochemistry conferences deals with the most recent research on structures, functions and interactions of biological macromolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids, which provide the structure of cells and perform many of the functions associated with life. The Biochemistry conferences bring together researchers from multiple scientific disciplines, primarily from the field of medicine, nutrition, and agriculture to catalyse new discoveries and shape future research. In medicine, biochemists investigate the causes and cures of disease. In nutrition, they study how to maintain health and study the effects of nutritional deficiencies. In agriculture, biochemists investigate soil and fertilizers, and try to discover ways to improve crop cultivation, crop storage and pest control.

Conference Series  
Conference Series through its Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. Conference Series hosts over 700+ leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and has organizing over 1000+ Global Events all over the world.
Biochemistry conferences host presentations from experts across the world in the field of Life Sciences. These Biochemistry conferences are of main interest to the scientists and professors working in the field of Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Transcriptomics, Structural Biology, Next Generation Sequencing, Glycobiology, Lipid Science, Genetic and Protein Engineering, Glycomics, Amino Acids and Proteins and Computational System biology.

Bioinformatics host presentations based on tools and techniques which are used to explore the Protein sequences. Proteomics deals with the conferences describing the structure, functions and interactions of proteins. The field of Metabolomics includes conferences based on the study of small-molecule metabolites such as metabolic intermediates, hormones and other signaling molecules, and secondary metabolites. Transcriptomics includes presentation based on the study of complete set of RNA transcripts that are produced by the genome, under specific circumstances or in a specific cell using high-throughput methods, such as microarray analysis. Structural Biology holds the conferences to discuss the molecular structure of biological macromolecules, especially proteins and nucleic acids, how they acquire the structures they have, and how alterations in their structures affect their function. Next Generation Sequencing applies to genome sequencing, transcriptome profiling (RNA-Seq), DNA-protein interactions (ChIP-sequencing), and epigenome characterization Glycobiologypresent the talks on the study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides that are widely distributed in nature. Lipid Science enhances the knowledge and understanding of the lipid metabolism and associated disorders, lipid-protein interactions, lipid biosynthetic enzymes and transport proteins, and the regulation of the genes involving in metabolic diseases. Genetic and Protein Engineering throw light on how in Genetic engineering, the direct manipulation of an organism's genome occur using biotechnology and how the useful or valuable proteins are developed using Protein engineering. Glycomics, a new topic containing talks on the study of glycomes (the entire complement of sugars, whether free or present in more complex molecules of an organism), including genetic, physiologic, pathologic, and other aspects. Amino Acids and Proteins comprise discussion on the synthesis, structure, function and purification of these molecules. Computational Systems Biology embraces computational modelling in response to the quantitative nature and increasing scale of contemporary datasets.

All of our Biochemistry conferences take place in two-three days. During the conference major sessions like speaker sessions and poster presentation, young research forum are organized. Special sessions like International symposium, workshop are also the part of the conference. 

Student Poster Competition is organized at Conferences, to encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research which will be later published in the International Journals. All accepted abstracts will be presented at the poster sessions during the conference. Conference Series LLC provides an opportunity to present e-Poster  for all the students who cannot attend the conference at 99$ with abstract published in the website with DOI number Live Streaming is a value added service offering to speaker at our conferences

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Scope and Importance: 
The analysts forecast the Global Biochemistry Analyzers market to grow at a CAGR of 4.50 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the advancements in technology. The Global Biochemistry Analyzers market has also been witnessing the increase in technological innovations. However, the negative impact of global recession could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

The report, the Global Biochemistry Analyzers Market Report, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global Biochemistry Analyzers market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

According to the report, one of the major factors driving the growth of the market is the advancement in technology. The increase in automation of biochemistry analyzers is the key advancement in technology for high-throughput analysis of biochemical entities. High-throughput analysis consumes less time and generates results quickly.

The study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information including inputs from key participants in the industry. The report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to a SWOT analysis of the key vendors.

Major Companies:

  • Abbott Laboratories, Inc. (USA)
  • Novartis (USA)
  • Abaxis Inc. (USA)
  • Danaher Corp. ((USA)
  • HUMAN GmbH (Germany)
  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.
  • Medica Corp. (USA)
  • Mindray Medical International Ltd. (China)
  • Nova Biomedical Corp. (USA)
  • Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc. (USA)
  • Randox Laboratories Ltd.
  • Roche Holding AG. (Switzerland)
  • Siemens Healthcare. (Germany)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (USA)
  • Pfizer (USA)
  • Merck (USA)
  • Novo Nordisk (Denmark)
  • Amgen (USA)
  • GlaxoSmithKline (UK)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)
  • AbbVie (USA)
  • AstraZeneca (UK)
  • Mylan (Netherlands)
  • Amgen Inc., (USA)
  • Genentech Inc., (USA)
  • Biogen Idec Inc., (USA)
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., (USA)
  • Biocrates (Austria)
  • Gilead Sciences (USA)
  • Biogen Idec, (USA)
  • Celgene, USA
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals (Ireland)
  • Genzyme Corp. (USA)
  • Human Genome Sciences Inc. (UK)

Major Societies for Biochemistry:

Major Conferences:

          May 02-14, 2016, Izmir, Turkey

          May 03-05, 2016, Alicante, Spain

          May 09-11, 2016 Istanbul, Turkey

          May 19-20, 2016 Berlin, Germany

          May 29-27, 2016 Songkhla, Thailand

          June 05-09, 2016, San Antonio, USA

  • The Embo Conference: The Biochemistry and Chemistry of Biocatalysis: From Understanding To Design

          June 12-15, 2016 Oulu, Finland

          July 16-21, 2016, New York, USA

          June 26-30, 2016, Kobe, Japan

          June 27-30, 2016 Dublin, Ireland

          August 4-5, 2016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

          August 20-26, 2016 Toronto, Canada

  • Pseudo Enzymes 2016: From signaling mechanisms in health and disease

          September 11-14, 2016 Liverpool Maritime Museum, UK

          September 14-17, 2016 Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany

          September 18-22, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan

          October 27-28, 2016 London, UK

          November 12-13, 2015 London West, UK

          November 26-29, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan

          December 01-03, 2016 Chicago, USA